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Name Pack
Palinouros Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 9 mos.)
335 SP

Character Information

114 lbs, 33 in, 6.1 ft
Palinouros takes after his forgotten father, a boy of the darkness and shadows, with only his mother's chest breaking past - letting light flood past his heart in a show of white. Thick fur covering this form, long and flowing, the softness held below his coarse surface after caring not for his image; perhaps time and care could turn thick bodice into one of soft silk and linen, but to care little for oneself is to leave their body alone. For there is nothing remarkable upon him to fuss over, only the eyes of two souls, even those have closed to the world, a light forgotten.
"In search of silver linings, we discovered gold"

Masochist | Logician - INTP
In nature and mind, for it comes with ease and little thought, a life of solitude and isolation seems like the best fit for those who sit on the outskirts - there but forgotten, alone, a lingering soul. Never to understand how those with their hearts on the wind do not get them swept away nor crushed by blizzards, how they remain ever strong ; held together by eternal bonds. How is that so? Where his is hidden, a tangle of ivy in defensive walls, covering wounds of the past - to open to one is to break all. It is this that carries ice, time alone causes the mind to turn on itself, morphing it to a survivor, thus actions are for his own gain - and loyalties are placed delicately - simple in his thoughts ; may it aid the wolf that has long since kept to the edge?
If he's angry: he's in a rage. If he loves: than he loves hard. Though you may not see it at first he is a lover of pups, with a soft spot for the young animals, hidden behind his harsh nature to protect the emotions trapped behind a brick wall. It is also this which stops him from making loyalties for he knows he could never break something so strong, and this which stops him from calling anyone a friend in case they see the soft-hearted child lying in wait.
"And judgement taught us that our hearts were wrong"

HY3 - Late Winter:
At 7 months old Palinouros arrives in the Valley starving and exhausted, ready to give up his fight, when an older male, {Tavian}, offers him some semblance of safety. On his adventures alone when Tavian goes missing he meets a girl called {cree} who decides to lunge at him although they don't get far when {Runic} frightens her off. One of his most unforgettable moments was the meeting of him and {Eden}. Both are in states of minds that would clash, both enjoyed the prospect of a fight. She left with a scarred ear and he with the knowledge that perhaps pain wasn't so bad.
Leaving Horizon
After forgetting himself in the wild adventures and freedom the entirety of the world could offer it was by little conscious choice that a boy who lets footprints carry him away remain a wanderer. A promise lost, words upon a tongue that no longer knew how to speak the way of the wolf, Palinouros left with a burning chest of guilt and an overwhelming sense of wander-lust.
HY3 - Late Autumn:
Palinouros returns back to Horizon through the Eastern Wastelands at 1 year and 4 months old but he doesn't remain long enough to setlle down again before fleeing back to the wild.
HY5 - Late Winter:


Height Build
Large Muscular
Out of the Valley
Father Mother
Hunter Vilanch ✞ Nevermay Vilanch ✞

Amber Vilanch ✞

Other Relationships
{Eden} ~ You're a strange sort, similar to me in many ways, but we're not friends. I don't think we ever can be.
{Elysium} ~ You spoke in the most fascinating way, you were perhaps the closest thing I had to a friend and we only met once, we were going to travel together but then I left and never saw you again.
{Alina} ~ You were going to be my mentor and bring me into your pack, you were going to show me some cool things but I couldn't stay long. The wild was calling to me.
{Gerwyn} ~ I only saw you once, like many people in this land, you probably don't remember me but I gave you some advice, I hope there was something for you where ever you were heading.
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