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Name Pack
Paloma del Sol Adunati Rangers III. Ranger
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 4 mos.)
745 SP

Character Information

paloma's tippy-tap dance:

fast facts
» paloma is a mexican gray wolf
» paloma has a spanish accent (that i often forget to mention)
» paloma's name means dove of the sun
» paloma has lyme's disease and will periodically suffer from minor outbreaks
» as she ages, paloma will go partially blind


paloma is a small little thing, hovering just above the petite size at 62lbs. her coat is thick and full, a muddy brown that blends with cream and darker browns in typical tri-color style. a brown saddle marking rests on her back, her underbelly, muzzle, and legs are cream. amber eyes.


paloma is best described as a hot mess. torn between doing what's right for other and what's right for herself, she often forgoes her own needs and wants in order to make someone else happy. she craves approval from.. well, literally everyone; her past has manifested an almost obsessive need to be accepted by everyone she meets. sheltered as a young child and then thrown out into the world, paloma is naive -- but learning. she sees the good in everyone and refuses to see the bad, choosing instead to make excuses for someone's behavior instead of turning away from them. at the end of the day, however, paloma is a sweet woman with a big heart and a desire to fill the world with laughter. unfortunately, not everything is all sunshine and rainbows -- something she is slowly but surely figuring out.


presenting princess paloma de las mercedes, third of her name, outcast and shame of her family.

her father was distraught the morning she was born – his eldest, a girl. though two children followed after and one a boy, he bitterly shunned paloma since the moment she came into being. nothing she did could make him proud and her mother made no attempt to shield her from his wrath; ever the broken queen, she had no spirit left to protect her children. as she grew, the princess learned all the proper ways to act and think as a woman should – subservient, obedient to a fault, bowing to a man’s word without any true and proper lessons of the outside world. she wouldn’t need them, her father thought, because her destiny was only to secure an alliance with another pack through a betrothal. her life was not hers to live.

behind closed doors, young paloma dreamed of a life where she would be seen as more than just a pawn in her father’s political games. even death seemed a better option than to live her life as one massive lie; she was not the quiet mouse she was instructed to be, but a dove eager to spread her wings and soar.

when her first birthday came around, the ceremony commenced with all the pomp and circumstance as one might expect. When the time came for vows, however, paloma’s voice was silent. “no,” she said into the silence. “no, I will not do as you ask.” outraged, her father lunged with the intention to kill; an embarrassment so horrendous was unforgivable. she only managed to escape because of her brother’s intervention, the true heir come to save the day and advise his father of another more fitting punishment. if she did not wish her royal life, she would not have it. stripped of her name, her title, her family, the wolf was exiled into a world she knew nothing about to fend for herself.

will be expanded/cleaned up at a later date


Height Build
Small Average
Outside of Horizon
Father Mother
Emmanuel Marisol

Javier (m), Camila (f)

Other Relationships
Friends Neutral
{Bucky}, {Frick}, {Jaylan}, {Tamaska}, {Eve}, {Witchhazel} {Swifty}, {Braith}, {Nomad}, {Aslan}, {Altair}, {Papillion}, {Penny}, {Icarus}
Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall
Something's Gotta Give by All Time Low
Spirit Symbol