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Name Pack
Peregryn Axel Fox Rogue
Gender Status
Male Ill
Age Skill Points
(0 yrs, 10 mos.)
315 SP

Character Information

Though still technically a pup, Peregryn poses an impressive figure; he’s tall, and though still slim with youth and the life of a rogue, has the beginning of muscle bulking beneath his coat. For the most part, his fur is mottled charcoal and grey, but there are places -- like his mask, back, and tail -- that are shrouded in ebony. His right eye is icy blue, and the left is bright amber.

-Missing half of his tail, earned in his first lesson of fighting when his much larger and stronger mentor bit it off, saying that if he wasn’t fast enough to move out of the way, he didn’t deserve a tail.
-Notched right ear, earned when being chased off by an angry pack guardian after stealing a pair of rabbits from their cache.
-Scratch (still fresh) over his amber eye from his first turkey hunt. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Cold; Bitter; Proud; Blunt; Entitled; Awkward; Flirty; Unsure
Peregryn is a bitter product of his mothers cruelty; he is cold and entitled because of her corrupt spoiling, prideful in all he does, and is painfully lacking any sort of filter for his usually harsh words. Somewhere deep down, he has a good heart, proved by rare bouts of mercy and, daresay, kindness.

Basically, he's an ass, but he's trying not to be.

Though he hates what he is because he knows this is what his mother wanted him to be, he doesn’t know any other way to act. He tries to act differently than his mother would, in situations he recognizes like the mistreatment of pups and elders. Someday, he would like to be a leader himself, to run a pack but never in the bloody, power hungry way his mother had. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

…. None. Basic --absolute basic-- hunting skills. Can’t fight to save his life (literally).

Confined spaces. Pups. Elders.

Open areas. Water. Most people. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Childhood (Birth - 8 months):
Right from the time Peregryn opened his eyes, his world was filled with violence and hate. His father was a lowly, angry hunter for the Snow Peak Pack who barely spared his children or “mate” a glance; his mother was the sole alpha of the pack who only took a mate to reproduce and have heirs to the pack she’d worked to hard to build. She doted on her children --all five of them-- but brought them up as “pure” pack members, cruel and emotionless monsters. Peregryn, as firstborn, was being set up to be the next alpha. They knew nothing but the bloodshed of their enemies --any wolf who came into scenting range of the pack lands-- the rush of victory and power, and the cruelty of those inside the borders. There was no trust, no bonds, nothing but fear and control. Other pups, if they happened, were treated like dirt, and elders, deemed useless for the pack, were slaughtered or exiled. If you weren’t the alpha or one of her closest “friends”, you weren’t worth a mouse tail, and if you betrayed them…. Well, you SHOULD be worrying about when and how you’ll die, because it will come: Peregryn had seen it himself at the innocent age of four months old.

Peregryn didn’t like it. None of it, not even his parents or detached siblings. Despite being cold and aggressive like the rest of the pack, he didn’t like to fight, and moreso, he didn’t understand the unneeded spilling of blood. At just six months of age, after his first fighting lesson went bad with the loss of half his tail, he vanished into the night with only the basic knowledge of hunting (limited to rodents and maybe a rabbit if he’s lucky) and no combat training. Here and there, he had help. Sometimes, it was a half finished meal that some wolf left behind. Other times, it was a kind stranger inviting the lone pup to their pack, and after they ate and bedded down for the night, he would take off. Now that he knows he can survive this way, even scarcely, he’s happy with a rogue's life, deciding its better than the harsh, bloodthirsty pack life he knew.
One day, he'll rule his own lands.... When he's older and more experienced.

Following his entrance to Horizon in Early Spring HY4, Gryn meets King and Ghada, and the trio find solace in their loneliness, beginning their travels together.

Teenage Years (9 months - 2 years):
Peregryn, King, and Ghada find a cave to temporarily stay in. A little while later, Gryn learns to better hunt from a pretty girl named Astra, to whom he invites to come back to the cave. When they arrive, they find King and Ghada have left, and set off North together.

Young Adulthood (3-4 years):

Adulthood (5-7 years):

Elder (8 years +):


Height Build
Very Large Lean
Snow Peak Pack
Father Mother
Lyle Caanan Laurel Fox

-Arlo Atticus Fox
-Corrina Eileen Fox
-Gus Bruno Fox
-Reece Drake Fox

None (He doesn't even know how pups are made!)
Other Relationships
Ahi - Fuckin weird, likes to point out the obvious. Stay away. Doesn't know or care that he's dead.

King - An asshole (like Gryn himself). Also dislikes packs. Abandoned Gryn just after saying he wanted to keep traveling. Untrustworthy and suspicious.

Ghada - Queenly, beautiful lady. Vanished without a word. Untrustworthy.

Astra - Totally has a crush on her. Pretty, sassy. Taught him how to hunt turkeys. Agreed to come meet the group only to find Ghada and King gone, and then began traveling North with Peregryn.
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet