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Name Pack
Petal Rogue
Sex Status
Female None
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 10 mos.)
60 SP
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Character Information

"Crazy Eyes"

Petal is both jarring in personality and appearance. Her left eye is a deep brown, almost black while the right is a pale, icy blue. They tend to have a general gaze of distrust in them at all times. The girl is small. There is absolutely no muscle mass to back the bite behind her bark. She is lean, existing upon the small rodents she happens to catch and the leftovers of those who put in an honest work hunting. The coat color is rather uninteresting, consisting mostly of a light sand color speckled with grays and darker browns. Other than her eyes, the one physical attribute that Petal has is constantly smelling of flowers. The girl makes an effort to roll in flower or herbal beds to give her coat a sickeningly sweet aroma.

Her mother always said she was, "too much". Happiness, sadness, excitement, anger...Petal was always giving into her internal desires and feelings with no abandon. It was easily regulated at the commune. Brothers, sisters, cousins all intermingled and keeping tabs and checks upon one another. She was explosive but she was manageable. She held no ill will toward most and generally got into harmless trouble, mostly victim-less schemes. It was when, at one and a half and on the spirit journey with her three brothers and two sisters, that she broke off and hadn't looked back. Hadn't had anyone to play check and balances over her. She's currently traveling with no destination, running from what little responsibility she ever had and just a tad upset no one has come looking for her.


Height Build
Petite Lean
Southern Coast (outside of Horizon)
Father Mother
Spirit Symbol
None yet