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Name Pack
Phoebe Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(6 yrs, 8 mos.)
100 SP

Character Information


Her appearance is beautifully simplistic. She's entirely white with exception to her eyes and nose. Her build is pleasant to see with soft features. Her eyes are often bleak and without empathy. She's not very big, but she is fast. She can rely on speed to escape failed cons.


Non-empathetic | Selfish | Stern | Flirty

A lot has changed for Phoebe over the years. Long ago, she was ambitious and lively, ready to take on the world; and she'd do it with her beloved mate. They had plans to start a family and pack of their own. Everything was perfect until it happened. The day she was deemed pregnant (due to her size), everything changed for her. Her mate fled in the night for an unknown reason and never came back. She believes the children made him do it, therefore attributes the loss of her mate to Shade and Tara.

Phoebe isn't at all what she used to be. Her gaze no longer holds the happy spark of youth and she's grown bitter with little tolerance for others. She's been known to do whatever it takes to get her way, be it food or something else. She believes in the fallibility of males and will exploit that, knowing she's attractive. Boys, to her, are much weaker than females mentally. They tend to be both dumb and shallow, easy to take advantage of. She has exceptional flirting skills. She has a quick temper, but doesn't like fighting. She doesn't trust in her ability to carry out such a task with any sort of favorable outcome. Instead of attacking physically, she will try to spread false information or threaten to do so. She's a snoop and will dig up anything she can to have the upper ground. Some may consider her emotionless, and they may be right. Phoebe believes the world has it out for her, therefore she has it out for the world. She won't admit it, but despite thinking her children to be the ruin of her life, she still grieves the loss of Tara and regrets running Shade off. This could be fueling her heartlessness.

Significant Relationships

Ha. Ha ha. Not again.




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Average Lean
North of Horizon
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We don't talk about it.
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