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Phyre Rogue
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Female Healthy
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(4 yrs, 7 mos.)
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Character Information

Phyre did not live a complicated life. Nothing traumatic had ever haunted her past to make her the way that she is. So she says.. Talon, her father and Reiki, her mother, were both very loving parents. She also had a brother Fang, and a sister Faith, whom she was very close with. They were all inseparable as how most wolf packs are, and spent their days as young pups frolicking together while their parents looked over them. They did not like to fight or quarrel with another other beings. They preferred to keep to themselves and live life to the fullest. They lived at peace with one another & didn't believe in the savage ways most wolfs lived their lives. Unfortunately, hunters had come across the pack. Phyre was able to get away while the hunters were occupied with the rest of her family. Being only a young pup, she was scared & took off without thinking much else of it. Before she realized that not only her, but her entire family was in trouble, it was too late. She managed to hide inside an old rotted out tree log, peeping through one of the holes that the forest's bugs had feasted on for months causing the log to look more like swiss cheese then a once tall, powerful looking tree. Without much of a fight, her entire family was killed right before her eyes. Ever since that horrific day, Phyre was never the same.

Just like her name, her coat has a reddish tint to it. Fire. Beautiful but dangerous. She was much bigger than most female wolfs, both height & width. She was not small by any means. A small fire was one thing & a little more manageable, but a big one, well that was a whole other battle. Phyre is definitely a lone wolf, if you will. You could see it in her eyes that she is no stranger to loneliness. But she is okay with it. Well, that’s what she continuously tells herself. It had been awhile since she had trusted, since she had loved. She couldn’t even remember a time where she could say that she was truly happy. Every day has been the same. Hunt, sleep, hunt, sleep, travel, hunt, sleep, repeat. Maybe that was why she was so ‘mean’ & ‘calloused’ as others that came across her would say. She spends a lot of time hunting as there wasn’t much else to do when you were constantly on your own. So naturally, Phyre is a little on the plump side. Her round belly almost looking like she was pregnant was really just the evidence of boredom. She is not one to mess with. Tough as nails, high strung, stubborn, & hot headed, Phyre is not one to mess or toy with. For those who have usually don't live to talk about it..


Height Build
Very Large Stocky
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