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Name Pack
Pierce Adunati Rangers III. Ranger
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 3 mos.)
1320 SP

Character Information


Pierce stands 28 inches tall, weighs 100 pounds, and measures 5.7 feet long.

A tall, stocky female, Pierce cuts an intimidating figure—at least, that’s what she’d like you to believe. Though she is powerfully built, with thick legs and strong features, she uses her strength purely out of necessity, and rarely otherwise. Her fur is a luxurious shade of chocolate brown, which deepens in color at the points (face, legs, tail, ears). A small swath of white fur adorns her chest, and her eyes are golden yellow.

Pierce bears a thin, vertical scar which runs from her right knee down to her hock, the result of being kicked by a horse during a hunt.


Under revision. Serious, dry-humored, and boasting little tolerance for nonsense, Pierce may strike some as enigmatic. She is a wolf who values actions over words, and as a result, finds it both difficult to express her emotions as well as understand those of others. In turn, she has developed into an inherently suspicious over-thinker, and is untrusting of most strangers.

Harsh and critical by nature, Pierce has no tolerance for mistakes. Her younger siblings are the most frequent victims of her scrutiny, but strangers are no exception. She does not hesitate to speak her mind, judgmental and insensitive though her thoughts may be. In truth, she considers it her duty to point out others' mistakes and shortcomings in order to enlighten and benefit them so that they might better themselves.

Though Pierce has not only upheld but strengthened her callous exterior over the years, at her core, she is a surprisingly sensitive and introspective soul. For all her sharp-tongued, analytical attitude, she is most unforgiving of herself, and may on occasion retreat from the company of her peers to settle any self-doubts and anxiety.

Previous History

Pierce is born in Early Summer, at Colorado Springs, located beyond Horizon Valley.
Pierce enters Horizon Valley in Early Summer HY3, at the age of 3 years.

The Return

In Early Spring of HY5, Pierce re-enters the valley from the south, coming through Skyrise Pass to check in on her siblings and see how they've managed without her.


by fenshae
by Jeames


Height Build
Large Stocky
Colorado Mountains
Father Mother
Betrayer Bystander
{Bucky} — brother, littermate
{Ororo} — younger sister
{Benjamin} — younger brother
{Casscade} — younger sister
Other Family
{Nomad} — adoptive brother
{Saskia} — sister-in-law
{Comet} — brother-in-law
{Maia} — sister-in-law, unknown
None currently.
{Monte} — Gone now. A shame.
{Sonya} — Surprisingly enjoyable.
{Tomas} — A decent hunter.
{Cassian} — Busybody healer.
{Efeon} — Take care of your daughters.
{Castor} — Blind follower of nonsense.
{Tychus} — I am sorry.
{Percival} — Up and coming Ranger.
{Ash} — A gruff child.
{Rowan} — Seems easily led.
{Eerik} — Indecent, brainless.
{Neomiizana} — Persistent nuisance.
{Jaya} — You can be stronger.
{Marchioness} — In my debt.
{Elliot} † — Violent, manipulative rapist.
{Nima} † — Scheming, untrustworthy.
DNA — Lia Marie Johnson
Fighter — Christina Aguilera
Crash — Trella
Civilian — Wye Oak
Spirit Symbol