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Name Pack
Pierre D'Augusta Adunati Rangers III. Ranger
Gender Status
Male Injured
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 1 mos.)
6180 SP

Character Information

Gemini [Silk Music] - eleven.five & Sundrowner
Racoon - Oceaan
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club - Rei Character song #04

Art by Kam <3

Voiced by Erik/M3RKMUS1C
- Pierre D'Augusta
- Timber wolf
- Born Mid Spring
- 30 in, 98 lbs
Pierre has quite developed over the short time that he was alive. Born sweet and caring, but pretty much a childish goof, it looked like he was not going to do anything important with his life except live it and survive. He was supposed to be naive and timid, living in the shadow of his sister. But after she disappeared and was assumed to be dead, Pierre was the only pup left alive from his litter. Suddenly, he felt a lot was expected of him, and while he stayed his sweet and innocent self he did his best to learn new things.
Eventually, when he was a few months old, he learned that the world was cruel, and that not everyone was nice. Hunting with a stranger, they caught a swan together, but his half of the swan – which he had been promised – was stolen from him. Pierre became less naive, and actually became more aware of liars and thieves and overall dangerous wolves.
Not long after that, the leader of his pack disappeared, and Pierre's personality spiraled after that, changing drastically. He decided to step up, taking over the pack. He's still sweet and caring for his family and friends, and respectful to strangers, but he can be a bit careful around wolves he doesn't know. He loves to have fun and play games, but he had to grow up so fast he doesn't really have time for it anymore; he misses it. He's also very helpful to those who deserve it, and has a heart of gold. He comforts those who need it, even if they don't ask for it. Pierre's also calm, and thinks before he acts, he's loyal to family and friends, even if it stresses him out. He has a lot of stress, and it makes him unable to sleep well. Several fights have scarred him, both mentally and physically. He's scared to leave his home, but he knows when he has to. He's brave in the face of danger if it means keeping those he loves safe.
Puptatoes by Wynter
Family tree

Art by Maiyev <3

Art by Creux <3


Height Build
Average Average
Wormwood Grove
Father Mother
He has no father {Calamity D'Augusta}

Some more unknown half siblings

{Ebony Flame} †
{Charcoal Flame}

{Silver-Belle D'Augusta} †


{Blaise} †
{Percival} and {Bayley}
Pierre art

After the fight
Visited areas
Wormwood Grove
Cloudmirror Lake
Willowed Glade
Verdant Hills
Fossil Butte
White Geysers
Evergreen Forest
Everlasting Caverns
Sundown Coast
Strongwind Range
Falcon Rise
Wavehaven Gorge
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet