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Name Pack
Piper Nightshade Evergreen Wolves II. Herbalist
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 5 mos.)
240 SP

Character Information

- An extremely tall, muscled creature who looks much older than she is with a prematurely silvered muzzle. Despite being a Nightshade, Piper is very much so on the smaller side of her family. A plush, messy coat covers -- even hides, to a degree -- the muscle she most certainly has: ebony that fades into cinder at her ears, muzzle, and belly. Only the slight silvering of her muzzle betrays early aging; the left eye is ice blue and the right is lemon yellow.
-"x" scar on the left side of her chest, clearly visible but not very large.

- There is none more wild, more stubborn, more vain than the woman underneath this dark, stocky frame -- Piper is the embodiment of royalty itself, from the high, swaggering stride to the critically judgmental way her eyes sweep across a crowd. She's picky and cranky, has a very low tolerance, and isn't afraid to voice any thought she has. To earn the respect of this wolfess is a true miracle, but once accomplished you will have earned a loyal protector to the end of her life. She is -- and has no problem with -- sarcastic and sassy, sometimes even bordering rude. There is nothing her pride and arrogance won't say or do for her. Piper is a naturally motherly wolf, and though this means she has a soft side, she takes no shit and isn't afraid to do what she needs to in order to ensure her own life --and the ones of those she is loyal to. To say Piper is kind and friendly would be hard to believe, and though it's rare to show, it is true. She isn't one to make friends easily, but feels compelled to help where she is needed. Underneath a cold, selfish shell, Piper is a high-strung and daring woman, unafraid and more than willing to laugh in the face of danger. She has a perverted and dark humor, and very rarely, only around those who have her full trust, she will relax into a pup-like playfulness and happiness.

Skills: Healer, storyteller, pup sitter, warrior. Mediocre hunter.

- Piper has led a rather boring life, honestly. She was born beside sister Fibiana and brother Milo to Demi and Ler Nightshade, and grew up in the quiet, close-bonded family pack of Nightshade Grotto. There, they were taught the importance of respect and loyalty, prepared for leading the pack when the time came. Her second and third year of life was spent honing her skills and flirting with her unofficial "boyfriend" Acesis, resulting in not just one but two litters of puppies -- after her youngest children were grown, Piper decided she would leave the ruling to her siblings and set off on her own to travel. For another year, she gained all the knowledge and experience a woman could, but now she's on the hunt for a suitable place to reside in her last years -- perhaps, even, find love and have more puppies. Or lead. Whatever's in the cards, really. Piper doesn't know, however, that her family and home had been raided and killed. Only some of her kin still survive to this day, hopefully one day to find her, but until then, this Nightshade is blissfully ignorant.


Height Build
Very Large Stocky
Nightshade Grotto (Outside Horizon)
Father Mother
Ler (dead) Demi (dead)


Daithi, Koa, Tanwyn


Saskya, Sorrel, Kodiak, Viggo
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet