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Name Pack
Poet Serethi Twilight Vanguard II. Medic
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(6 yrs, 11 mos.)
2895 SP

Character Information


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  • Height: 32 in
  • Weight: 109 lbs
  • Length: 6.0 ft
  • Eye color: denim blue
  • Scars: left shoulder from being accidentally attacked by {Dalus}
  • Coat: traditional timber coloration - creamy undersides with a mixture of black, gray, and white dripping across his face, back, and tail. Has dark grey half-moon shapes underneath both eyes.


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Personality alignment: INFP - The Mediator

Harry Potter house: Gryffinpuff

Geniune - Selfless - Dorky - Reliable - Jokester - Well-rounded - Pleasant

  • Refers to himself as Stormborn Alliance's "Plant Wizard"
  • A very genuine wolf, both to himself and especially to others.
  • May have times where he lies, but it's only ever with good reason and hardly results in being harmful to others.
  • Is a mostly open and inviting wolf, though he likely won't tell many of his past unless he feels an especially deep bond with them and thinks it's relevant they know those certain details.
  • There is nothing he holds higher than his friends and if one allows Poet into their life, they will have a friend for life.
  • Doesn't get involved in unnecessary drama and instead will always try to calm a heated situation; it also takes a lot to make him mad. He sincerely wants everyone around him to be happy.
  • Can become perturbed somewhat easily depending, but he's very good at masking his feelings with a smile.
  • Comes off as a dork, but actually has a great sense of logic and common sense - except when it comes to navigation.
  • Will always try to crack jokes whenever/wherever possible to lighten the mood.
  • Likes to pick on his buddies - his way of showing affection.
  • Has a hard time understanding females unless they blatantly state what they think/feel/want, but tries really hard to decipher them.
  • Is a naturally selfless wolf and will sacrifice everything of his for the happiness of another if they mean enough to him.
  • However, he can occasionally struggle between his selfishness and what is right, but normally chooses the latter.
  • Tries to stay away from fighting unless someone's life is on the line.
  • If his friends are in trouble, he will risk his life to help them no matter what.
  • Forgives easily, and a lot of times it ends up hurting him severely, but can't seem to learn that. Rarely holds a grudge. Because of this, he can be easily taken advantage of.
  • Always sees the good in others rather than the bad. He understands that nobody is perfect.
  • Very protective of his loved ones, even to the point of making stupid decisions for their sake.
  • Growing up in a militaristic pack life, Poet knows the ins and outs of fighting and grew up to be skilled and resourceful in them. However, being the more peaceful type that he is, he prefers to not have to resort to fighting.
  • Most might find his physical prowess surprising since he's usually a big dork around others. He grew up to learn how to take a lot of hits before giving up and has been shredded on a severe level before multiple times. If he freaks out about pain, it's because it's a pain he's never experience before.


Poet was born to the alphas of a militaristic pack that was known for their strict laws and suffocating upbringing of offspring. He has two siblings - his brother Creed (same litter) and his sister Kytes (second litter, 1 year younger) make up the two.

Creed was always the favorite among his pack and parents simply because he followed his duties effectively without question, and he was the most skilled fighter out of the three. He was just like their father, Atreyu. Poet, on the other hand, couldn't stand the seriousness of the life he was born into and always tried to joke around with others to lighten the mood, but the rest of the pack didn't appreciate it nor did they understand why he was the way he was. The only wolf who truly understood him was his sister Kytes, but she was very soft-spoken and afraid of getting punished for speaking out against her elders to support Poet's personality. She also wished their pack wouldn't be so serious and strict all the time, which cultivated the extremely tight bond between her and Poet.

One day, Kytes had gone missing and Poet searched desperately for his beloved sister. When he found her, he witnessed one of the mid-ranked members of his father's military regime trying to rape her in a den and grew furious at the sight. Intercepting the action, Poet nearly killed the wolf out of sheer rage and protecting his sister who was never strong enough to fight for herself. With the snarls and throaty growls ringing out to the rest of the pack outside, when they rushed to see what was happening all they saw was Poet attempting to kill the soldier.

He tried to explain the situation to his parents and brother, but because he was known as the jokester of the pack, nobody believed or trusted him and only took the soldier's words for truth. As a result, his own parents exiled Poet from their pack and threatened that if he ever even tried to show his face again his own father would kill him. The same went for Kytes if she ever tried to escape to find Poet for a reunion. With his heart torn and life shattered, he left the only family and home he knew and, eventually, his forced travels brought him to Horizon.




Height Build
Large Muscular
Father Mother
Atreyu Mira

{Creed} [m] - Kytes (now known as {Mari}) [f]


Early Autumn HY4 - ∞

The lights of his life
{Bumble} [f], {Honey} [f], {Mason} [m], {Scout} [m]

{Apollo} - has very entertaining banter with. Thinks fondly of the dude. Bro #2.

{Atlas} - Poet’s best friend in the entire world. Speaks very highly of Atlas and will defend him through thick and thin. Might also have an obvious mancrush on him.

{Comet} - thinks is a real nice guy and very much enjoys his company. Bro #3.

{Inigo} - thinks is quiet, but a good guy nonetheless. Poet wants to get to know Inigo better and apologize for how he left things before he disappeared.

{Josalyn} - His world.

{Athena}, {Gulliver}, {Inigo}, {Karevik}, {Oakley}, {Pace}, {Rolland} (and Hugo)


{Dhracia} - knows as Armonia

{Chai}, {Colette}, {Flit}, {Hija}, {Mari}, {Marzena}, {Natasha}, {Oliver}, {Rhea} (nicknamed “Smiles”), {Romulus}, {Rufus}, {Verin}, {Witchhazel}

Knowledge Of

{Absinthe}, {Leonardo}, {Lysander}, {Pip}, {Roman}, {Sparrow}

Voice actor
Johnny Yong Bosch as Vash the Stampede from Trigun
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