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Name Pack
Radcliffe Uley Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 3 mos.)
225 SP

Character Information

Physical - 36in | 120lbs | 6.3ft

Born with the a muddied drape and that of a vibrant mask, Radcliffe was hence named after the red markings stretching across the bridge of his muzzle to the bottom of his forebone on his cranium. His chin, a white cream, stretches down his breast until reaching a patch of darkened umber. The cream colour reappears on the front of his shoulders, inside his ears and along his dorsal patch running down the spine with a mottled broken appearance alongside that same dark shade seen at the base of his chest. The rest of his derma is a muted russet, reddist around the ribs and between the toes but otherwise just a plain greytoned brown.

Amongst his orange facial markings, his eyes sit. Coloured a warm copper, highlighted with the hues of bronze and honey creates meaningful depth within his expressions. They bring more attention to the center of his face. If you look close enough, you'll even notice the slight heterochromia, his left eye eye being more yellow toned than the other.

Mental - Charming, Polite, Unassuming

A mixed heritage man, coming from mexican and cascade stock, has had a rather modest upbringing. He was taught to be thankful and polite, couragous yet not stupid and to show respect until he's experienced a wolf's sins firsthand. Silky charm somehow slipped in the mix also.

Radcliffe believes much of what he sees rather than what he hears and thinks of himself as fair and true but this does not mean he will lift a paw for just anybody. He has his own goals, his own personal code and that generally falls before the needs of others unless he finds himself indebted or travelling alongside a group. Radcliffe does what he is required to do to get where he wants. A nice man in passing, the wrong man to cross.

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Height Build
Very Large Muscular
Canyon Dweller
Father Mother
Jerome Dandy


Other Relationships
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet