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Name Pack
Radcliffe Uley Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 11 mos.)
455 SP

Character Information

On 10/6/2018, Bonyo adopted Radcliffe. Any posts prior belong to Claus.

Art by Jill!

Height WeightLength
36 in 120 lbs6.3 ft
Modest | Unassuming

He know's he big, he also knows how to do a lot of things. He doesn't brag and he doesn't judge others on their abilities. He also doesn't question one's sanity.
Aloof | Reserved

Radcliffe doesn't exactly get attached. He'd isn't one for building futile relationships and doesn't care much for anything. He doesn't let others in full stop.
Fair | Truthful

Honesty is the best policy. He believes himself fair in his treatment of others and will always be frank - unless the case is dire and requires special treatment.
Dull | Monosyllabic

If he doesn't want to be apart of something, it is generally, blatantly obvious. He won't input much but then again... that is also just him in a nut shell.
Polite | Charming

A polite man by nature. He is respectful of those around him until a sin has been done. To those who need that little extra shove, he has the ability to add a silken charm in there.
Irascible | Resentful

Once you've pushed a button, you can't take it back. A sin is a sin to him and witnessing them darkens his opinion on the offender. He holds grudges to the grave.
Spirit Symbols
Early Autumn, HY4
Early Winter, HY4
Season ArrivedSeason Departed
Horizon Year 4, Early Autumn
Via Eastern Wasteland
A sweet release
I care not for

Hate is strong word.


Height Build
Very Large Muscular
Canyon Dweller
Father Mother
Jerome Dandy


Other Relationships
Nobody has caught my attention.
Personality - INFJ-A
Visited Locations - (Hyperlinked)
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