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Name Pack
Ransom Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 4 mos.)
1400 SP

Character Information

The battle-scarred teddy bear

At a glance, this fellow cuts an imposing figure. He is tall and muscular with a thick timber coat marred with interspersed ropes of scar tissue. An injury that caused blindness to his left eye is in evidence from the scar that slashes across it and the cloudy pale nature of it. His right ear is missing a chunk which causes it to fold over slightly, and he has a discolored patch of scarring on his otherwise black nose.

With all of these injuries making him look rather menacing, one might be surprised to find that he is actually a sweet, introverted, thoughtful dreamer. He loves plants- especially anything with a flower- and kills only when he absolutely must in order to eat or survive. He hates to fight and is generally uncomfortable in crowded situations.

Prior to Horizon

The short version
Stolen as a pup from the pack that loved him, he was raised to be a fighter but never had his heart in it, despite being a good one. He left at two years old and received the injury that blinded his left eye at that time. He wandered for a time, developing a love of plants and living things in general, before finding his way to Horizon.

Herbal knowledge

He is working to learn more.
Discovered on his own:
He has observed that lavender can have a calming effect but is not certain if it is only because he enjoys it
Learned from {Sikozu}:
Yarrow is good for wounds and infection.
Woodsour has many uses for all parts of the plant
Prince's Pine (leaves) is good for bladder issues.


Height Build
Very Large Muscular
Father Mother
Soren Lark

No full siblings

Has sort of adopted {Amelie}
Other Relationships
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