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Name Pack
Rathbone Fitzroy Rogue
Gender Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 10 mos.)
790 SP

Character Information

Currently :: Healthy and fit; suffering from depression.


He and his stillborn sister were born into a dark forest called Auberon. His natal pack was founded and led by his older half-brother. The pack was notorious for forcing rogues living within the forest to hunt for them and were treated poorly. When a bigger and meaner pack came along, the natal pack disbanded and he left with his family and watched as several of them fell into depression. Suicide became common, the only "cure" for their ill-fortunes. Eventually, Rathbone succumbed to depression from committing sins, resulting in him becoming detached and condemning himself to loneliness.


115 lbs (52.2 kg) · 30 in (76.2 cm) · 5.7 ft (1.45 m) · Voice

A wolf bearing a classic timber coat riddled with browns, creams, greys, and strokes of black and flecks of white. Average in height, but muscular in build makes the brute appear rather imposing. Sadness lingers around him; however, when in the presence of his mate, the sorrow energy ebbs away. Crystal blue eyes seem to always be plagued by exhaustion.

In general, he speaks monotonously or with particular emotions. Grunts are typically how he communicates, preferring to utilise as little words as possible to get any messages across.


Penanced to loneliness · Depressed · Calculating · Dependable to a fault · Pragmatic · Nonchalant · Moral ambiguity · Dopey first impression · Observant · Fearless to an extent · Empathetic · Poor sense of humour · Cautious · Self-loathing


Bucky: Leader of the Adunati Rangers; I respect you.
Efeon: You're a good guy.
Empress: I don't know what your intentions are. "I will forever be in your debt.”
Foolish hunter: Stay out of trouble.
Innocence: Far from it. Attractive and mysterious, but a violent cannibal.
Sebastion: A mentally-stunted giant; his mouth is his Achilles' heel.


Height Build
Average Muscular
Father Mother
Deceased Deceased

Stillborn sister
Edghar (older half-sibling)
Maurdie (older half-sibling)

{Leas}: My girl.
Full Spring HY4
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet