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Name Pack
Rathbone Fitzroy Evergreen Wolves II. Guardian
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 4 mos.)
2705 SP

Character Information


Rathbone is an average-sized wolf with a muscular build, acquired from years of physical training starting at a premature age. His pelt is the classic timber colouring: browns and reds with some black, white, and greys. A few minor scars could be found within his pelt from old spars. He has striking crystal blue eyes. Generally, there is a solemness in his face; a near constant sadness or tiredness in his eyes. His voice often sounds raspy or hoarse, most likely because that was the first time he had spoken that day. However, his tone is normally soft and quiet. Ideally - to him - he would communicate more with grunts than words.


He suffers from depression, a common disorder in his family. Brief catatonic states (typically extreme negativism, inability to move, and mutism) are often triggered by thoughts of his stillborn daughter, Aeneas.

Rathbone had always been a quiet and obedient wolf. During his childhood, he learned that that was the best way to be without drawing attention to oneself, which had never been fun to him. He disliked being in the spotlight, preferring to simply be a wallflower. Because of his rather taboo and ashamed upbringing, he is morally ambiguous. Naturally an empath, he can easily see both sides of any situation: he can see the bad in the good and vice versa. His behaviour can rather nonchalant and melancholic, appearing so stoic and expressionless that it looks as if he doesn't really care about anything which is not true at all. Rathbone can be calculating. Sometimes, he will pretend to be appear dopey to find out things. He has a poor sense of humour and lives by his motto, "Rejection is sweeter". His loyalty and dependability knows no bounds, which could be his Achilles' heel.

"Watch as Rath becomes Father Evergreen" —Dylan


In Horizon


In progress...

Please view Rathbone's threadlog for more details on HY4.

Before Horizon

In Auberon

Rathbone and his stillborn sister, River, were born into a dark forest called Auberon by their mother, Celinda. He had never been able to interact much with his mother, nor his ailed father, Raustus. His older half-brother, Edghar, had taken a liking to him readily, viewing him as a survivor. Rathbone's natal pack had been founded and led by his brother. The ranks were filled with misfits and those with ill-intent. Their actions were never viewed as crimes. It was the way of life: survival of the malicious. Rogues in the area were often mistreated and taken advantage of, despite having lived there for much longer than the pack.

As soon as he was weaned, Edghar began to train Rathbone himself. He was criticised for being soft like his half-sister, Maurdie, but never scolded for his silence. Rathbone was trained to be a fighter, a guard for the pack. Hunting was rarely done, despite his interest in the activity. They were all scavengers, stealing and living off of kills made by other predators - usually from the rogues in the forest. Rathbone had never agreed with the deeds that were done, but life had been rather easy for him, which was enough to make him comfortable and eventually see past all of the crimes that were committed by his pack mates.

When he was a yearling, his social awkwardness became a little bit more apparent. He was always serious and tended to take things literally. Jokes went over his head. Interacting with females had always been the worst. Rathbone tended to be either too blunt or too oblivious. Sometimes both at the same time. But he was the leader's younger brother: the stronger one, the smarter one, the softer one.

His pleasant taboo lifestyle came to an end, though, when a large militaristic pack relocated to Auberon. Cowardly, most of the pack fled, along with many of the rogues in the forest. Rathbone's family had been the first to abandon their homeland, much to his chagrin.


Maurdie had tried to keep everyone's spirits up after the invasion, but it didn't seem to work at all on their family. Rathbone's bond with her strengthened a little whilst they travelled. His brother was practically impossible to be around anymore. Whilst living as a rogue, Rathbone had begun to hone his skill in hunting. He became the provider of the family, keeping them fed and making sure everyone stayed safe.

His father had become terribly ill. No one in the family knew much about or believed in the ability of herbs. Slowly, he succumbed to his ailment. The constant travelling had taken its toll on his body and ability to heal. His death made their mother more depressed, triggering Rathbone's own depression: a disorder that was common in his family, but one he didn't know he had until then. It wasn't long until their mother had killed herself from her sorrows, leaving only the three siblings.

Edghar began to open more, only to Rathbone. He was making plans to murder the leader of the pack that had caused his own to disband. Rathbone wasn't keen on the idea and lost interest in ever returning to their birthplace. But his brother had already found another wolf to join in the plot. He was suspicious of the stranger - more out of paranoia than caution. His paranoia led him to killing the wolf, worried that the plans would be revealed and that other wolves might try to kill him and what was left of their family.

Distraught over killing another wolf, his depression worsened. Out of guilt, Rathbone condemned himself to loneliness and abandoned his half-siblings. For three years, he travelled alone, only taking care of himself and succumbing more to his disorder.


Height Build
Average Muscular
Father Mother
Raustus † Celinda †

River †

{Edghar} :: older half-sibling.
Maurdie :: older half-sibling.

{Adhara}, {Adler}, Aeneas †, & {Auberon} {Sorrel}, {Azalea}, {Mintaka}, & {Aster}
Other Relationships
Archibald † :: Uncle.
Sharona † :: Aunt.
Deforrest :: Uncle.
Corie :: Cousin.
Perce :: Cousin.
Lenore :: Cousin.
Mercy † :: Maternal grandmother.
Everard † :: Maternal grandfather.

PM if interested.
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Heard of
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Visited Areas
Firefly Woods
Western Plains
Strongwind Range
Sundown Coast
Wavehaven Gorge
Hidden Cove
The Clearing
Everlasting Caverns
Evergreen Forest
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet