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Name Pack
Razoo Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 5 mos.)
0 SP
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Character Information


Razoo is a red wolf in appearance, strong looking for his size but he isn't a giant. His eyes are brown and is currently scarless

Personality traits:

Guided by what is right: Razoo has a strong moral code which extends to others around. Doing what is right is how things are done.
I am one of the Knights!: He was from the pack called Crisum Knights which he was raised from and fully respects.
Minor traits: Brave, Energetic, Touchy, Mobile, Supporter, Positive, Active, Determined, Strong willed.
Loves: Smaller females, challenges, big butts, positive attention, the color red
Hates: Criminals, those who wrong others

History: Revealed after finding someone interested


Height Build
Average Muscular
Crimson Knights
Father Mother
At home At home

At home

Spirit Symbol Emblems
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