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Name Pack
Regent Proleator Rogue
Gender Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 6 mos.)
1380 SP

Character Information

Voice Refined British accent that is straightforward and serious
Coat Well-kept, Bald patch on her left foreleg from scratching
Other Names -Dear Soldier (From Pharaoh)
-Ginger #1 (From Kamaal and Holly)
-Reg (From Holly)

Picture credit to the amazing Loveboxer!
Appearance Regent is small, but in very good shape. Her fur is bright orange, with a black back and face, and amber eyes.
Disabilities N/A
Distinguishing Features Bald patch and cuts on her left foreleg due to scratching
Physical Strengths Skilled fighter, Agile
Physical Weaknesses Small

Personality Regent is very serious and strategy-minded, even being a general back at her kingdom. She constantly thinks about strategy, even to the point of creating her own imaginary battle scenarios, and playing both sides of the attack and defence, in order to work out how to counter each force. In confrontations, she prefers to keep them vocal as opposed to physical, believing that it is barbaric to simply fight without true means.

Regent tends to follow her own path, keeping her emotions to herself. She believes that feelings are unnecessary and impede the process of logic. Thus, she forces herself to have a straight face most of the time, and tends not to speak a lot, only when speech is required. However, Regent can show emotion, but only to her beloved siblings, who she cares for like an older sister and would die for.

However, bottling up emotions and maintaining a stone-cold demeanour is hard work, and Regent will sometimes take herself away from any wolves, to somewhere where she feels she cannot be found, and will release all of these emotions at once. This usually presents itself as a large cry.

Regent has no dreams aside from the promise to her parents to extend their kingdom. But what matters to her first is the safety and happiness of her siblings, and if that will always be her primary concern to her strategies.
Mental Strengths Very intelligent strategist and tactician, Keen eye, Can maintain a stone demeanour in situations of stress
Mental Weaknesses Knows next-to-nothing about flora
Humor Mostly lacking, and hearing a joke or a chuckle from Regent would be like seeing a pink glittering wolf with wings. However, she is tolerant of her siblings’ silliness
Mental Handicaps Bottling her emotions causes her to occasionally have breakdowns, but only in private

Once upon a time…

A beautiful Queen ruled over a peaceful kingdom. She was beloved by those around her and yet…she was lonely. She sent word out.

“Bring me the fairest of young men. Those bright of spirit and humble of heart,” she said.

Many men came. Many failed to impress the Queen. For she was one purest of soul, and sought one like herself.

Tsar was her exception. A young man, with a coat of shining colors such as gold, black, and a small amount of grizzled red. Empress, for that was the name of the Queen, fell head over heels for the young man.

They had a litter of three. Pharoah, noblest of heart. Regent, sharpest of mind. And Marchioness, lightest of spirit. The young wolves grew up together, forging an unbreakable bond. They loved and laughed.

Then came Caesar. Purest of Soul. Weak, hardly able to stand on her own two feet. But, she grew into a strong young wolf.

The four young wolves came of age, and set out to create kingdoms of their own. But, tragedy hit, as the three were lost among the wilderness, almost as if they were never to reunite.

The sister known as Regent now wanders this new land, learning how it works along the way. She wishes to fulfill her promise of creating a kingdom, but not before fulfilling her role as a sister.


Height Build
Small Lean
Eagle Cap Wilderness
Father Mother
Tsar Proleator {Empress} Proleator

{Pharaoh} Proleator (m)
{Marchioness} Proleator (f)

{Caesar} Proleator (f)

Other Relationships
Good Terms/Friends
{Caesar} – My dear younger sister. You are strong in ways you do not believe, and I have always cared about you, even if it did not seem like it at times.

{Pharaoh} – You are the strength to my intellect dear brother. We have always made a powerful team, and I hope we continue to be.

{Marchioness} – Even though our personalities conflict drastically, you are still my dear sister. I have immense respect for your diplomatic and social manners.

{Holly} – Even though we disliked each other at first meeting, in a time of weakness for me, we found our similarities, and you became my first true friend outside of my family.

{Sif} – I have great respect for you as much as you have respect for me. Your mind is powerful enough to accomplish the goals you have set yourself. You remind me of myself at that age.

{Kabir} – We did not get much time to chat, but you saved me from death. I hope we meet again, so I can thank you for your valiance.

{Babette} – You seem to be the first female that Pharaoh likes that doesn’t seem to irritate me. I find you worthy enough, unless you do not keep my secret.
{Bucky} – You have earned respect from me, but you need to learn your place. Keep your nose out of matters of the Proleator Kingdom, even if we are allied packs.

{Nomad} – I don’t understand how you can be the equivalent rank as my sister, and I do not see what Bucky sees in you. Nevertheless, you show no ill.

{Kaete} – From my point of view, you wouldn’t make it as a Ranger. Like with Nomad, I do not see what Bucky sees in you.

{Magnus} – You’ve earned somewhat more respect from me compared to your time at the Kingdom due to the mission Empress set out for you. I do not consider us to be on bad terms any more, but you had better still be careful.

{Eerik} – You attempted to help, but I don’t blame you for your lack of assistance. I blame your pack for not being regimented.

{Zaan} – You were the first person to see me in my time of weakness. You helped somewhat and were able to empathise, but when it had cleared up, you ran. Clearly you wear your weakness on your sleeve.

{Zelda} – A strong child with lots of potential, but you are too carefree. Your mind wanders far too easily. Perhaps with some training you would become quite useful.

{Kamaal} – I don’t appreciate your tricky attitude, but at least you were somewhat useful.
Bad Terms/Enemies
{Elysium} – You bested me, and would have killed me without a thought. You should hope we do not meet again.

{Leif} (Name not known) – Too loud and disrespectful of your elders.

{Ylva} (Name not known) – Also too disrespectful. Whoever raised you both did a bad job of it.
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet