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Name Pack
Regent Proleator Rogue
Gender Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 4 mos.)
470 SP

Character Information

Height 22in
Weight 64lbs
Length 4.6ft
Coat Very well-kept
Key Things -Speaks with an accent that matches her eloquent speaking
-Has a small bald patch on her left foreleg

Picture credit to the amazing Loveboxer!
HY3, Full Summer – 3 years, 11 months old
Eye – HY3, Full Summer
HY3, Full Summer – Rogue

Regent has bright orange fur that is speckled with various black patches, as well as amber eyes.
Disabilities N/A
Distinguishing Features A small bald patch on her left foreleg due to scratching
Physical Strengths Skilled fighter, Agile
Physical Weaknesses Relatively small

Regent is very serious and strategy-minded, a general in the making. She constantly thinks about strategy, even to the point of creating her own imaginary battle scenarios, and playing both sides of the attack and defence, in order to work out how to counter each force. In confrontations, she prefers to keep them vocal as opposed to physical, believing that it is barbaric to simply fight without true means.

Regent tends to follow her own path, keeping her emotions to herself. She believes that feelings are unnecessary and impede the process of logic. Thus, she forces herself to have a straight face most of the time, and tends not to speak a lot, only when speech is required. However, Regent can show emotion, but only to her beloved siblings, who she cares for like an older sister and would die for.

However, bottling up emotions and maintaining a stone-cold demeanour is hard work, and Regent will sometimes take herself away from any wolves, to somewhere where she feels she cannot be found, and will release all of these emotions at once. This usually presents itself as a large cry.

Regent has no dreams aside from the promise to her parents to start their own ‘Kingdom’. But what matters to her first is the safety and happiness of her siblings, and if that will always be her primary concern to her strategies.
Mental Strengths Intelligent in strategies and planning, Can notice the smaller details, Very good at bottling emotions and keeping a poker face
Mental Weaknesses Knows next to nothing about flora
Humor Mostly lacking, and hearing a joke or a chuckle from Regent would be like seeing a wolf with wings. However, she is tolerant of and enjoys her siblings’ silliness.
Mental Handicaps Bottling her emotions causes her to occasionally have breakdowns where she only wants to be alone

-When the Proleator siblings separated accidentally, Regent believed she did not get lost, more that the other three got lost from her, as she was going on the correct path.


Once upon a time…

A beautiful Queen ruled over a peaceful kingdom. She was beloved by those around her and yet…she was lonely. She sent word out.

“Bring me the fairest of young men. Those bright of spirit and humble of heart,” she said.

Many men came. Many failed to impress the Queen. For she was one purest of soul, and sought one like herself.

Tsar was her exception. A young man, with a coat of shining colors such as gold, black, and a small amount of grizzled red. Empress, for that was the name of the Queen, fell head over heels for the young man.

They had a litter of three. Pharoah, noblest of heart. Regent, sharpest of mind. And Marchioness, lightest of spirit. The young wolves grew up together, forging an unbreakable bond. They loved and laughed.

Then came Caesar. Purest of Soul. Weak, hardly able to stand on her own two feet. But, she grew into a strong young wolf.

The four young wolves came of age, and set out to create kingdoms of their own. But, tragedy hit, as the three were lost among the wilderness, almost as if they were never to reunite.

Thankfully, they all found each other again. However, the sister known as Regent does not understand why her siblings have forgone their promise to their mother to create the next Proleator Kingdom. She still wishes to fulfill her goal, but will that get in the way of fulfilling her role as a sister?


Height Build
Small Lean
Eagle Cap Wilderness
Father Mother
Tsar Proleator Empress Proleator

{Pharaoh} Proleator - Reunited, Full Autumn

{Marchioness} Proleator - Reunited, Early Autumn

{Caesar} Proleator - Reunited, Full Autumn

Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet