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Name Pack
Regiis Fero Rogue
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Male Healthy
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(5 yrs, 4 mos.)
190 SP

Character Information


Regiis is a large, muscular wolf with an almost tangible presence. His piercing, yellowed orbs are by far his most striking feature and a cause of many others' discomfort. Regiis is a dark wolf with a thick coat, something that is a source of irritation for the male when he becomes wet or hot. This blackened pelt, however, is an advantage for Regiis when it comes to passing undetected through the shadows.

Another defining trait of his is the predatory gate in which he walks and a characteristic stillness. Like a snake poised to strike, Regiis always seems to have a dark air swirling about him.


"The monsters were never under my bed.
Because the monsters were inside my head.

I fear no monsters, for no monsters I see.
Because all this time the monster has been me."

~ Nikita Gill

Regiis is what some would call 'evil' though he doesn't view himself as such. With in inclination to view others as objects meant for his own gain and a superiority complex, he could, however, be taken this way. Regiis is fond of only those he believes have proven themselves as strong and resourceful and will often times gain a certain loyalty to these wolves. Any others, he can play nice with, but will ultimately end up deserting or betraying them as they have outlived their worth.

While manipulative, Regiis does have his weaknesses in this area. He cannot find it in himself to harm an adolescent that trusts him, especially those that remind him of the young she-wolf from his past. He considers her to have been the reason he was freed from under his fathers paw and doesn't wish to resurface the memories of those like her he's killed by hurting someone like them. Often times, these are the young wolves he enjoys taking under his wing and teaching them the ways of this world. However, his constant sense of paranoia usually ends these relationships in a matter of months at most.

But this doesn't mean Regiis doesn't have his better traits. While normally coldhearted and manipulative, all this vanishes when he is faced with the younger generation. Regiis has always had a soft spot for pups and can often been seen entertaining them or simply playing with them when he isn't doing something else. While cruel, it cannot be said that he doesn't give mercy to those deserving it, believing they shouldn't suffer.


Regiis was born far from the Horizon Valley in a small pack shrouded in deceit. His father was a cunning and sly wolf who held the pack under his paw, using them rather than protecting them. He would make an example of those that defied him publicly, leaving the rest of the pack to cower in his gaze. In this tense and fearful atmosphere, Regiis was born alongside two sisters who would survive past their sixth month of life.

His mother was a coward in the eyes of her son. She never so much as blinked when Regiis's rather asked to take her only child, willfully handing him over to be corrupted. In the early months of his training, Regiis learned the arts of stealth, manipulation, and assassination. He was no longer the light-hearted pup that had come into this world but a cold-hearted murderer. For months he stayed at his father's side, a puppet to his desires. He seduced, lied, and killed in his father's name without a second thought.

That was until he saw her.

A young she-wolf from the south came to their pack. Innocent of their ways, she was lured by Regiis into the heart of their territory to be killed. But, he hesitated. Never before had the darkened male hesitated to kill a wolf, but he couldn't do it. Not to her. There was a spark in her eyes that didn't exist in any wolf the young male knew and a fire in her soul. Against his better judgement, he released her, telling her to get far away from this place.

Some part of him had hoped to find her when he returned to the spot where he had sparred her life, but her scent was cold and already drifting away. Disappointed as he was, Regiis couldn't deny that which she had shown him. There were lands beyond this where wolves still had the fire of life.

It was only a few days later that he made his move. While his father was occupied with an argument that had arisen amidst the other members, Regiis slunk to the edge of the territory and disappeared into the wilds beyond.


Height Build
Large Muscular
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Timore Fero Flos Fero
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{pierre} - unsure about him.
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