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Reid Rogue
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Male Healthy
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Character Information

As Personality Goes...

Born into a place that required a rigidity of gender roles, expectations, and life-bringing… Well. Reid’s a little bit of a tough nut to call the most lovable wolf.

While there is certainly some defining characteristics, one that stands out most is the quiet passion. No one can deny that everything Reid feels, he does it with 110% of his body and soul. It means that such a rigidity can come up against others in a clashing fashion, or if it suits someone, it can be their biggest gain in finding an ally in this wolf.

Cold, however, Reid is not likely to be swayed by pretty words. Jealousy is a constant companion, although he would never voice such things. His self-control is impeccable, if only because of the lash back he had received as a youth for letting it out. It doesn’t mean it will not escape, from time to time, but the likelihood of him expressing it becomes a low happenstance.

Obsession is a dangerous thing, and that can be a driving force. He is purposeful in his actions, at all times. Nothing can be done without cause. He can pull out the charm, when required, but that exhausts him. Being nice to those who are undeserving fools, exhausts him.

He is The Male. He will do what males do.

A Sharpshooter in Dark

In the land of the giants, the fluffs and the beasts of battles — Reid isn’t the most gorgeous creature to be put up on a chair and be crowned the pride and glory of anyone’s calling. With a rich brown and grey pelt, he maintains the look of perhaps a bit more handsome than plain and average - but not much. He is not a vibrant stand out amongst any crowd, appearance wise.

Except when one looks upon the cold fire of his deep blue eyes. The sharpness of them can often unhinge even a fairly stable wolf assuming innocence, especially when the temper from within shines out through them.

His height is a mainstream male height - he again, isn’t a beast - but perhaps there’s a slight over the definition of muscle. Someone who has worked too hard, someone who pushes themselves just because they can. It’s just… for the sake of his health.


Height Build
Average Muscular
Twin Falls, Idaho
Father Mother
Louis Coretta

{Gloria}, Aslan

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