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Name Pack
Relic Aureum Soulfire Covenant I. Lumen
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 5 mos.)
3230 SP

Character Information


    Made by the wonderful Rainy! <3
  • Height: 28 in
  • Weight: 100 lbs
  • Length: 5.6 ft
  • Eye color: medium green with pieces of gold asymmetrically laid in the iris, also known as segmental heterochromia which is a genetic mutation and the trait the Aureum family was named after (excuse my poor photoshop skills, tho xD)
  • Coat: various shades of grays striping along the top that blend and smooth out into a creamy underside with light brown accents. Copper dusts his ears, tail, muzzle, and down all four limbs. His coat will also adopt and flush out more brown tones throughout according to the seasons.


Personality alignment: INTJ - The Architect

Soulfire Covenant
during full spring of HY4.

Respectful - Altruistic - Driven - Mature - Rational/logical - Honest

  • Doesn't show emotion easily.
  • Always tries to utilize logic and reason over emotion.
  • Usually has a back-up plan for a back-up plan for a back-up plan.
  • Typically has a good sense of humor.
  • Can be off-putting at first, but warms up once you get to know him. He is by no means shy, however.
  • Speaks his mind, though he does try to be delicate. Sometimes he doesn't try hard enough.
  • Sometimes overthinks things and definitely bears the weight of the aftermath of it.
  • Gets flustered around females he likes at first, but he doesn't think it's noticeable. It is.
  • Has an affinity for the stars and nighttime. He often stargazes, making pictures in the stars or contemplating answers to his questions.


By Madeline! <33

Relic was born into a lush life with four obnoxious sisters and two overbearing parents who he was fairly certain were only together for status rather than love. Being the only male born in the Aureum family meant he was the rightful heir to the thone - a "prince" of sorts, if you will. Growing up with the name he had meant many unwanted pressures weighing down his passions and being forced to turn a blind eye to those he truly wanted to help or befriend, all in the name of keeping his family's reputation impeccable.

However, Relic didn't want any of the responsibilities he had as his parents' "beloved" only son. He wasn't allowed to choose his own friends, his own dreams and activities, really anything. He was born into a predetermined life and, eventually, he grew sick of bending to the will of a so-called family that didn't even feel like a family should and began lashing out only to be punished into submission again. Even his opinions and words were thought out for him.

He was fine with the training - whether it be fighting, hunting, tracking, etc - and he definitely had his strengths and weaknesses. He was fine with the forced socializing of other "important" families. However, it wasn't until he fell head over heels with someone his parents didn't approve of and this sent him into a frenzy, being the straw that broke the camel's back. Relic abandoned that robotic life, determined to start fresh and create a life all his own.



Height Build
Average Average
Father Mother
Rife Ryll

Gemini [f] - Pyxis [f] - Caeli [f] - Arae [f]


{Artem} - enjoys his company. Thinks is very respectful/polite, well-spoken, and all around a pleasant soul.

{Bea} - is very fond of her wisdom and attitude and thinks her presence is a blessing.

{Calista} - enjoys having another star-loving presence around.

{Damien} - acquaintance, but has faith in Daniel’s trust. Would like to get to know in time and hopes to gain his trust.

{Daniel} - considers him a friend, thinks he’s adorable and sweet, and hopes he returns to become part of the Covenant sooner rather than later.

{Kumar} - thinks is sweet and a bit similar to Daniel. Admires their friendship.

{Sienna} - is slowly falling for. Relishes in how much affection, trust, and loyalty he receives from her. Finds his heart fluttering around her more often these days. +

{Stephan} - best friend +

{Sunfall} - so far has a very positive impression of him.

{Theodore} - likens him to a very wise little brother figure.


{Eden} - had been told she was overly aggressive, though their encounter went fairly well considering.

{Inigo} - doesn’t know name. Met in brief passing.

{Kiel} - knows as Wayfarer

{Magnus} - doesn’t know his name. Left to get help for Dalus. Never saw again after that.

{Nima} - Elliot’s mother. Thinks is interesting. Also is his neighbor, but thinks it best to keep his guard up around her.

{Scotch} - was the first to mention carrying out an assassination attempt on Elliot.

{Bucky}, {Dalus}, {Heiwa}, {Kinoshi}, {Muses}, {Neomiizana}, {Rivet}, {Senna}


{Kara} - just as aggressive, if not more, than Makoa. Seem to fit well together.

{Makoa} - thinks is eager to jump to aggression. Reminds him of a slightly more psychotic Stephan.

Knowledge Of

{Elliot} - so many rumors, but which are true?

{Adonai}, {Astrid}, {Emmalynn}, {Hunter}, {Jeremy}, {Marzena}, {Nanook}, {Rembrandt}, {Seeker}, {Verin}, {Yuna}

Pack in the evergreens

- Doesn’t know official name

The Brotherhood

- Doesn’t know full name. Apparently a very strict pack.

Hillside Sanctuary

- Thinks has an interesting structure and function. Although they are full of kind wolves, it’s not the pack for him.

Silu Tribe

- They reside on the coast near the Rangers. Astrid and Yuna are healers here.

The Kingdom

- Run by Elliot. South of the Hillside Sanctuary territory.

Adunati Rangers

- Resides at the coast where the “river meets the shore”. Bucky leads them.

The Alliance

- Doesn’t know full name. Resides on a range.

The Cadre

- Doesn’t know full name. Resides at the lake.

The Circle

- Doesn’t know full name. Also resides at the lake.

The Empire

- Doesn’t know full name. Apparently they live “high up” in the mountains and cause issues with others. However, there hasn’t been any news of happenings with them for a year now.

Voice actor
Ray Chase as Noctis from Final Fantasy 15
In a nutshell
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet