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Name Pack
Rhea Dusk Rogue
Sex Status
Female Injured
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 11 mos.)
2085 SP

Character Information

Banks Island Tundra Wolf65 lbs24 in5.1 ft
Rhea is mostly white, Hues of grey dance over her face, joining with off-white creams and peppered with flecks of black along her back and the top of her tail. Her tail is tipped with black, as is the end of her muzzle. Brown ghosts the edges and about the base of her ears, striking a balance with slightly lighter brown eyes.
History: Pre-Horizon
Rhea was the Eldest Daughter of an unwelcome litter. Her Mother had mated with a male without permission of the pack alphas. She and her siblings were never given an easy time of things, but She grew strong despite the odds against her. Soon as she could, she left her pack with her siblings, each setting out to make their own way in the world, leaving their mother and each other behind for the foreseeable future.

Rhea set out south bound, heading into warmer climes unlike her siblings. Doing most of her traveling at night, a reputation has grown around her among the wolves she's passed, an enigmatic beauty of a ghost among the shadows of an oncoming night.

She's been looking for a new land to call home, to set up her own little mystery pack, or join another. Whichever most suites her at the time.

PersonalityImportant Life-Changing Events
Rhea is a curiosity. She doesn't tell much about herself, and what little she does, only bits and pieces, like a puzzle, make it past her lips. She enjoys being a mystery, and takes pains sometimes to remain so. After all, life's no fun if every question gets an easy answer.

When she's upset though and the reason happens to be because of her past, she's been known to explode with info on rare occasions. She doesn't like it when this happens, but sometimes her anger overtakes her on the topic of her past.
  • Met Solomon
    • Joined a Pack - Northern Order
  • Met Azazel
    • Became Best Friends with Azazel
    • Fell in love with Azazel
  • Became Pregnant!
    • Had Puppies!
{Azazel}{Vandal}, {Bjorn}
AcquaintancesNorthern Order
  • {Kahlmn}
  • {Malakai}
  • {Shade}
  • {Valentina}
  • {Karevik}
  • {Leonardo}
  • {Moraz}
  • {Poet}
  • {Rowan}
  • {Robin}
  • {Tala}
  • {Raine}
  • {Solomon}
  • {Josalyn}
  • {Azazel}
  • {Dalus}
  • {Tara}
  • {Icarus}
  • {Darin}
  • {Poppy} (Missing!)
  • {Nikolas}
  • {Ferris}
  • {Cree}
  • {Zehnai}
  • {Astrid}
  • {Eerik}
  • {Aksel}


Height Build
Average Lean
Banks Island - Frost Valley
Father Mother
Robin Greenwood Marian Dusk
  • Rose Dusk
  • Rowan Dusk

  • {Dalus} (Male)
  • {Tara} (Female)
  • {Icarus} (Male)
Grown Pups
None Yet
Other Relationships
Dusk/Chern Family Tree
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet