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Name Pack
Roa frá Norðri Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(6 yrs, 6 mos.)
160 SP

Character Information


Róa is a mottled mixture of silvers and blacks. Most notable is the black cape marking that drapes down her back and meets in the middle of her chest, beneath her neck. Her legs, ears, and the underside of her tail are pale silver. Her eyes are the ice blue, a typical trait of the frá Norðri lineage. She is large and muscular, very obviously healthy and bears all the marks and scars of a seasoned warrior.


Honorable, dependable, and firm, Róa is a traditional pack wolf in every sense of the word. She functions best as part of a unit and is fairly amicable with her companions. Her good nature is telltale of her strong and lawful morals, though she does have a tendency to stick up for those in need.


Born into Regieren alongside her brothers Tunglið and Njála, Róa lost her parents at a very young age. Early in her childhood, she was trained to become a warrior by several different wolves alongside her brothers. She bore witness to many of her siblings' squabbles and was often fought over for attention between her brothers, but didn't seem to mind. After Njála took over the pack, due to her lawful leanings, she found herself displeased with how her brothers conducted Regieren's political affairs (which had a tendency to be violently and somewhat cruelly), but loyalty to her family bound her to her duties and she kept silent, even after Tunglið's exile. The slaughter of Sjovatn by Arkhein (which was Regieren's fault) riddled her with guilt, but still she stayed in Regieren until finally, an argument between her and Njála proved to be the tipping point. Furious with her brother's cruelty, Róa left Regieren, following rumors of her other siblings' prosperous lives down south.


Height Build
Large Muscular
Ice Chasms
Father Mother
Sjóskrim Evangeline

{Tunglid}, brother

Njála, sister

Other Relationships
{Saeberyn}, niece
Spirit Symbol
None yet