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Name Pack
Robinn Zir Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 5 mos.)
360 SP

Character Information

Sunny Soda Breeze | Enjoy Tropical | Let's Go To Camp | Timid Boy | Words That Changed My Life | Funny Group | Innocent Boy | Rhythm Of Port Town

Timber wolf | Born Early Spring | 26 in, 90 lbs | Gay boy | goes by Bobby mostly

Robinn, or also known as Bobby by most wolves, is a small sized wolf with an average build. He has a ginger-brown coat, with cream on his cheek and throat, and some grey hairs on his forehead. His ears are a dark ginger, leaning towards brown. He has small brown hairs all over his body. It almost looks like he has a face mask, with the grey hairs on his face clearly lighter than the brown and ginger he has on the rest of his body. There's a light mixture of creams on his belly, but not as light as on his face. There are darker grey hairs on his back, but during spring and summer they're more visible. His eyes are a pale green.
Robinn is an excited, energetic and adventurous soul. He is always extremely cheerful and often the most playful goof; he wants to make others feel better, and can be described as zany; it's normal for him to act comical and silly just so others smile. Robinn is very social and chatty, a real friend maker. Everyone nice is his friend, from the moment they meet and smile at him, Robinn will consider them, his friends. A sweet and caring wolf for sure, and very helpful, as well. Anything you ask of him, he will do for you. He's that selfless.
The male's also very good at adapting, making it easy for him to fit in, mostly because he's so obedient around others who are dominant. This boy is a follower, not a leader. Loyal and honest to a fault, he would make the perfect follower or pack mate. He could be your friend for life.

But his open, reliable and carefree nature makes him very gullible and obedient. It's easy to use him for your own benefit. He is a childish and foolish child, and is very agreeable with others. He can be airy, often with his head in the clouds, his mind somewhere else. It's easy for him to get distracted, and in that case, lost. He's also very clumsy, and most times stumbled over his own paws. Some might think he's an idiot, and get annoyed with his antics, others might think he's utterly adorable, but it would depend on the wolf he meets.

Robinn's always happy-go-lucky, unless you scare him. Act aggressive and he will become timid, even frightened. A sensitive and emotional little thing, it's easy to make him cry, if you act flat out rude and angry to him. He's not confident in himself, yet he's not uncertain, either. The male is basically in the middle. However, he does want to please others. He will try to help clear everything up if he sees someone is arguing with someone else. But get mad at him and a blame him for things, and he will feel guilty and flat out cry. This boy is a cuddler though, and easily accepts apologies. Apologize or cuddle him and he will calm down and be all happy and jolly again.


Height Build
Small Average
Father Mother
Codak Zir
Selia Mik

Roy ♂
Baylie ♀
Sammy ♂

He probably needs a mommy, more.
He's a big kid himself, I don't see him have any unless it was an accident??
Other Relationships
{Calista} - Relic's healer friend. She was NICE!
{Vár} - She's fun though also kind of scaryyy!?
Visited areas
Skyrise Pass
Starshatter Basin
Strongwind Range
Shadowed Dell
Spirit Symbol