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Name Pack
Ross Thorn Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 6 mos.)
2565 SP

Character Information

Ross left the valley in Full Spring of Year 5.
His friends sought him out when they left sometime after.
I like to think they are reunited and having fun, wherever they are. — Jill


Though on the cusp of adulthood, Ross remains characteristically youthful in his bearing. Lean of limb, wide-pawed, and large-eared, his proportions scream adolescent. Wiry, athletic muscle and a short stature complete his look. His pelt, regularly left unkempt, is a deep shade of umber, which darkens upon his face, underside, legs, and tail. When exposed to direct sunlight, its red undertones glisten brightly. A small, roughly diamond-shaped swath of white fur sits smack in the middle of his chest. His single eye is a pale, simmering yellow.

During a fight with {Natasha}, Ross' right eye was bitten out. A vertical scar runs across its empty socket. He also bears small, jagged scars across his muzzle and left cheekbone from the same struggle. In a later battle with {Sunfall}, Ross sustained a wide laceration upon his upper neck, as well as a bite wound to his right forepaw. These scars are less faded.

Additionally, Ross suffers from asthma, a disease he inherited from his sickly mother. The condition becomes symptomatic during exceptionally cold and warm months, as well as situations in which his body is placed under undue physical stress. His emotions may, but rarely do, catalyze an episode of the disorder.


Reserved, surly, and cynical, Ross presents as a loner who simply can’t be bothered. In truth, fluctuating self-esteem causes him to withdraw from strangers and acquaintances alike. An emotionally charged boyhood, one spent competing with his brother and mourning love lost between his parents, has left him yearning for recognition and acceptance, but without the insight to achieve it respectably. The intensity of his emotions is often to blame. Ross typically exists in a state of blinding rage, overwhelming sorrow, or relentless apathy, with aberrations few and far between. Burying himself in routine and duty is far less exhausting a task than censoring these emotions to communicate appropriately with others for long stretches.

Those willing to explore the hidden facets of his personality will find Ross is not entirely devoid of empathy. His solitary nature should never be mistaken for faithlessness. When presented with an opportunity to prove his loyalty or dote upon his friends, his efforts may be shockingly unexpected, but they’re hardly refutable. Privately, he treasures family and relationships. Earning his trust to participate in such displays of generous abandon is a difficult, conditional trial. For those who triumph, who make a deliberate effort to know him, Ross can be a steadfast, dependable companion. If wronged, however, he proves a volatile enemy, one not easily conciliated.


Height Build
Small Lean
Lockwood Lake
Southeast of Horizon
Father Mother
{Arren} {Mesmera}
Rose — half-sister (by {Karina})
Hugo — half-brother (by {Karina})
Niko — brother, littermate
Other Family
{Angel} — His fiery little niece.
{Karina} — Sweet, motherly figure.
{Icarus} — Best friend, like a brother. (Also, secretly his boyfriend.)
{Aksel} — A friend I don’t deserve.
{Epidemic} — You a’ight. I guess.
{Opal}, {Artem}, {Atalya}, {Aiden}, {Kronos}, {Scott}, {Josalyn}, {Poet}, {Ego}, {Umpire}
{Valley}, {Cleo}, {Oberon}, {Adrian}, {Yuna}, {Paige}, {Maya}, {Jaylan}, {Tamaska}, {Bucky}
{Nayomi}, {Natasha}, {Jethro}, {Efeon}, {Sokol}, {Calypso}, {Sunfall}, {Esme}
Spirit Symbol