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Name Pack
Ross Thorn Twilight Vanguard II. Quartermaster
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 11 mos.)
2565 SP

Character Information


Though on the cusp of adulthood, Ross remains characteristically youthful in his bearing. Lean of limb, wide-pawed, and large-eared, his proportions scream adolescent. Wiry, athletic muscle and a short stature complete his look. His pelt, regularly left unkempt, is a deep shade of umber, which darkens upon his face, underside, legs, and tail. When exposed to direct sunlight, its red undertones glisten brightly. A small, roughly diamond-shaped swath of white fur sits smack in the middle of his chest. His single eye is a pale, simmering yellow.

During a fight with {Natasha}, Ross' right eye was bitten out. A vertical scar runs across its empty socket. He also bears small, jagged scars across his muzzle and left cheekbone from the same struggle. In a later battle with {Sunfall}, Ross sustained a wide laceration upon his upper neck, as well as a bite wound to his right forepaw. These scars are less faded.

Additionally, Ross suffers from asthma, a disease he inherited from his sickly mother. The condition becomes symptomatic during exceptionally cold and warm months, as well as situations in which his body is placed under undue physical stress. His emotions may, but rarely do, catalyze an episode of the disorder.


Reserved, surly, and cynical, Ross presents as a loner who simply can’t be bothered. In truth, fluctuating self-esteem causes him to withdraw from strangers and acquaintances alike. An emotionally charged boyhood, one spent competing with his brother and mourning love lost between his parents, has left him yearning for recognition and acceptance, but without the insight to achieve it respectably. The intensity of his emotions is often to blame. Ross typically exists in a state of blinding rage, overwhelming sorrow, or relentless apathy, with aberrations few and far between. Burying himself in routine and duty is far less exhausting a task than censoring these emotions to communicate appropriately with others.

Those willing to explore the hidden facets of his personality will find Ross is not entirely devoid of empathy. His solitary nature should never be mistaken for faithlessness. When presented with an opportunity to prove his loyalty or dote upon his friends, his efforts may be shockingly unexpected, but they’re hardly refutable. Privately, he treasures family and relationships. Earning his trust to participate in such displays of generous abandon is a difficult, conditional trial. For those who triumph, who make a deliberate effort to know him, Ross can be a steadfast, dependable companion. If wronged, however, he proves a volatile enemy, one not easily conciliated.


The beginning of Ross’ life was not ideal. During the birth of his brother and he, his mother Mesmera suffered many complications, the extent of which he would not learn until later in life. She survived, however, and Ross was received warmly by the pack into which he was born, the one his father Arren led. In attendance were Drake, the pack’s medic and close friend of his parents, Karina, Drake’s sister, and Dyani and Sander, lifelong friends of his father.

Having inherited his mother’s weak heart and respiratory issues, Ross spent a considerable portion of his puphood under the care and supervision of Drake, who he came to see as a source of comfort and security. Drake took excellent care of him, for he was an exceptionally skilled medic—having tended to a young, reckless Arren during their travels in the past, and having gained experience in assuaging Mesmera’s numerous afflictions.

When at last Ross was well enough to explore his home, he spent much time with his brother, Niko. The pair were nearly inseparable. Their favorite pastime was howling and “singing” together, and they developed a talent for constructing melodies others in the pack hadn’t heard before. In this group of growing boys was also Spirit, a wolf who Ross came to know as his “cousin,” although the nature of their shared ancestry was truly much more complex.

As he matured, Ross remained emotionally closer to his feeble mother above anyone else, even if her lessons on patience and compassion did not stick quite as well as lessons on sparring and fighting, the latter of which he learned from his father. Perhaps his natural inclination for conflict was what instilled in him a rebellious streak, one that eventually led to him viewing Niko as competition rather than a steadfast friend and family member. Niko, at this time, did little to alter Ross’ shifting impression, for he’d grown distant from the family for reasons Ross could not understand.

As the brothers entered adolescence, their paths began to diverge.

During Ross’ first autumn, tragedy struck his small family. Both his parents contracted severe illness. His mother’s condition in particular was disconcerting, for her coughs were often accompanied by dark blood. She grew weak to a point where she could not walk very far, leaving her bedridden for extended periods of time. Finding it too emotionally taxing to interact with his parents for any length, Ross spent his free moments gathering herbs in an attempt to help Drake in his treatment of them.

He was returning from one such trip when he overheard a conversation between Drake and his father.

Ross had never been ignorant of the animosity between Arren and Drake, one that persisted despite them being lifelong friends. However, he could never have imagined the severity with which he heard Drake rebuke his father for mating with Mesmera the previous winter. Drake claimed Arren had endangered her already frail, sickness-riddled existence by impregnating her, and went on to detail how birthing pups could have killed her.

In his youth, Ross naturally believed himself to be the guilty party. He reeled from the realization that he’d endangered his mother’s life simply by existing, and he fled, leaving Arren and Drake unaware that he’d overheard their discussion.

In frantic desperation, Ross sought out Niko to discuss what he’d discovered. Niko explained that he’d overheard the same talk before, and it was the reason he distanced himself from his family, for he feared being a burden, or some sort of curse, upon them. Ross suddenly understood why his elder brother had become more intolerant of his presence as of late. Niko went on to explain the extent of their parents’ illness, disclosing to Ross that Drake had estimated they might die if they weren’t cured soon.

Upset by this new knowledge, and hurt by the thought his parents had kept such a dire prediction from him, Ross followed Niko to the fringes of their pack’s territory. There, the brothers managed a lonesome, independent lifestyle, filling their free time with spars and hunts, all under the guise of being “strong” in their resolve to walk away from the pain of their home. Karina, Drake’s sister, occasionally visited them to ensure they were eating and had not hurt themselves too badly. Spirit’s presence was another they accepted, as he visited with them more often than he was away.

Moons passed in this way, with Niko and Ross scraping out a meager existence for themselves at the edge of Lockwood Lake. Eventually, however, Ross grew too distraught over the notion that his parents had passed without his knowing, and he found his paws carrying him back into their midst.

Winter was shifting into spring by the time he returned home. Though Ross, indeed, returned to a healthy father and healed mother, he quickly learned that not all was as peaceful as it had been in his puphood. His parents, he learned, had spent the better part of the cold season arguing and had decided to split up. Arren left to live on his own in another area of Lockwood Lake. Dyani volunteered to look out for him, much like Karina had looked after his sons. Mesmera stayed behind in the pack’s stronghold. In the wake of these developments, Drake named himself leader in Arren’s indefinite absence.

Unable to reconcile the chaos that his home had been plunged into, Ross sought out the comfort of Niko and Spirit as he had in the past. His brother, knowing yet again things Ross did not, revealed that both Arren and Mesmera had mated with different wolves that winter. Niko had learned this from Drake's daughter, whom he had begun to date at this time. In his shock and anger, Ross found himself dependent on Niko’s and Spirit’s constancy in the wake of shifting pack dynamics. He grew incredibly close to them both.

But time, and adolescence's tendency to kindle opposition, eventually damaged the relationship he’d cultivated with both males. Repeatedly, Ross found himself at odds with Niko, his equally headstrong brother who, for all his seeming maturity, was just as unskilled at resolving his own emotions over the downfall of their family. On more than a few occasions did Niko openly contemplate self-harm, and this instilled in Ross an irrational rage and pain, which he directed at his brother in the form of physical violence and scathing words. Spirit remained a calm, level-headed presence during such conflicts, but even his gentle way could not quell the anger raging within both Thorn boys.

Ross and Niko split on uncertain terms.

Ross spent several moons on the fringes of Lockwood Lake, in a sector apart from Drake’s pack, and his father, and Niko and Spirit. In his loneliness, he often fantasized that his family might repair itself into something recognizable. But his father remained hidden away, his mother depressed and emotionally closed-off, Drake a lawful but uncompromising leader who lacked Arren’s comparative warmth.

When Ross detected his father’s scent leading away from the lake, he followed it. Eventually, he was led to the southern borders of a new land, where he lost Arren’s scent but pressed on anyway. He entered Horizon Valley in Full Autumn HY3, at the age of 1 year, 7 months. Please refer to his threadlog for a comprehensive list of events in his life afterward.


Height Build
Small Lean
Lockwood Lake
Southeast of Horizon
Father Mother
{Arren} {Mesmera}
Rose — half-sister (by {Karina})
Hugo — half-brother (by {Karina})
Niko — brother, littermate
{Icarus} — Best friend, like a brother.
{Aksel} — You’ll come back, right?
{Epidemic} — You a’ight. I guess.
{Opal}, {Valley}, {Artem}, {Atalya}, {Aiden}, {Kronos}, {Cleo}, {Oberon}, {Adrian}, {Yuna}, {Paige}, {Esme}, {Scott}, {Josalyn}, {Poet}, {Maya}, {Jaylan}
{Nayomi}, {Natasha}, {Jethro}, {Efeon}, {Sokol}, {Calypso}, {Sunfall}
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet