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Name Pack
Ross Thorn Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 5 mos.)
1530 SP

Character Information

Current Status
6 Feb. 2018
Healthy, uninjured. Settling in with the Twilight Vanguard.
Height: 25 inches
Weight: 80 pounds
Length: 5.2 feet
Ross looks less like he’s on the verge of adulthood and more like a puppy that never outgrew his awkward, gangly stage. He’s thin and short, but he’s got large paws and ears for his size. His pelt is a deep shade of brown, nearly black, and it often appears messy and windswept. When under direct sunlight, its red undertones glisten brightly. A small, roughly diamond-shaped smudge of white fur sits smack in the middle of his chest. His single remaining eye is a bright, pale yellow.
Note — During a fight with {Natasha}, Ross' right eye was bitten out. Scar tissue surrounds the wound, and he also has small, jagged scars from bites across his muzzle and left cheekbone. (see thread)
Reference SheetArtwork Gallery — thank you!
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by Rainy
by Dylan
MBTI: ISFP — The Adventurer
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Note: This section is in need of revision! I'll type up a proper description soon. Have this summary in the meantime: An emo turd, content to play the role of angsty teenage runt as long as people want to assume that about him. Actually craves friendship, trust, and love, just has trouble believing he deserves it when it's given to him. Doesn't like or trust older wolves. Tends automatically to feel a kinship with wolves his age, especially other males. Hates his own weaknesses, and tends to project this lack of compassion toward those who suffer from some sort of ailment. Exceptionally reactive to his own emotions, though he's slowly learning to control them. tl;dr: a gross boye
Avalanche — Bring Me The Horizon
That's The Spirit — Bring Me The Horizon (Album)
Fickle Game — Amber Run
Silence — Marshmello ft. Khalid
Take A Picture — Filter
Creamer (Radio Is Dead) — Limp Bizkit
The Outsiders — AU/RA
This Is Gospel — Panic! At The Disco
Be Somebody — Thousand Foot Krutch
Little House — The Fray
Louder Than Words — Celldweller (Voicians remix)
Why Did You Change? — Innerpartysystem
Who Are You, Really? — Mikki Ekko
Changes — 3 Doors Down
Never Even There — 32 Leaves
Hats Off To The Bull — Chevelle (Album)
The Meddler — Chevelle
To Peace — Submersed
The Lament of Eustace Scrubb — The Oh Hellos
Line of Fire — Junip
Cutting My Fingers Off — Turnover
C'mon — Panic! At The Disco and F.U.N.
The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me — Brand New (Album)
Science Fiction — Brand New (Album)
Positive Terms
{Icarus} — friend, leaderYou make me want to be better.
{Aksel} — friend, packmateI didn't expect to find a brother in you.
{Opal} — friend, packmateYou're blind... but good?
It's Complicated
{Valley} — acquaintanceYou're crazy, but... damn, girl.
{Nayomi} — former friendI thought I knew you. Guess I didn't.
{Mesmera} — motherIt's my fault, isn't it? I'm sorry.
{Arren} — fatherWhy? This hurts like hell.
NikobrotherI don't want to miss you. Where are you now?
Neutral Terms
{Epidemic} — packmateOkay, but for real... WTF?
{Artem} — packmateCan you be trusted?
{Atalya} — packmateYou seem pretty decent.
{Aiden} — packmateCool kid. When ya gonna get bigger, pup?
{Marzena} — acquaintanceNice enough. You remind me of someone.
{Yakov} — acquaintanceOld. Quiet. Creepy af.
{Lysander} — acquaintanceAlso old, quiet, and creepy af.
{Oberon} — acquaintanceWhat're you running from, kid?
Negative Terms
{Natasha} — enemyGo get your face mauled off, for all I care.
{Jethro} — enemyHurt her, and I'll bite your balls off.
{Sokol} — enemyStay the hell outta my woods, stuck-up bastard.
{Efeon} — enemyIt'll be you on the ground if we meet again.
Knowledge Of
Twilight VanguardpackMy home. Mine to defend. Mine.
Firewing BrotherhoodpackNatasha's pack. Avoid, avoid, avoid.
Adunati RangerspackPack by the ocean. Should probably avoid.
Stormborn AlliancepackStill have no idea what a "Stormborn" is.
Sacred GuardpackFollow the religion of the Only One.
Some of my characters may use offensive language, behave overtly sexually, and/or incite violence. Please keep in mind that their actions are not indicative of the author’s personal choices or morals. Thank you! — Jill


Height Build
Small Lean
Father Mother
{Arren} {Mesmera}
Rose — half-sister (by {Karina})
Hugo — half-brother (by {Karina})
Niko — brother, littermate
Family Tree
Ross suffers from asthma, which he inherited from his mother. He’s prone to illness as well.
His favorite color is yellow.
Has a lovely, genuine, raw singing voice, but is reluctant to sing in front of others. His voice actor would probably be Oliver Sykes as he performs for BMTH.
Human Play-By — Oliver Sykes

Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet