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Name Pack
Ross Thorn Twilight Vanguard II. Quartermaster
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 9 mos.)
2115 SP

Character Information


Ross looks less like he’s on the verge of adulthood and more like a puppy that never outgrew his awkward, gangly stage. He’s thin and short, but he’s got large paws and ears for his size. His pelt is a deep shade of brown, nearly black, and it often appears messy and windswept, if not adorned with stray leaves and twigs. When under direct sunlight, its red undertones glisten brightly. A small, roughly diamond-shaped smudge of white fur sits smack in the middle of his chest. His single remaining eye is a bright, pale yellow.

During a fight with {Natasha}, Ross' right eye was bitten out. Scar tissue surrounds the wound, and he also has small, jagged scars from bites across his muzzle and left cheekbone. Read the full thread here.


Under revision and expansion. Withdrawn, grumpy, pessimistic. For the most part, he suffers from fluctuating self-esteem and likes to keep to himself. Tends to come across as disinterested and aloof, but is especially reactive to his own anger, if one is capable of enraging him. Not entirely devoid of empathy toward those he cares about, but entering his inner circle is a difficult task. Craves purpose and to be recognized by his peers, but often fails to interact with others in an uplifting and socially acceptable manner to earn that praise. Might be considered noncommittal and cowardly due to a go-with-the-flow nature. Struggles with expressing compassion due to projecting his own hate of weakness onto others, and definitely has a self-serving streak.


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Height Build
Small Lean
Lockwood Lake
Southeast of Horizon
Father Mother
{Arren} {Mesmera}
Rose — half-sister (by {Karina})
Hugo — half-brother (by {Karina})
Niko — brother, littermate
{Icarus} — Leader, friend, brother.
{Aksel} — Packmate, friend, brother.
{Opal}, {Valley}, {Epidemic}, {Artem}, {Atalya}, {Aiden}, {Kronos}, {Cleo}, {Oberon}, {Adrian}, {Yuna}
{Nayomi}, {Natasha}, {Jethro}, {Efeon}, {Sokol}, {Calypso}, {Sunfall}
Bonus Material
family tree
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet