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Name Pack
Rowan Soulfire Covenant V. Astral
Sex Status
Male Dead
Age Skill Points
(1 yrs, 5 mos.)
50 SP

Character Information

Rowan died during the great earthquake of HY5 Full Winter, at the age of 10 months, after being crushed in a resultant landslide.
You are so good. So good, you’re always feeling so much. And sometimes it feels like you’re gonna bust wide open from all the feeling, don’t it? People like you are the best in the world, but you sure do suffer for it. — Silas House

Born 10 Oct. 2017 (HY4 Early Spring)
Trainee of the Adunati Rangers


Height Build
Large Average
Dentree at Oak Savanna
Strongwind Range, Horizon
Father Mother
{Klass} {Holly}
{Ash} — brother, littermate
{Saya} — sister, littermate
Other Family
{Tahti} — adoptive aunt
{Regent} — adoptive aunt
Spirit Symbol