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Name Pack
Ruby Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 10 mos.)
2140 SP

Character Information

Drawn by the amazing Calico!

Voiced by: Emma Stone

Theme song: Something just like this


Mexican Wolf heritage. 22 inches. 93 pounds

It's easy to see how she got her name, given her reddish fur tone. There's a bit of charcoal clinging to the guard hairs over her back, but her bright emerald eyes are a striking contrast to her red tones. She's short, but curvy.


Hers is one of those peaceful, old-fashioned sort of names that invokes smiles and simplicity, a gentle spirit, fond glances and laughing puppies at play in the sunshine.

None of those are true for Ruby, at least not anymore. There's a sadness that clings to somehow, perhaps in her expressive emerald eyes. She doesn't seem to put forwards any real effort to socialize, holding herself back from forming bonds, ever restless. Some might call her searching, the way she constantly travels, always seems to be looking ahead to something she can't quite make out. She can be very critical, hot-tempered and has high standards, but she has a kind heart underneath all the determination. Tends to be private and want to develop relationships with time, doesn't tend to trust much on the first meeting or perhaps not even the second or third.


Ruby's parents died when she and her twin brother Argent and their younger sister Emerald were young. She told Kronos her mother used to call the three siblings "precious" and was obsessed with her grandmother's stories, who used to collect precious stones and provided the namesakes for the family pups.

Ruby kept them together and found a pack for them where she and Argent were trained as warriors and Emerald started training a hunter. But, as drought fell over the desert landscape, their pack went to war trying to drive out neighbors and rogues and expand their territory. Eventually, surviving rogues and two smaller but much-bullied packs all banded together to wipe out their aggressors.

Ruby watched her twin brother die in battle. Overcome with fury, she spent days tracking down the survivors of their enemies and slaughtered every one she could get her paws on, caught in a great rage. This were deserters, and those who were fleeing, and included wolves who surrendered to her. When she was the only one left alive out of friend or foe, regret settled.

She struck out alone for a new home, grief stricken and trying to forget how badly she had let her family down.

Did You Know?

Her favourite food is pronghorn. Strong sense of eyesight and hearing, average sense of smell. Distrustful of packs after what happened in Solaire Sands. Fiery temper, don't make any redhead jokes because she'll probably eat you. Ruby can sometimes be heard speaking a special battle code she and Darienne developed.


Height Build
Small Stocky

Nevada desert
Father Mother
Rikk † Mage †

Argent, twin brother †

Emerald, younger sister †

Other Relationships
{Darienne} - Former mentor
{Hawke} - All kinds of attracted to. All kinds of trying to suppress it.
Ruby in the sun

Ruby in the shadows

Ruby Tunes
Remind me
Growing pains
Love is still the answer
Spirit Symbol
None yet