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Name Pack
Rune Etienne Rogue
Sex Status
Male Dead
Age Skill Points
(6 yrs, 4 mos.)
1390 SP

Character Information

Current status: Current open wound at the base of the right side of his neck from a very aggressive raccoon

By Kats! ({Ryu})

By Maiyev! ({Morwen})


  • Height: 32 in
  • Weight: 106 lbs
  • Length: 6.2 ft
  • Eye color: very pale green
  • Coat: chocolate browns with blonde and lighter browns "painted" onto his body.

At first glance, one would take note of the unique color pattern of Rune’s coat. Predominantly a rich brown-black, his pelt is also painted in lighter browns, blondes, greys, and whites that have a tendency to change a little depending on the time of year. His stature is hardly impressive at a shoulder height of 32 inches with a slightly muscular build to accommodate his speed rather than his strength and pale green eyes that barely stand out from his coat.


Personality alignment: ESFP - The Entertainer

Childish - Arrogant - Too blunt - Kind of a dick - All talk - Overdramatic

Note: Rune is actually a very interesting character, because there are two parts to his personality - the part everybody sees vs. the real him lying underneath. The following are explanations of both:


The most peculiar trait of his, however, would more likely be his accent - one that could only be noted as very similar to an Irish accent. It acts as an obvious indicator for each family member of the Etienne clan as both his parents and his brothers have the same stress in their tones. (His accent is real, not a show).

Rune is very pompous and egotistical and acts as if the world owes him a favor simply for his presence gracing it. His attitude towards females he deems attractive and males differ greatly. He constantly feels the need to impress females, especially if they particularly tickle his pickle. If a female seems uninterested or is a bit of a bitch or otherwise seems like she's playing hard to get, it only makes Rune work harder to win her over though he typically fails in doing so. When it comes to males he couldn't really care less about interacting with them, because he's more attractive and all-around superior to them. He has a difficult time making friends due to his abrasive personality and his family treats him like a child, especially {Malakai}.

The real Rune

Growing up, Rune has always been the one treated most like a child despite being the same age as his brothers. Because of this, it has caused Rune to harbor insecurities about himself that run very deep. He constantly struggled with wanting to be his own independent wolf, but he'd always been too afraid to move on and away from everything he's ever known and grown accustomed to.

Eventually, he made the choice to abandon his family and set out to create a new life and a new him. However, this is much easier said than done for Rune. He is plagued with the notion that his own family never accepted him for who he really is and, therefore, why would anybody else accept him? Due to this major insecurity, he's fabricated his outward personality, because - in his mind - nobody is going to like that jackass personality and it's easier to deal with others hating him for who he isn't rather than hating him for who he really is. It is simply his way of coping with entering a new, unknown world all alone.

So far, nobody in Horizon has broken down his walls to reveal the true him except for {Nyx}, but even then it's only been small fragments of what is actually lying underneath. She'd seen his walls come down, however brief those times were, to see him acting very selfless and caring and protective towards her. These are traits he is deathly afraid of showing, though, and when he realizes he's allowing them to seep through he immediately shoves those walls back up around him and continues to act like the pompous prick he isn't.

He longs for the day he can meet someone who does truly accept the real him, but whenever he gets any chance to risk that he pushes everyone away. In the case with Nyx, she never actually pushed him away despite him usually being a dick to her and so he found himself pursuing her constantly, because it was a small glimmer of hope to cling to.


The Etienne family grew up in a forest far away from Horizon to the east. Their parents, Clancy and Quinn, met while residing with a pack when they were fairly young. The pack they were part of, however, wasn’t exactly their idea of “family”, which bonded them closer and resulted in them falling in love. Ultimately they decided to escape the constraints of pack life and start their own lives together elsewhere, forever being rogues wandering until death do they part. Eventually they had a litter of pups when they found a forest they decided would be suitable to raise a family in, and Malakai, Rune, and Torin were born to the world. Because their parents had such ill opinions of packs, they sheltered their offspring in their forest and rarely allowed the brothers to venture out when they were younger. As they grew older, however, Rune had enough of being confined to the boundaries of the forest and left after being involved in a heated argument with Torin and their parents. Eventually they sent Malakai after Rune to bring him back home when they realized Rune wouldn’t be coming back of his own volition. Months flew by with no sign of the two brothers resurfacing in the forest, but Torin decided to let them do their thing and he’d stay with Clancy and Quinn to keep some part of the Etienne family alive.


Height Build
Large Muscular
Father Mother
Clancy Quinn



{Malek} - Not actually friends, but Rune has taken it upon himself to annoy the shit out of him with his forced friendship whenever possible.

{Ryd} - Would actually consider her a friend in spite of their weird interactions. Calls her “Lil’ Fugly”, but she doesn’t seem to mind.


{Bianca} - has mixed feelings towards. He doesn’t really blame himself for her buck run-in, even though she clearly does. He’s opened up to her a little, but in the end wasn’t met with the reaction he hoped for and so has avidly worked to avoid her.

{Nyx} -

Thinks she has a cold sexiness about her, finds her oddly tantalizing, and is randomly protective over her. He doesn’t understand that he has a crush on her.

Bitch is gone.

{Aluera}, {Andromeda}, {Aspen}, {Chai}, {Clementine} (doesn’t know her name), {Crimson}, {Elexzra}, {Finn}, {Flit}, {Marzena}, {Morrigan}, Shade Croft, {Radar}, {Willa}

Knowledge Of

{Hunter}, {Karevik}, {Marcus} (Marcy?), {Roman}, {Shaw}

Voice actor

Confident - Demi Lovato
For Your Entertainment - Adam Lambert

In a nutshell

Voice actor
Niall Horan’s beautiful irish accent
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet