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Saeberyn frá Norðri Rogue
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Female Healthy
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An absolute beast.

Fur a mixture of silver, dark grey, and white, her most notable marking is a wash of gunmetal grey on the top half of her head reaching down to her nose. Eyes are a fierce and blazing ice blue. Her stature is imposing and overwhelming, her musculature taut and healthy. She is a force to be reckoned with.

A brute and a bully, Sæberýn holds no qualms when it comes to asserting herself. She'll take guff from no one and will all too readily thrust herself into a fight. Holds her family above everyone else, and when her loyalty is earned, it is there for life. Practices a tough love policy; don't be surprised to find her picking on the ones she's fond of. The only thing bigger than her muscles is her ego. Very openly gay.

Born in Iseldur to mothers Vigdís and Constance, Sæberýn quickly learned that in order to stand out against her siblings, she had to beat them into the dirt first. Formed a powerful bond with her littermate Lárus. At two years old, Sæberýn and Lárus followed their uncle Tunglið north in search of knowledge and adventure. The following winter, Sæberýn became separated from Lárus after falling through a frozen river. She wandered further north to Regieren, where she met her extended family and eventually left with her aunt Róa.


Height Build
Very Large Muscular
Perca del Diablo [Iseldur]
Father Mother
{Gungnir} the Strong Constance (& Vigdís)

Lárus frá Norðri  - Brother

Other Relationships
Róa frá Norðri - Aunt
Spirit Symbol
None yet