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Samaya Sundown Rogue
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Female Dead
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Young adult
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Character Information


Samaya believes she is the pinnacle of beautiful. She's lithe and thin and the most beautiful shade of cream. Samaya isn't so tall that she towers over many boys, but she likes it that way. A thin, nicely shaped body stands atop four equally nice legs. Samaya's creamy fur is thick and absolutely silky soft. She spends a great deal of time grooming and keeping herself impeccably clean. Samaya's face is angular and feminine - beautiful blue eyes topping everything off with a brightness only suited for the most beautiful.


To say that Samaya is used to getting things her way is an understatement. Spoiled by her parents as a young pup, it left Samaya absolutely dependent on things always going her way. When it looks like things might not go her way, Samaya has learned to manipulate the situation to get what she wants. She's become very good at the art of crying on cue and has learned taking other's off guard usually get's her what she wants.

It's only failed her one time - and she seeks to finally, finally, get her way with the one thing that managed to slip through her paws.


Born along side a still born sister, Samaya's parents vowed from day one that Samaya would never want for anything. Samaya always got her way growing up - her parent's absolutely helpless against the young pups wishes. This left Samaya spoiled and, unfortunately, ill prepared for relationships outside of the ones she had with her mother and father. Samaya grew up thinking no matter what, she could get what she wanted with a little persuasion. And baring that, tears always worked just as well.

It all sort of changed when she met Tyrell. The moment Samaya laid eyes on him - she knew they were meant to be. Tyrell, however, hadn't seen it that way, and before Samaya could show him what exactly he'd be missing out on, he left.

Outraged, Samaya followed him from their home and now she searches for him, vowing that she will make him see.

She will make him hers.


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