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Saski Isskera Rogue
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Female Healthy
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(4 yrs, 0 mos.)
2765 SP

Character Information

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« Appearance « The soft, natural colors of a brooding black and an almond brown highlight the very appearance of Saski. Her fur, while thick and heavy, carries the beautiful colors of a windy fall day. Black and brown seemed to be the core colors that make up such a beautiful wolf, but mixed in with these two pigments is a vibrant russet that seems to radiate like the sun. While her coloration of her fur is unique in her own way, Saski’s eyes are a sight that can’t be missed. Swimming around the deep, black pupil of Saski’s vision, a vibrant color of emerald green swirls endlessly in her irises. It seems to be that the one thing Saski truly loves about herself. Partly because she believes her eyes are a unique trait that sets her apart from the rest.

While mentally the female struggles with the idea of feeling small, Saski is neither tiny nor big. Her build, in fact, could be categorized as medium and even average sized for her breed. Though while her size doesn’t set her apart from a group, how she carries herself does. She is often seen in a back of the crowd or off to the side where she can’t be bothered. Her posture is neither confident nor insecure, but instead a mixture of both. She stands tall, but it’s quite clear to any other observer the vulnerability she feels which is showcased across her features unconsciously. Her eyes almost never meet the gaze of others and she often is seen looking towards the sky or at the ground. Though besides how she carries herself, Saski’s body type is made for the ability to be agile and lithe. Although she doesn’t excel in the area of strength and power, with her nimble body speed has become one of her few superior qualities. Speed, while not a true necessity in the eyes of Saski, is a characteristic that she has been gifted and takes pride in.

« Personality « Her voice is soft and kind and known to be sweet and gentle. However, the young wolf barely makes any noise. Saski is contemplative and quiet. She is rarely ever seen speaking out of term and she tries to never impose on anyone. She keeps to herself, straying away from the common conversation and encounters. While this may seem like a setback or a harmful way to live, Saski enjoys the silence and the reflection she receives from her speechless nature. Though what she lacks in speech, she makes up for with her eyes. Keen observation skills and meticulous calculations gift the mind of Saski. She is watchful and attentive, and even when she seems to be lost; she’s there.

Unfortunately for the young female, after growing up in such a family with low morals and ethics, Saski’s mind is much darker than even she can say. With each passing day, Saski falls deeper into the cruel state of psychosis. While she may not know exactly what is happening to her, she is aware of the difficulty she has when trying to differentiate between the waking world and her dreams. Barely knowing the rights and wrongs of life, Saski practically lives her life in fear in which causes her to continue her silent life. With the lessons of her past, the young girl has convinced herself that it’s always better to not speak rather than to be wrong.

Nearly isolated from birth, Saski’s social skills are less than sub-par. With her timid and withdrawn sense of disposition, Saski finds it difficult to sustain long lasting friendships. Brought up with an idea of a fleeting trust system, the young female finds the very idea of friendship to be useless and pointless. She had learned from an early age that the only friend one can have were themselves, and anyone else was simply only there for their own benefit.

« History « Her history will be updated periodically, revealing more and more information by the extent of her threads!

Saski had come from a home, a family, where she only hopes that one day she could fully forget every single thing that had happened there. It was filled with abuse, detrimental conversations and to her, a terrible environment to be in. Her family was neither loving nor accepting and only saw her as a problem. She was the youngest of four children—who she had never even met. She was kept separate from the rest and was forced to live in unfit living standards. Her parents, were anything but caring to the poor child. As she grew older and the voices seemed to ring in her mind, her parents seemed to hate her more and more; not even realizing that they were the reason to her mental problems. Terrible things had happened to the poor girl growing up and neither her parents or anyone in her family had treated her with an ounce of respect. She was used, abused mentally and physically and has been unfortunately scarred for life. In the present day, she has run away from home; knowing fully well that they might come looking for her—due to their property being suddenly gone. She still battles the voices in her head that tell her what to do and she is now suffering from a few PTSD flashbacks of the things that were done to her in her past. But even still, she is hoping to find a place in this world—a home where she’ll finally feel like she is accepted. She is currently having nightmares of the wolves from her past dragging her back home, punishing her in awful, hurtful ways. But none of the ways she has spoken about yet. She has a great fear for practically everyone, male or female, though the deepest hurt that she deals with are the memories she has of the most prominent male figure in her life. This has only caused her to grow wary of every male that she encounters. Though with Sunfall's help, she growing better each and every day; always hoping that he will be the light to guide her from the darkness.

More information to come soon.


Height Build
Small Average
Father Mother
Dead to her Who cares?

Has no clue who they are

{Sunfall} ♥︎ Her one and only ✞ Rest Easy
HY4, Early Winter

Born Oct. 12th Early Spring HY4
➣{Reece}➣ While I wish I could remember you as you remember me…I hope you don’t hate me

➣{Bucky}➣ You helped me a lot and you didn’t judge me and for that I thank you. One day I will repay you for all that you’ve done for me.

➣{Sunfall}➣ I love you. Forever and always.

➣{Laura}➣ I miss you. One day I hope to see you again.

➣{Tidus}➣ You made Sunfall a better wolf and for that I’m grateful. You were an angel and we will forever miss you. R.I.P ✞

➣{Yuna}➣ You are sweet and friendly and I hope to see you again one day.
➣{Beauregard}➣ Fuck you. Fuck you so much. ✞

➣{Valentina}➣ Go to hell. ✞

➣{Seeker}➣ You are associated with the devil and for that, I will never treat you any less than the vermin you are

➣{Holly}➣ You have ruined my life from the minute I stepped foot in this valley and I hope to never see you again.
Mixed Feelings
➣{Klass}➣ I don’t know who you are anymore, you are a wolf dressed in sheep clothing. ✞
➣{Catrine}➣ You are hiding something. You have alternative motives and I know it. I see right through you.
{Marcellus}➣ I don’t hate you, but I rather we not see each other again.
Personality Type
Other Relationships
➣{Malkeen}➣ ✞ What ever happened to you?
➣{Tahti}➣ Silent, but sweet
➣{Adrian}➣ ✞ He didn't like me.
➣{Shark}➣ Cute, but scary
➣{Igbo}➣ Slightly frightened by you
➣{Nanook}➣ Sweet, gentle, I feel comfortable talking with him
➣{Cade}➣ Cute kid, I wish I got to know you better
➣{Carrick}➣ Cute kid, I wish I got to know you better
➣{Rassler}➣ You seemed to look down on me..
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