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Name Pack
Savannah Raight
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 5 mos.)
1465 SP

Character Information

Species Fur Height Weight Length
Canis Lupus Lycaon - Timber wolf Poofy af, soft 22 in89 lbs4.5 ft
Traits Sweet | Cuddly | Stubborn | Rude | Impulsive | Adventurous


The littlest of the pups. The most adventurous. She is Savvy, she is going to do everything she can to be the best. The best at everything. Even though she can be the worst, and not think.

Stubborn, feisty. Determined to grow up. She wants to see the ocean, and the mountains, see everything the valley has to offer.

She wants to make her parents proud, she doesn't want to hurt them. But she wants to be free.

The weakest of stomachs. Please don't barf in her general direction. Herbs are disgusting, sick wolves make her hurt. She hates to see others ill, but cuddles heal all.

Never having kids, cause she'd look way too fat. But she wants lots of friends, and family, and maybe one day she'll find someone to love. Cause love is just lots of cuddles, isn't it?

And like everything else, Savvy is the best at cuddles.

Much smaller than her siblings, Savannah will grow to surpass her mother’s height by only a few inches. She's a tiny thing, but don't let her size fool you! She has her father’s large, expressive brown eyes, though her coloring is much closer to Mari’s. Savvy is stockily built, and given her height, she has a hint of a swagger to her gait.

Born in the Evergreen Wolves pack, Savannah was the tiniest of her three siblings, {Conner} and {Lee}. Her father, {Rufus}, was the Guardian, her mother, {Mari}, Kin.

Enthusiastic and sweet as a pup, Savannah always was a bit more adventurous than her sister or brother. Soon she started wandering, and met a wolf named {Kamaal}. Friends with her father, she was quick to idolize the mysterious female, who seemed to travel everywhere! Hearing tales of the beach, Savannah begged to be allowed to go and visit. Her family wished to wait, but then tragedy struck.

Mari was injured in a hunting accident, and couldn't leave the caves. This is around the time Savannah realized she had a weak stomach around sick wolves.

Unable to go now till spring, Savvy started growing more frustrated. She ran into the hills, meeting {Eden}, who was rude and taught her swear words and said she ought to just go where she wanted. When she started to go home, her father warned her not to trust Eden, for she was a bad wolf. Savannah didn't believe she was bad, and that they ought to try and help her cause she was probably just lonely.

Growing more frustrated, she met a wolf named {Albus}, who she convinced to follow her to the beach. They left without telling anyone, but Rufus soon caught up and told them to be careful, and visit the Tribe.

At first Savvy was thrilled by the beach - she soon started to find the wolves around her somewhat off, however. She watched {Apollo} and {Bragi} do the mating thing, wandered, and then finally met up with {Leif} during the cyclone.

Leif had been her friend since a pup, and she helped the water-phobic pup get back home. Along the way, she bonded with him more as friend. She told him about the mating thing on the beach, and when he asked for more details so he wouldn't accidentally do the 'special pounce' on someone, they did a trial and error mounting.

At home, Savannah reunited with her family, but almost immediately announced she needed to go back to the beach to find Albus - who she'd lost in the cyclone. This prompted more fighting, her parents telling her to stay home while other wolves looked for him.

Upset that the pack wasn't doing a good job, and hadn't even looked for Leif, she was going to leave anyway. But this prompted Leif to become jealous, and the friends ended up fighting. Savvy caved, and promised to stay with him.

When Albus returned, he made sure she was safe, and then tried to leave. Unwilling to let him go, Savannah tried to get him to stay, but Albus hurt her feelings by saying he didn't care if he died alone.

Currently, she'd gotten more angry and reclusive, stuck once again at home.

Best Traits Sweet | Caring | Energetic | Strong-willed
Worst Traits Selfish in some ways | Impulsive | Bitter | Rude
Fears That she's actually a horrible wolf


Height Build
Small Stocky
Evergreen Forest
Father Mother
{Rufus} {Mari}


Thank you, Jade!

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