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Name Pack
Scabbia Rogue
Sex Status
Female Ill
Age Skill Points
(8 yrs, 11 mos.)
1295 SP

Character Information


"Scabbia" was the name her love gave her, a little pet name for the scab-like pink birthmark on her nose, and he said it so lovingly. It had been his name for her for so long that she abandoned her birth name and answered only to this.

"Scabbia" was the last thing he said to her as she strangled his throat. He was trying to kill her for her third failed litter, leaving violent marks against her hide. He had said it with hate. If only he could have known how it hurt her now, to fight back against him, to leave him bloodied with strength he didn't know she'd had, to end his life.


Height Build
Small Lean
Father Mother
Demanding, hungry, loving child.

Lively, crooning, adoring child.

The son that could have been hers.

Other Relationships
Inescapable possessor, you have won.

A mute to be fond of, even if his motives were selfish.

If only his mind was not so set on ruling and claiming.
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet