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Name Pack
Scotch McGibbon Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 3 mos.)
1490 SP

Character Information

Appearance: Average in height, like most of the McGibbons, Scotch boasts the heavy build of someone who likes to eat. He's mostly chub, but there's a certain amount of muscle behind it that makes him a contender in a fight. He'd be happy to sit on you till you surrendered, if all else fails. His coat holds the lighter grey tones of the McTavish clan, but the yellow eyes of a McGibbon. Scotch's Muzzle has visible scars, two diagonally which lead to the tear on his left side lip. his left ear is a third of the way torn off.

Personality Traits:

Master of laziness: Being allowed to do nothing but eat and sleep is the best way for him to live. If he could, he'd stay in one spot forever and be completely happy. That's the life he wants.
Untalented Charmer: In the presence of females he'll attempt to be more cool like while exposing them to his horrible flirting.
Loyal: Scotch will act for the wolves that earn his trust but only if it benefits his lazy life.
For order: The key to an easy life was order. Everyone has a purpose and needs to be where they belong.
Not good with emotions Scotch would rather keep quiet about emotional stuff. He may consider it all a waste of energy to talk about it so instead he preferred to talk about what comes next.
Actions over words: No matter what one says, it's their action and reputation that counted. Words mean nothing without some kind of support behind it.
Right minded: Scotch has a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong.
Only an independent loner: Trust issue has caused him to distrust everyone. He would rather make deals than to make friends by goodwill and even then prefers to be alone than to risk more betrayal. Caves vs Scotch: Scotch does not like caves, he doesn't like the hard ground and walls. He also believes that caves curses him with problems. He'll avoid them if he can. Dislike larger wolves: Wolves larger than him seem to cause only problems. Scotch would rather avoid them.

History: Very much the most morally-rounded McGibbon, Scotch opted to a quiet life of hunting and staying close to their parents while his two adventurous siblings went off for a life of thievery. He is the youngest sibling, and would have been happy staying behind, only, an illness happened to take both his parents, and they passed away a few months after Brandy and Whiskey left. Feeling obliged to go tell his littermates they were now orphans, Scotch attempted to track their long, winding path through British Columbia. Along the way, he heard from another wolf who'd met Whiskey that his sister had been killed- and Whiskey was taking the blame. Utterly distraught, and furious at his older brother for not protecting Brandy, he's now attempting to track the male down.. And make him explain for his actions.


Height Build
Average Stocky
British Columbia
Father Mother
Brew McGibbon Malt McTavish

{Whiskey} McGibbon: Last other family member, suspicious of his activities

Brandy McGibbon (Rip)

Other Relationships
{Rocco} (Ex mate)
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet