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Name Pack
Scott Peregrine Blaine-White Twilight Vanguard II. Sentry
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 4 mos.)
2175 SP

Character Information

Wolfborn - BrunuhVille
Starburst Dreams - DanoSongs

Voiced by Brenton Thwaites

Gentle, calm, patient, protective, loyal, reliable, honest, hero-worships his father, values family and traditions, depressed, lonely, uncertain, reserved.
Scott was born at Harlequin Meadow to {Tobias Blaine} and {Finch White} during mid spring HY3, as the oldest of the litter. His siblings were {Tempest Isla White} and {Gale Murdock White}. He was part of the Idavoll Circle, and lived a good few normal months there. However, there were tensions in the pack, and the leader, {Kara}, was cast out. {Bravo}, who Scott considered an uncle, too over the pack. Soon enough members started leaving, even Scott's own mother, and his brother, Gale.

In the end things went very south, and the pack fell apart. Scott wanted to keep his family together, but Tempest decided to go with Bravo, leaving Scott and his father, behind on their own. Scott felt hurt, and he still believes his mother didn't want them, that his brother didn't like them, and that Tempest hated Scott or their father for something they did or said... but what, he has no idea.

Defeated, Scott ran away from home, after running into {Randy} who claimed the meadow by force, and after a fight with his father. He reunited with {Wrenegade}, a former member of the pack, and he promised to go to the coast with her. However, his father found him again, and he wanted to go back to his birth place. He wanted to bring Scott along, who asked Wrenegade is she wanted to go, as well. The three set out to Tobias' birth pack, to stay there.
It was peaceful there for a long time, and Scott learned to forget about his former family, and to get over them. But he would never truly forget them. He got to know his family, and learned his father's language, basically leaving the English language behind. Life was good there, and everything seemed to go fine. however, not long after they returned home, his father passed away.

Scott was utterly upset, and didn't want to believe it. He never fully grieved is father, and refused to remain in the place where the old man passed away. Mainly because he did not feel a bond with his other family. He returned to Horizon, not wanting to live where his father died, but also because he believed there were still ties in the valley. He believed there still has to be something out there. And that’s where he met {Maaike} and {Lemming}. Scott hoped to become their friends, but things got a bit jumbled. Lemming was not seen again and Maaike wanted to leave the valley. Uncertain of what to do with himself, Scott left with her. But leaving felt wrong, and a month later he returned to the valley only to wander again.
Summer coat

Winter coat


Height Build
Average Average
Harlequin Meadow
Father Mother
{Tobias Blaine} † {Finch White}

{Tempest Isla White} ♀ (missing)
{Gale Murdock White} ♂ (missing)

Other family
Blair Blaine - uncle
Malmuira Blaine - aunt
Leana Kenzy - grandmother
Aleck Blaine - grandfather
Nessia Kenzy - great-grandmother
Aapo Kenzy † - great-grandfather
Sileas Campbell - great-grandmother
Tory Blaine - great-grandfather
Frost White - uncle (unknown)
Equinox White - aunt (unknown)
Cardinal White - uncle (unknown)
Oriole White - uncle (unknown)
Tulip White - aunt (unknown)
Zephyr White - aunt (unknown)
Eagle White - uncle (unknown)
Daisy White - aunt (unknown)
Owl White - grandfather (unknown)
Solstice - grandmother (unknown)

Other Relationships
{Tobias} † - His father, his role model, his everything. He misses him dearly.
{Finch} - His mother, now merely a memory. He barely remembers her, and thus doesn't really miss her, but he hopes she's out there alive and well.
{Tempest} - His sister who he misses, but who he feels hates him for something.
{Gale} - His brother who he misses, but who he gave up on.
{Bravo} - Like an uncle to him.Took his sister away from Scott, so he feels mixed emotions.
{Wrenegade} - A good friend, too bad he had to leave her behind... She wanted to stay, he did not.
{Kara} - She made an impression on him... He feels a bit shy around her.
{Bali} - He was nice.
{Altair} - Didn't seem to like him very much... What did he do wrong?
{Bucky} - He seemed nice. a friend of hi mother. Would like to meet again.
{Ink} - Was nice, has a family. Would like to meet again.
{Randy} - A dick that barged into his home and claimed it out of nowhere. The sole reason he avoids the meadow.
{Theodore} - A nice polite guy like him, would like to meet again. Could become a friend?
Visited areas
Harlequin Meadow
Cloudmirror Lake
Rolling Prairies
Starlight Peaks
Grand Rapids
Crystal Shore
Moonrise Bay
Firefly Woods
Emerald Labyrinth
Spirit Symbol