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Name Pack
Sebastian Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(1 yrs, 6 mos.)
275 SP

Character Information

Appearance: The black sheep of the family quite literally. Far from pitch black though, Bastian’s coat as a puppy is peppered with a colour almost creamy; perhaps his father’s influence. As he ages though this will fade to a more chocolatey hue. He’ll eventually grow to be the tallest of the litter, but his growth is a lot slower than his siblings. He also takes after his mother more in build, or perhaps just that’s his heart defect affecting his growth. He never seems to put on any bulk, maintaining an average build that tends more to skinniness when he’s feeling unwell.
(colored by Mads, template by Stafree<3 )

Personality: Bastian is a well-meaning sweetheart who idolizes big brother Finn, and wants to help protect and look after their sister and the whole family. In his own mind, he’s a fearless and valiant warrior, unstoppable and a force to be reckoned with. The reality is, Bastian is often held back due to his heart condition, which leaves him weaker, slower to grow, and much more restricted in activity than his more active older siblings. This has resulted in him developing rather low self esteem. Still, Bastian is determined to prove that one day he is just as strong and brave and resilient as they are, and that he won’t always be in their shadow. One day, he’ll be the hero of his own story.

So far...
-Sebastian has learned that is not as healthy as his older siblings, though he doesn't quite understand what is wrong with him
-He has pain in his chest most days and likes to sleep a lot
-Very sympathetic towards other animals, even if they aren't wolves
-Met Yuna, his aunt, and his cousins -Father was murdered (Sebastian is still trying to figure out by who)
-Has no idea where Dawnfrost left after she ran from him
-Met Kronos, Icarus and Ross. (Thought about joining the TV, still unsure)
-Met Anerik, a wolf who tried to murder him
-Started having more heart episodes that has caused him to pass tf out (scary!)
-Came to Hillside Sanctuary and met Isidore (who he really likes to be around)
-Came across Fig's dying body and helped find herbs
-Came across Kodiak's bloodied body
-Currently trying to figure out who is hurting all these wolves

------ ART!
Isidore x Sebastian by Mads<3 By Jeames


Height Build
Large Average
Riverside Hollow
Father Mother
Sunfall ✝ Saski

{Finn} and {Dawnfrost}

Probably not
words words
Medical Knowledge
• Dandelion (heart)
✦ Garlic (heart)
✦ Hawthorn berries (heart)
✦ Yarrow (Infection)
✦ Iris (Infection)
✦ Boneset (Infection)
Other Relationships
{Yuna} - Aunt
{Tidus} ✝ - Uncle
{Mahalo}, {Arashi} & {Kalea} - Cousins
Wolves I've Met
Spirit Symbol