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Name Pack
Selra O'Mierr Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 5 mos.)
1020 SP

Character Information

Selra is actually slowly being affected by Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome, or a brain-deteriorating issue that acts like Alzheimer's but just, well, a canine version of it! Right now she's beginning to repeat herself and forgetting more and more.

Any text with blur or just barely visible are forgotten or in the process of being forgotten respectively.

Simple. That's all there is to it.

A wolf that, at first glance, is completely black with green eyes. Upon further investigation, bits of light brown stain the wolf's knees, ribs, and elbows. True to a Mackenzie Valley Wolf, she is a pretty large, although not towering as some of Horizon's denizens can be. Standing at 28 inches in height and 5.6 inches in length, she weighs 93 pounds.

Voiced by Elizabeth Donnelly from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Cut to the chase, will you?

|| Determined | Devoting | Excitable | Sympathetic | Prideful | Sarcastic | Impatient | Irritable | Forgetful ||

Upon mingling with wolves, Selra usually jumps straight to the point as she deems beating around the bush unnecessary and quite irritating. If that doesn't strike her as unpleasant, her temper can make conversations easily turn into an aggressive yelling match or a quick scuffle. However, the younger a wolf is compared to her, the friendlier she is towards them. In her eyes, puppies are a precious gift that must be sheltered- a role that she'll eagerly fulfill with complete devotion. When it comes to finding a partner, Selra is disinterested in finding a long-term mate as in her odd, pack-orientated mind she sees the reason for herself to procreate is to only increase the numbers, not for her own desires. Though her mind can change! Interesting enough, Selra actually has a thing for red-furred wolves. The redder, thickset, and outspoken one is, the more enamored she can be with him.

Her pride can often turn training into a brawl as she always wants to end up as the victor. Any loss sets her off in a fit of rage before ending the tantrum with her sulking. That's definitely something she never dropped from her childhood.

She simply does not care to learn what has been told to her, especially if it's from someone she deemed unimportant or a waste of her time. A lot of names for wolves or things has been made up by her own, such as "Blank" for Atura, simply to avoid putting the effort into actually remembering the proper terms. This careless behavior, and how she's willing to take a wolf's word for granted, has given the impression Selra isn't bright. Which isn't far from the truth, she does have actual memory issues.

Memories of the Past

Originally named Sierra O'Mierr by her father, she kept the name as a respectable nod to him whilst simultaneously taking on the name Selra as a new identity of sorts. For all of her life, she has only known her father, Mirsad. She cannot remember what her mother looked like and with Selra being pretty much a carbon copy of Mirsad did not help, though if one asked about her opinion on her mother, she will simply make a short, quipped comment along the lines of not caring that she did not get to know about her mother.

With her childhood home located in an mountainous range, the wolf took on a personal journey westward as requested by her father. The reason was caused by an increased rate of pack members disappearing mysteriously as years passed. Those who vanished had been presumed dead, and so her father sent her and her sister off in differing directions west to preserve the last of his family. However, because of many months of traveling solo, she had become self-reliant and detached at one point. Often times the drive to have a purpose in a pack and remembering her father's words has what kept this wolf on her feet.

The years keep churning

HY5: Just arriving at the Skyrise Pass during Full Winter, it didn't take long before a wolf that just looked like her bounded up to her. At first, Selra was particularly pleased to find a new face and her impression of Jacqueline improved when she was offered a chance to join Jacqueline's ever-gradually brewing pack. She's stumbled upon wolves such as Amelia, Igbo, and Atura during her first few months in the valley, though her views on Atura is sour because of his silent nature.

It seems Jacqueline had entrusted her the task of recruiting, so Selra will be yelling at the top of her lungs until the return of Jac. So far her knowledge of the mountains is that there are two packs now: The "Bellcaw" wolves and the "Sulfur Convenients." And thanks to a wolf she never asked the name of, she now knows there are more packs that lay beyond her current residence. The unfortunate part is that Selra can't remember any of the names, or where these packs are exactly.

To broaden her horizon, Selra stepped into the Strongwind Range where she met Ezekial. Her attempts to recruit ended in failure. So off she went into Thunder Creek. There, she fell through ice, but luckily {Bianca} had swooped in to rescue her. Again, another failed recruitment attempt, but a lot of respect and admiration was given to this wolf. She'll never forget this act of kindness.

Due to no success and her distaste for the Range, Selra ran back to the comfort of the Skyrise Pass. It was in those mountains that she mistook a wolf for Jacqueline. It turns out this dark-furred wolf was {Lillian}. Admist their quarrel, an onlooker watches from above, and two more wolves join the scene.

Being alone nearly all winter has made her lonely. She even misses Atura, of all wolves!

When venturing out past Skyrise Pass again, Selra stumbled upon to new wolves who were arguing. One of them seemed to be delirious and ridden with sickness, but the major important thing she learned was that the mother of newborn puppies was dying. This spurred the search of Jacqueline. Luckily, following the stream lead her to find the very woman she seeked out. Giving a shitty rundown of what's happening, Selra lead Jacqueline to the base of the mountain.

It was there she found the father laying on the ground. Automatically deeming him dead despite not actually checking for any signs of life, Selra continues on with Jac in tow to the pack where the newborns lie. Upon stepping onto Sulfur Convenient's territory, she calls out to the pack. The first to meet them were wolves that she named Pissbaby and Gibberish Girl. Selra's temper flares when Jacqueline demands that Selra lead the older children of the dying mother to the presumed body of the father, but in the end she is forced to lead the pack's leader, {Relic}, to the body. Let's just say she was extremely pissed and frustrated.

HY6: --

Now ain't these a beauty?


Height Build
Large Stocky
Father Mother
Mirsad O'Mierr [Unknown Status] Jera O'Mierr ✝

{Wenda} O’Mierr [Unknown Status]

Wolves I’ve Met
{Jacqueline}, {Bianca}, {Bunny}, Parsel, {Irving}
Alright / Neutral
{Igbo}, {Amelia}
That odd in-between “you’re cool, let’s hang out” and “could you go the fuck away
{Atura}, or Blank, interchangeable.
Could Care Less For
Ezekial, {Lillian}, Pissbaby, Gibberish Girl, {Stephan}, {Relic}, {Ash}
Current Knowledge of Packs [Names Revised by Selra herself]
Bellcaw Wolves: {Igbo} being one, amount unknown. Forgotten.
Kingdom: {Amelia} spoke of it, and {Ash} did too, but Selra wasn’t paying attention to him. Forgotten.
Sulfur Convenient: A pack of “dozen” wolves with {Ash} included. A bunch of pissbabies are in it.
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet