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Name Pack
Senna Selwyn Hillside Sanctuary III. Seeker
Gender Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(1 yrs, 1 mos.)
1510 SP

Character Information

While she may not possess what passes for typical beauty, Senna’s appearance could certainly be described as “striking.” She’s most often seen with a smile on her face, a wag in her tail, and eagerness in her apple-green eyes. Senna is of average size for a female, but with slightly shorter limbs may be typical, giving her a sturdy appearance. Senna clearly received more of her father’s distant arctic genetics than her siblings, pale in appearance but powerful in constitution. A natural-born hunter, Senna’s bodily strength and energetic nature are a dynamic combination for short bursts of speed and forceful takedowns.

Coat: Thick and soft, mostly creamy-white in color. Her darker undercoat is most visible on her spine and especially her lower back, which sports a saddle-like marking. The tip of her tail is dipped in ebony as well.

Elegant, poised, delicate… these are some of the things that Senna is not. Seemingly born with two left paws, Senna stumbles through life (literally and figuratively) with all the finesse of a stampeding bull moose. However, what she lacks in grace she makes up for in enthusiasm.

The spark of youth is alive and burning within this spunky and determined girl. She follows her heart where it takes her, often choosing a course of action without considering all of the consequences. It’s not that she’s unintelligent; she simply lacks the patience and self-restraint necessary to really think things through. Low in patience but high in determination, Senna is prone to frustration with difficult tasks but out of stubbornness, will refuse to give up.

Senna isn’t picky with her friendships, generally considering wolves to be trustworthy unless proven otherwise. She tends toward over-familiarity when interacting with others, seeing strangers as friends that she just hasn’t met yet. Although she’s (finally) learned to hold her tongue--for the most part-- in formal situations, when with friends she can be counted on to speak her mind.

History, Before Horizon
Senna was born into a pack smack in the middle of the Canadian Rockies. Her birthpack, Eiriol Pass, scraped out a meager existence in the snowy foothills, barely getting by from season to season. The territory could only support a handful of wolves, so yearlings were encouraged to disperse when (if) they reached the spring of their first birthday. A yearling was also welcome to stay, but if they chose to remain in Eiriol Pass they were expected to be a lifelong, devoted member. It’s a big choice for such a young wolf.

Senna thought she would have more time to decide-- dispersal didn’t usually take place until spring, when the pups like her would be declared yearlings. However, that winter had so far been harsher than any in memorable history, and Eiriol Pass would be unable to support its numbers throughout the rest of the cold season with the dwindling supplies. So the leaders declared an early dispersal, and Senna found herself between a rock and a hard place. On one paw, she would have to leave the comfort of home in the dead of a miserable winter, but on the other paw… she would lose her chance to leave forever.

To a restless, adventure-hungry almost-yearling, there was only one path to choose. The dispersal was a heavier affair than usual, as the adult wolves were very much aware of the bleak conditions into which they were sending their youth. Out loud, Senna maintained that she was heartbroken, but that she had to do what was best for the pack… and that was true... but inwardly, she yearned for the freedom and discovery of the open road.

Senna set out with the other yearlings, but one by one they fell away as the charm of the vagabond lifestyle faded. She couldn’t explain it, but the girl had the unrelenting desire to push forward, to keep seeing and experiencing and discovering, where the others were unable to see past their hollow stomachs and frozen paws. Eventually she found herself alone, wandering solo until her journey brought her into the Horizon Valley.

History, In Horizon
--I keep Senna's threadlog ordered and the thread summaries up to date, so that's the best place to look if you're interested in what Senna has been up to since arriving in Horizon Valley!


Height Build
Average Average
Eiriol Pass
Father Mother
Leofric Cassia


Other Relationships
Liked/ Respected:
{Theodore}: Kind, composed, refined, and funny! Told Senna she was stunning.
{Seeker}: A nice, unnamed stranger.
{Valerian}: "Volly," hilarious and very fun.
{Sienna}: Fiery at times, but definitely better to have with you than against you.
{Adonai}: Gives good advice.
{Nanook}: Kind and trustworthy teacher; guardian. Home.
{Eden}: Elliot's mate (or his victim?), future queen of The Kingdom (or prisoner?), seasoned mercenary.
{Maia}: Quirky, but super nice and friendly
{Clint}: Nice, gave her food, treated her like a person.

Neutral /Undecided
{Dalus}: Tough to get to know, since he always runs away from conversation.
{Belarus}: Nice. Seemed way more into talking to Maia than Senna, though.
{Wayfarer}: Nice. Mate of Nima, the Queen, Elliot's mother. HATES Elliot.
{Elliot}: Was kind to her, but he's also a liar. People say he's dangerous.

{Misaki}: Goes from hot to cold in an instant; seems wrong in the head, somehow.
{Stark}: Mean, made her cry on purpose.
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet