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Name Pack
Serafina Nevero Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 4 mos.)
305 SP

Character Information

xLawful EvilSeh-Rah-Fin-Ah Neh-Ver-Oh
Serafina has come to the valley in plans of spreading word of her god, and perhaps expanding her pack. She's on the search for strong, capable wolves.
Coat Colour:BlackEye Colour:Green
5.0 ft. // 83 lbs. // 25 ins.

Not spectacular by any means, but not ugly either, Serafina is a pure black wolf, square-ish in build with some visible muscle on her without being hefty. A capable-looking wolf.

She's a pretty standard wolf, all things considered. Not too tall or too short- not too thin or too heavy, not too long or too narrow. She has a thick, plush coat, meant for the cold, good at hiding scars and injuries.

The most remarkable thing about Serafina are her eyes, a bright, twinkling green against the darkness of her face.



With a keen eye and even keener mind, Serafina could probably be a great wolf if she put her abilities to good use. For the most part, though, she focuses on finding others' weak spots, their wants and desires- and how to use them to her advantage. She has no morals; she doesn't care if she hurts someone in order to achieve her goals, and the fastest way to do that is convince them they are their goals, too.


In her eyes, Serafina is above all. Her wants, her ambitions, her wellbeing- everyone else pales in comparison to them, even family. She'll gladly use others as stepping stones for her goals, regardless of her personal relationship to them. After all, her duty to her god and bloodline is much more important than anyone else. She can't endanger it.


Serafina has trouble relating to the hardships of others, their problems, their happiness- anything, really. She sees things, when they concern others, as purely a factual thing- to be judged on the basis of beneficial or not. She's quick to criticize, internal monologue always ongoing behind her eyes. Partially, those are the reasons she has such trouble connecting to others.


She doesn't care. She'll lie, if it seems to her that's best, if she wants to keep others in the dark; she has no loyalty to anyone, no connections, no remorse. Herself, and only herself. She may stick around others for entertainment, may develop something similar to friendship, but no real feelings will be behind them.


Please note: Serafina's story contains implications of eugenics. If that sort of thing is sensitive for you, please proceed with caution!

Serafina was a slightly overdue surprise in a litter of four pups, born a couple of hours later than her brothers. They graced the earth late one cold night, surrounded by mist and melting snow, little dark bundles against their mother's brown side. Their parents weren't mates - wolves in their natal pack rarely were - but they were devoted nonetheless, perhaps more than most would be.

From a young age they were raised to be active and observant, taught about the world and god. They were a very spiritual family in a very spiritual pack - they didn't stand out much. They were strong pups, capable, and while only one of Serafina's brothers matched their mother in beauty they all looked well enough to warrant a place in the pack's breeding ranks. Even before they were yearlings, they devoted themselves to their god, determined to be ideal subjects and spread his word. When mating season came around, Serafina did not enter heat, but two of her brothers sired a litter each, their mates for the season swelling with their pups, and Serafina was proud. Her blood would serve the god, give him strong and beautiful followers. That was what she wanted. So, nearly a year later, when the leader sough out young wolves to leave the pack and find new followers in different lands, Serafina was the first to volunteer. She departed from the pack soon after, off where her feet would take her.

She arrived in Horizon in late spring, year four.

religious information

Serafina and the wolves of her natal pack believe in the god wolf Delevero, vengeful overwatcher of everything. They believe that one day he'll come down from the sky, to destroy the unfaithful, and that he sent them to earth as his perfect followers, to continue his legacy once all 'filthy' wolves are gone.

Therefore, as they are perfect, they pride themselves in creating strong, capable and pretty wolves. They practice selective breeding, to create ideal pups and make their bloodline great. Leaders pick and choose who mates with who, regardless of mateship status- and official mateships are unusual.

They divide themselves into two: the Followers and the Faithful. The Followers are the only ones allowed to reproduce, while the Faithful, imperfect and not good stock for the god, help around the pack. Few exceptions may apply if a Faithful proves themselves worthy enough, but they are strict about their place in the eyes of the god.


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Father Mother
Nefreh Sovra

{Machello} - Brother - Alive

Otavio - Brother - Alive

Valente - Brother - Alive

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