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Name Pack
Shade Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 0 mos.)
1880 SP

Character Information


Chibi Woof Shade by Jeames

Size: 5'2" Long; 2'8" Shoulder height | Weight: 106lbs

Shade is a wolf of average size, with a few exceptions. Shade's paws are larger than usual, and his eyes are a slightly brighter green than expected. He's built thick with heavy fur to match. His soft coat is dark grey and his paws have black pads. Under his belly, near his chest, is a very small white tuft of fur. Shade's tail is bushy, fluffier than most, but it is typical in length. His nose is solid black and his tongue has black splotches on it. Shade's ears stand at approximately four and a half inches tall and are filled with dark grey hair.

Shamad by Jeames


Keep in mind, Shade has Bipolar Disorder. Described below is how one will often find him behaving, though it is not constant. Shade is loving, kind, and gentle. He finds happiness in friending everyone. He is very protective of his immediate family. He loves them dearly and would die for them in the most terrible way if he had to. Although he is very kind, Shade does have a small temper problem and will snap under the proper circumstance. When he does this, he will not hold back. He becomes bitter and aggressive. Shade speaks with a deep voice. (His voice is similar to Balto's in the first movie.)

History: Overview

Shade was born to a black timber wolf father and an Arctic wolf mother, along with a sister named Tara. He never met his dad, as he left after impregnating his mother. He promised her he would return, but he either left for good, or never had a chance to come back. Shade's sister, Tara, resembled her mother. She was white, small, and retained the narrow features of an Arctic wolf. Shade, however, looked almost identical to his father. Thicker, bigger, and entirely black. Shade was named Shaide after his father, but since Shade's mother could not stand his father, she insisted he be called Shade instead.

Shade's mother always hated him for looking so much like his father. She was never proud of him. She hated his father for leaving her alone with two pups who she struggled to feed after her pack kicked her out. As helpless as she was, they demanded that she leave over a small mistake. It was her instincts that caused her to snap at one of the alpha's young.

After Shade and Tara grew older, they found a new pack together with their mother. Living with the new pack was not all too bad—most of the members were nice. Shade loved his sister very dearly. After all, she was the only one to have ever loved him. A few months after they had joined this pack, Shade's life began to fall apart.

Tara had gone with some of the other members to scout out a new food source, as the herd they were following had thinned considerably. The day after she left, the skies turned dark grey. Snow-filled winds blew at horribly low temperatures. A blizzard unlike anything Shade could imagine had taken his sister from him. He was mortified.

Shade's mother became more bitter than she already had been and it seemed her hate for Shade was growing daily. Shade could not deal with it any longer. Without much thought, he left his pack in search of a new home and his sister, as he believes she is still alive somewhere.

History: Specific to his relationship with Tara

Being born fatherless and with a mother who hated both of her children, Shade instantly clung to his sister (and she did to him as well) for support. Being puppies, they couldn't communicate very well, so just having each other's presence was enough.

As they grew older, their relationship grew stronger. Their mother remained abusive. In fact, she only seemed to get worse as time passed. Shade had done what he could a few times to keep his sister safe when she would lash out, but being so young, he was very weak and could hardly protect either of them. For this, he was almost always injured in some way or another.

Sometime around a year old, Shade, Tara, and their mother found it necessary to join a pack. He considered leaving and taking Tara with him, but it was the middle of winter and doing so would have been dangerous. At this point, his mother had stopped the physical abuse to both of them, knowing Shade was large enough to reciprocate. However, she had replaced that with verbal abuse. Wrecking what sliver of confidence Shade had in himself. This abuse would remain a part of him, forever ruining his confidence in being a male capable of supporting a family of his own.

Tara was Shade's crutch, often being the only thing keeping him from breaking into shambles. She often reassured him he'd make a fine father and mate someday, though, he never believed her. His mother made sure he knew otherwise.

Nearly two years old now, Shade started feeling things he hadn't felt before. So many wants he'd never experienced. About this time, Tara experienced her first heat. A hormonal mess, she asked Shade to mate with her. He didn't refuse because he was just as confused about the feelings as she was and he felt especially attached to her. After all, she was the only one who truly cared about him. This is a secret they vowed never to dispel, only growing them tighter together. The both of them felt immense shame for what they had done, recognizing how wrong it was. During the time, however, it felt as if it was the only right thing to do.

A few weeks after the mishap, Tara proposed they get away from each other for a while. She claimed their relationship was no longer that of siblings, and that it was unhealthy. Shade knew what she said was true, but could not imagine being away from her. She was his only escape from reality. She was the only one to show him love and he needed her. He thought they should leave together and never look back, but Tara refused. She did not want to be around him alone. She knew how attached to her Shade was, and knew that anything she asked of him, he'd do without question. She couldn't let herself ask him to mate again. She didn't trust herself not to. Her mental health was just as unstable as his and she knew if she ever had a weak moment, she'd seek escape in him, just as she'd done before.

So it was settled. Tara found herself a job working with their new pack's hunting team. They kept her busy and away from Shade for the most part. She began to heal mentally as hunting gave her a purpose and was something she found happiness in. Shade's state only declined, however. Not having her around all the time was really taking its toll on him. He was usually left alone with his mother as the rest of the pack carried out their duties. She had little to do with him now, though.

Tara knew she was hurting him by leaving him like that. She felt as if being around him and accidentally slipping up again would do him more harm, though, and decided to keep with the hunting team. They'd often leave to scout for days at a time.

The seasons turned and it was now winter. Food was scarce, meaning the trips Tara would take were much longer than usual. Sometimes she would be away for a few days at a time. Shade's attachment problem was beginning to dwindle, but all of his other problems grew worse. Tara's leaving proved what his mother said about never having his own family to be true. He knew Tara loved him, and even she wouldn't stay with him. What they had, regardless of how screwed up, was love. He determined that no female would ever want to be his mate since even Tara wouldn't.

At this point in his life, not having a father during his childhood was becoming more and more problematic. He started looking for a father figure in any male he could find. Over time, he found himself becoming attracted to those father-like traits—even lusting over them. He didn't mind this new look on his sexuality and even considered it a relief from constantly thinking about his sister.

It was freezing cold now and food was scarcer than it had been all winter. Tara and the team prepared for their longest hunt yet. They left early one morning, just before the sun rose. A day had passed and the sky grew dark. Seemingly out of nowhere, a harsh blizzard hit. Days had past and the pack saw no sign of the hunting convoy that left. Days turned to weeks, and they had all accepted that the group had been killed. All except for Shade, who believed they were still out there somewhere. And on that sliver of hope, he set out to find them.


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Average Stocky
North West of Horizon
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Shaide {Phoebe}


His fluffy ass is {Tyrell}'s
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