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Name Pack
Shark Aekyr-Laroche Silu Tribe IV. Sea Monster
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 1 mos.)
1945 SP

Character Information

Shark is the literal queen of the beach. She loves talking to everyone and can be a bit bossy when she has a goal in mind, but she tries to be nice to everyone. She is particularly loyal to her Tribe family, and feels a slight Kinship with the Evergreen Wolves (but mostly because Lee lives here). Shark is most likely to do something stupid for the greater good. She has trouble grasping more mature concepts and has decided that she never wants to be a mom. She is a larger girl with "black" (and brown and white and grey) fur, probably too fuzzy for her beach traversing life. She usually smells of salt and sand and fish. Her fur is windswept and almost has the feeling of wool (odd feeling to touch, yet soft???). Her eyes are a golden brown and usually wide. Shark sees all.

by Iri

voiced by: Kate Micucci


Height Build
Large Lean
Sundown Coast
Father Mother
{Vincent} {Pace}

Littermate: {Carl}

Younger Siblings: {Momo}, {Splash}, & {Gull}

gross, never.
Other Relationships
{Lee}: best friend in the universe.
{Whiskey}: attack on sight; bad news!
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet