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Name Pack
Siberia Raine Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 3 mos.)
2330 SP

Character Information

________________________________GENERAL ________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Title • Siberia Raine _________________________________________________________________________ Alias • Sib, Siber, Raine _________________________________________________________________________ Siberia • A combined name from two Turkish words, Si meaning water and Birr meaning Wild. _________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________APPEARANCE _____________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Physical Build • Siberia is nothing special when it comes to her build. She is of an average stature. Standing 25 inches at her shoulder and roughly four and a half feet long. Her frame is slim and petite, having a rather graceful look to her. Siberia has a common coat length, being not too poofy or thinly laid. _________________________________________________________________________ Coloration • Siberia is a pale wolf with little color. Only a very light tan and a shade of cream color her. _________________________________________________________________________ Eyes • Siberia is accessorized with a pair of platinum-like, gray eyes. They are often shimmery and clear, reflecting whatever she faces - similar to that of a mirror. _________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________PERSONA ______________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ POSITIVE _________________________________________________________________________ Intelligent • Siberia is a smart cookie, she pick up on new talents and skills quite easily. She can put plans together and solve problems like second nature._________________________________________________________________________ Kind Hearted • Caring for others is a large part of Siberia's life. She looked after her younger siblings and other pack mates when no one else would. Which was quite often. Its a mystery how this sweetheart came from such a ruthless upbringing. Siber wont hesitate to show another kindness. _________________________________________________________________________ Leadership • While growing up, it wasn't unlike her to take charge of situations. Due to her intelligence and ability to form plans easily, it was only logical to put in charge of certain tasks. _________________________________________________________________________ Adventurous • Siberia is always up for traveling to new places or even old places she hasn't been in a very long time. If you wish to get on her good side, a good ol' fashioned hike is right up her alley. _________________________________________________________________________ NEGATVE Jealous • A well known quirk Siberia has is her jealousy issues. At younger ages, she would find an interest in males (often ones of older age) and would get mad and/or upset over the fact they had interest in other females. _________________________________________________________________________ Insecure • Siberia is insecure about herself as a whole and sees it as others don't like her. She has meet too many females that males flock to more. She hopes that one day, this trait will fade. _________________________________________________________________________ Adventruous • Siberia is always up for traveling to new places or even old places she hasn't been in a very long time. If you wish to get on her good side, a good ol' fashioned hike is right up her alley. _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________HISTORY ______________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ How did such a sweet girl come from such a terrible place? A question many ask when they find out her origin. Years ago, she was born to quite a large pack. One where her parents ruled with an iron fist and took a fancy to attacking anyone at anytime - even their own pack and off spring. Siberia and her brother Valor were the only litter that survived their first year and didn't abandon their home. The siblings coped with their family in their own ways. Valor trained and spent most days in the woods in solitude - often gone for months. There were days Siberia thought him to be dead. And she spent her days with the elder healers. Learning of the art and of history and stories and invigorating tales of far away lands. With Valor gone, it was often Siberia who took the wrath of her parents, but as soon as Valor caught word of it he was sure to come home to stand up and protect her from any danger. Valor was her best friend, living up to his name in every sense of It. Shortly after their first year, their parents had more puppies. A bad sign in their eyes. As soon as the young could travel and walk without stumbling, their parents would pester them and abuse them. With Valor still gone often, Siberia could no longer stand around and wait for him to help. It was no longer just her, it was her siblings. Siberia didn't hesitate to protect them. She often fought her parents to keep the pups safe - she hunted for them and care for them with the help of the elders and Valor. But she was growing and they were too. Once she was 2, she was lost. Valor had been gone for nearly half a year - he had to be dead. Or abandoned them. The thought to leave was there in the back of her mind, lingering, like always. But the need to stay and protect was also there. One night was was ready - she snuck to the boarders and was ready to run. Ready to live her life. Ready to... to leave them? Was she ready? No. she wasn't, she couldn't. She paced anxiously. Until a cracking sound reached her, a traveling wolf. No, it was Valor. He came back, and he came back for a reason. Valor said he was to challenge for leadership and take control of the pack - to protect all and get rid of the aggression and abuse. Siberia trusted her brother and ran far away. She ran and ran and ran.


Height Build
Average Lean
North-East of Horizon
Father Mother
Arokai Alaska

{Valor} Brother

Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet