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Name Pack
Sienna Rose-Aderly Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 9 mos.)
2880 SP

Character Information

cascade mountain wolf x southern rocky mountain wolf

22”, 4.5ft, 64 pnds

no one will ever warn you when you're winning, how heavy a loss love can be, they do not tell you about the friendships, that you'll lose once the lights are dimmed down.

Her life had been a rollercoaster of love and lies. A change for the better would be a laughable joke, a change for the worse completely inevitable. Average body weight, small physical appearance; her physical size and build is nothing eye-catching. However - her markings and coloration are something extremely unique. Yellow eyes, brown body, one of the most astonishing markings is a paragon of a shape similar to a diamond. While naturally implemented in her fur, it's not exactly perfect. A transition to chocolate to tan right at the center of her forehead. A pretty little mask decorates her jawline, around her nose and around her eyes, a pigmentation far darker than the rest of her body. Down her neck, stomach and the backs of her limbs to her paws. An excellent choice of contrast.

She has her father's eyes, her mother's gait, neither of their personality. For her age, the girl shows an exceptional amount of intelligence, however, she is rather kind. She constantly tries to find the humanity in whatever group she's in, but usually, as she's learning, attempts to stay by herself in case she causes more harm than good. As it seems to be the case more so than often. Sienna tries to look at the rational sides of the situation at times, making the decisions that she believes is the right one even when others may look at her differently after. However, if others do look at her differently after, she, at times, can be found beating herself up about it.

She doesn't mind surviving alone, and will only travel with those who have gained her trust through thick and thin from this point on. Cast out into the wilderness at such a young age, she has learned that she only needs herself to survive this cruel, cruel world.

Sienna, unsurprisingly, is extremely understanding. After being judged for the majority of her life, she also someone who doesn't mind looking out for others. Thankfully though, they are few and far between. She is a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen to and if others ask, she will lend her advice.

If there's anything that Sienna is, is that she’s able to hold grudges on individuals who she seems to have been caught in the web of negativities. Every interaction with that individual is usually passive-aggressive, however to those she enjoys to spend time with she can even be found to be blunt and making humorous remarks at the expense of others. There are certain individuals she warms up to, deeming it not impossible to gain her trust. When they do, it's worth it. Sienna is a spitfire and a firecracker who is able to have a fun time when it’s deemed necessary. It's better to have her with you than against you.

The girl is growing up to be a motherly individual.

Knowledge of herbs and medical problems:

Seizures, Fever, Boneset (helps with reducing fever), Stinging Nettle (helps with muscle aches and pain)


Height Build
Small Average
Loren Valley
Father Mother
Harrison † Arlette †

two males, location unknown.

{Lestat} Aderly
{Willow}, {Wrenn}
Other Relationships
{Bea}, {Stephan}, {Relic}, {Bucky}, {Astred}, {Damien}, {Dalus}, {Adonai}, {Nanook}
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet