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Name Pack
Sif Penumbra Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 6 mos.)
195 SP

Character Information

uncle bravo says hello- Fao


Just as the healthy can fall. The Sick can rise.

Thank you Jade!


Stand tall and proud, and those weaker will bow.

H- 29 in L- 5.6 ft W- 79 Ibs Arctic x Mexican Wolf

Beautiful her coat is, browns, reds, greys and blacks liter her coat creating a great array of colors. Brilliant blue eyes adorn her face, matching those of her mothers, giving her the looks of both her parents. She is a large female, but not quite as muscular, her muscles making her much more lithe and allowing her easier movement. She is built for speed, but a fluffy coat hides these much used muscles. Sif is usually seen with a rather cool expression, but if you were to talk to her face to face, you will see that her eyes speak the words she cannot.


The makings of a fine leader.

Positive Traits Negative Traits
Strong Willed Protective Cautious Demanding Selfish Out-Spoken

A proud soul she is, despite being so young. She wants the world, and yet she cannot yet have it. Aspirations of becoming a leader drive her forward and she will allow for nothing to stand in her way to the top. Once weak, she holds no pity for the sick, for if she can become stronger, so can any wolf, but then again she is not just any wolf. Cool and dignified, she holds herself to the highest standard, and yet while she is not quick to give away any other emotion than pride, or anger, her eyes will. Sif is an emotional soul, and she allows these emotions to manipulate her path, she will not sit quietly and allow things to be bottled up, but will instead contort any sadness into anger, for it is that, that will make her appear stronger. She believes crying in front of others is weakness, and yet she has done it a many times. She is a wolf of her word, and loyal to a T, but if you cross her, then she will hold a grudge for as long as she lives.

Explore world Be healthy Become Leader A home Gain Knowledge
An unbroken family Skills Become a wolf others look towards

Current Events

A future in the making


Sif was Born in HY3 by {Kara} and {Bali}. Sif's first time hearing and baby babble of Rarwoo. Sif meets Dad. Sif first passes out from sickness. Sif's first time trying herbs. Sif's first time making a Masterplan. Sif learns about her mothers Gods Sif meets {Casper} her first Packmate. Sif, {Altair} and {Rota} make a Truce. Sif kills her first Rabbit.





Height Build
Large Lean
Horizon in the Meadow near Cloudmirror Lake
Father Mother
{Bali} Penumbra {Kara} Volsunga

{Rota} Penumbra- Sister
{Altair} Penumbra- Brother

{Gale} {Makoa}
No one yet No one yet
Heard ofMourned
No one yet  No one yet
Spirit Symbol
None yet