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Name Pack
Sikozu Nesryn Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 11 mos.)
525 SP

Character Information


Sikozu is a small female with a thin build, hidden by a thick fluffy coat. Depending on the season her coat holds more black and tan versus the summer ginger that makes it’s way out. Her eyes are a rich amber that enjoy judging; scenery, wolves, everything. Despite her small size, she has a large personality hidden inside. She isn’t an extremely loud soul, but more of a calculated individual. Cruel wouldn’t be a good word to describe her as she’s not outwardly rude or mean, she just uses situations to her advantage. She often will pretend to be a damsel in distress, or create a sense of a warm and caring female when she is just waiting to see how the situation will play out. She has a hard time opening up to her true personality, so she puts on a facade. Because she is so calculated, she believes others to play the same game


Sikozu has her best interest at heart, and will side with whatever can get her ahead. Though she isn’t afraid to speak her mind, she’s more thoughtful about when and where she has moments. If you seem useful, she will be something similar to a friend. If not, she will probably move right on. Somewhere deep down the girl wants to find a pack of wolves she can trust after fleeing her homelands. After being abused and raped by her old pack, left for dead, she doesn't see the good in any wolves. She can't comprehend true kindness, so she hides behind her games and finds ways to use others instead of understanding how she feels.

most recently
Though her intensions were constructed in the middle of a heat cycle and drama circle, the idea of motherhood has settled Sikozu. perhaps it was the eternal exhaustion pregnancy brought upon the small female, but she found herself quieter and less interested in planning. instead her focus was on getting through a healthy pregnancy and bringing lives into the world. On edge at the end, time will only tell how Ko bounces back into herself after birth.

Human Ko


Height Build
Small Thin
North of Horizon Valley
Father Mother
{Akira} & {Kato} | Adopted {Aethon}
Spirit Symbol
None yet