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Name Pack
Skuld Vollan Uruz Fellowship II. Oracle
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(6 yrs, 3 mos.)
2025 SP

Character Information

Voice Speaks softly and tends to be monotonous.
Voiced by Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley
Coat Thick, but well-kept
Other Names -‘Skulders’ (From Fray)
-“Skuld Freyr, reader of stars and detector of lost spirits.” (Title given by Kamaal)
-‘My Future’ (Pet name from Freyr)

Skuld’s album cover credit to the fantastic Dingo!
Appearance Skuld is a large lady in height, yet keeps herself lean. Her fur is thick and purely black, inheriting none of her family’s hints of grey. However, like the whole of her family, Skuld has their characteristic bright blue eyes.
Disabilities N/A
Distinguishing Features Bright blue eyes, fur entirely black
Physical Strengths Large in size and in good shape
Physical Weaknesses Takes a long time to wake up

A stargazing Skuld by the amazing Rainy!
Personality It is hard to tell how Skuld is feeling most of the time. Her emotions are never extremes, as nothing shocks or excites her much any more, which gives her the impression of being generally distant or bored.

Skuld has a strong belief in spirituality, coming from her pack and family. She believes that everyone has a spirit that is taken from the Earth’s. When they die, their spirit, stronger than it was when it was first borrowed, is returned to feed the Earth and continue life.

The stars hold a special significance to Skuld, as she was able to develop the ability to read the symbols in them. With these symbols, she believes she can read the future, and with a spiritual connection, can read it specific to someone.
Mental Strengths Experienced, Unfazed by much since her loss
Mental Weaknesses Limited emotional responses
Humor Skuld’s limited emotions make it seem like she doesn’t find anything funny. However, she enjoys subverting people’s expectations on herself, and finds surprising people amusing
Mental Handicaps Never had a chance to grieve the loss of her love, so is in a constant state of limbo

An adorable pupper Skulders by the wonderful Kam!
The more you do something, the more likely you are to get it right, then the more likely people start to doubt coincidence. From this, beliefs are born. Skuld’s family deeply believed in spirituality, as did the pack members that knew of them. They were known for their connections to the spirits, and were sought out for many matters of healing and advice.

From an early age, Skuld was trained in this spirituality along with her two sisters, Urd and Verdandi. The former was as intelligent as her, although the latter didn’t take the training too seriously. Eventually, Urd and Skuld were made the two ‘Oracles’ for their pack, and worked together to help their pack in spiritual matters.

Shortly after this, Skuld began to show signs of having an ability to read the stars, and developed this to be able to read the future. She was able to predict the outcomes of events like hunts or fights, as well as love and loss. She was placed on a pedestal by her pack as their primary Oracle.

The heir to the pack was a male called Freyr. Skuld had a crush on him and one day he reciprocated those feelings. They became a beautiful couple, always being seen together when they were both at home. They held off on having children until Freyr became leader, but talked about the possibility all the time.

But before that day came, Skuld saw a death in the stars. Freyr’s death. She desperately wanted this one to be fake.

It wasn’t.

A wolf out with Freyr on a hunt returned, and informed the pack of their heir’s death. Confused and angry, they blamed Skuld, and chased her away, without giving a single thought to her feelings.

She roamed for an age, the only connection she had being the spirit of Freyr that she promised to hold onto until her death. She took his first name as her last, believing that it was just the two of them now.

Now she wanders the land, hoping to find somewhere else to exist until her fate’s end reveals itself.

Then, she will smile at it and embrace it.

A stargazing Skuld by the brilliant Bonyo!


Height Build
Very Large Lean
Far North, Esron Pack Territory
Father Mother
Magni Saga

Urd (f)
Verdandi (f)

{Freyr} (Ex) – Her love before everything changed. Watched him drown before her eyes.
Other Relationships
Notable Relationships
{Fray} – You’re perhaps my best friend, and one of the first I made in this valley. I don’t care about your past, only who you become from now on. You’re also really fun to do shrooms with.

{Kamaal} – You made me feel again after so long. But those feelings created problems that threaten our friendship. I will remove them, because I would much rather continue to feel nothing, if it means I can remain friends with you.

{Yuna} – Your beliefs are fascinating and I deeply enjoy talking with you. I wish you all the best with your future family, and hope we can continue to be good friends.

{Mikazaru} (Known as Mika) – You helped me, and I helped you. I had to leave you, but you are a dear friend to me, and I hope you’re doing well.

{Rufus} – Your kindness in giving me a place to stay in your territory will always be appreciated. I see your pack as a safe place in case things go awry on my journey.

{Freyr} (Dead) – You spent your life searching for me, so we could be together again. I couldn't push past whatever it was that was stopping me from wanting to live happily with you for the rest of our lives. Now you're dead, and I can't forgive myself. I'm so sorry...

{Elliot} – The great ‘Prince’. Your obsession with your ‘Gem’ got too far, and I had to escape your entrapment, knowing full-well that you may try to find and kill me. Bring it on.
Good Terms
{Fray}, {Kamaal}, {Yuna}, {Mikazaru} (Mika), {Rufus}, {Solomon}, {Ares}, {Marcellus}, {Freyr}, {Meir}
{Dresden}, {Marigold}, {Tiberius}, {Leif}, {Savannah}, {Aran} (Name Unknown), {Alina}, {Vincent}, {Nomad}, {Eerik}, {Bragi}, {Pace}, {Calliope}, {Apollo}, {Renegade}, {Albus}, {Laura}, {Bali}, {Rota}, {Altair}, {Asha}
Bad Terms
Heard Of
{Sikozu} (Ko), {Fini}, {Mari}, {Randy}, {Pierre}, {Eden} (Known by name and as Elliot’s ‘Gem’)
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet