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Name Pack
Skuld Freyr Rogue
Gender Status
Female Injured
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 7 mos.)
440 SP

Character Information

”Skuld Freyr, reader of the stars and detector of lost spirits.”
- Kamaal

Height 31in
Weight 100lbs
Length 5.9ft
Coat Thick and well-kept
Key Things -Tends to speak monotonously
-Generally has a look of boredom

Skuld’s album cover credit to the fantastic Dingo!
HY3, Late Summer – 5 years, 3 months old
Feather – HY3, Late Summer
HY3, Late Summer – Rogue

Skuld has completely black fur and striking blue eyes. She has no specific defining features.
Disabilities N/A
Distinguishing Features N/A
Physical Strengths Large in size and quite agile
Physical Weaknesses Takes a long time to wake up

It is hard to tell how Skuld is feeling most of the time. Her emotions are never extremes, as nothing shocks or excites her much any more, which gives her the demeanour of being generally distant.

Skuld’s most prominent trait is her spirituality. She believes in many different otherworldly aspects, and has been thought to be able to see the future by studying the stars. This makes her relatively nocturnal, and she prefers to sleep during the day, not that she sleeps much.

Her belief on death is that it is natural and happens when it happens. She believes that when a wolf dies, their spirit continues to live in a plane of non-existence.

In reality, Skuld has none of these powers that she or others claim. It is just a case of delusions through the ideas of the more you do something, the more likely you are to sometimes get it right, along with positive reinforcement from others.
Mental Strengths Experienced in the world
Mental Weaknesses Her mono-emotional demeanor
Humor Understands and appreciates humour, but her limited emotions makes it seem like she doesn’t find anything funny. However, she does enjoy the subversion of expectation about herself, and finds it funny to surprise people
Mental Handicaps Other people see her strong beliefs in spirituality and connections to the earth as a handicap

-Skuld’s name derives from Old Norse language and mythos, with ‘Skuld’ being one of the three Norns, specifically the goddess of destiny and future.
-Additionally, Freyr, Skuld’s past lover and heir to the old pack, is Old Norse for ‘lord’ and was also a Norse god


When you watch the stars long enough, you notice that they are always the same stars, so there must be patterns. Skuld believed in this at a very young age and began making guesses as to the future.

Then, the more you do something, the more likely you are to get it right, and after many years this was true for Skuld. Her predictions started to come true more frequently, and she was placed on a pedestal by her pack as being their oracle.

Life was lived as normal and Skuld was exempt from many pack duties, instead training to hone her spiritual connection with the world, believing that this would help her skills in foresight. Many lives and loves were lived and lost in the pack, but Skuld believed they happened for a reason. She turned the sorrow of death into a hope for the future.

Skuld was in love with the heir to the pack, Freyr and they made a beautiful couple, always being seen together when they were both at home. They held off on having children until her lover was made leader. Before that day came, Skuld saw her Freyr’s death in the stars. She wanted this one to be fake. It was not.

But Skuld was not distraught. She understood death and why it happened. But confused and angry, her pack blamed her for the death and drove her out. Because of the connection Skuld and Freyr had, she took his name as part of hers, believing that Freyr’s spirit would not ascend until Skuld joined him, and therefore was now a part of her.

Now she wanders the land, hoping to find somewhere else to exist until her fate’s end reveals itself.

Then, she will smile at it and embrace it.
-“Skuld disconnected herself from the earth”
-“They weren’t the most spiritually filled plants”


Height Build
Very Large Average
Far North, Esron Pack Territory
Father Mother
Magni Saga

Urd (sister)

Verdandi (sister)

{Freyr} (Thought deceased)
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet