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Name Pack
Sparrow Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(6 yrs, 4 mos.)
5605 SP

Character Information

Sparrow is a small wolf, but she is made of lean muscle and strong bones. From youth she has participated in vigorous physical training, maintaining a physique that would otherwise be weak and vulnerable. She holds herself proudly, though, more often than not holding tall postures to make up for her height. In color, she is a light wolf, covered in mostly off whites and creams, aside from a light masking of gray on her face that extends into darker grays and browns down her back and to her tail. The bridge of her nose and backs of her ears are made of the same browns found scattered down her spine. Her golden eyes are lined in a sharp black, matching her nose and mouth and paws. Overall, she is a healthy, albeit small, looking wolf.

F U N   F A C T !

When I look for pictures of my characters, I try to find the same wolf for each, which results in hours of searching for wolves in X area, under different photographers. The first round of Sparrow's pictures were all from the same photographer, and were great but too small, so I started searching again and found out even more about the actual wolf. She's actually the alpha female of the Canyon Pack wolves in Yellowstone. How neat! Anyways, that's it. I'm a nerd and wanted to share this with you all.

Lovely art of the initial members of the Skyrise Empire by the Katstica. <3
What she lacks in size, Sparrow likes to think she makes up in wit. There is something to be said for her ability to maintain a cool composure during even heated moments, and she quite enjoys such opportunities, but even she can sometimes get riled up if pushed in the right ways. She revels in manipulation and deceit, often hiding behind the names of others when the atmosphere calls for it, but the games are often far from perfect, whether she admits to such or not. Through such tactics, she strives for power, at the behest of her gods. If she had a phrase, it would be something along the lines of "order and religion through whatever means necessary," in that order. She is quick to turn on others, though does her best to hide such truths until the very end. In her eyes, she is all that matters, and friends are only tools to succeed.
Okay, so, here is a rough view of the religion Sparrow follows. As with all religions, there are various sects, including but not limited to Dabaism, strict followers of Dabai, Michism, etc. The main string of the religion is referred to as Amaism, the religion of the wolf. I've pulled a lot of the folklore and names from various Native American tribes, some of which were located in similar areas to Horizon's setting in North America. I must emphasize, most of the rituals don't amount to anything, other than what the followers of the religion interpret. Like many religions, it is based on faith and blind worship. Prophetic dreams and the like are up to interpretation, and can't actually happen, beyond flimsy connections that could mean a dozen other things. Whether you play a character related to Sparrow or not, you are welcome to pull from this, if you'd like.


 A circle crossed through represents the division of life and death made by Isha. When found in nature, it is often interpreted as a sign of prosperous times to come.

C R E A T I O N   S T O R Y

Before the earth existed, before all life, there was Isha, the creator, Wolf. She was a fair god, and life was easy for all on earth. She had a younger brother, Ipsil, the Coyote. He was known to be a trickster, but they existed in harmony together, as did their children on earth. Isha often boasted that she could give and take life with but a touch, and Ipsil, jealous as he was, came to her and explained that if life kept on as it was, the earth would overflow. Isha needed to introduce death to balance out the life. He wanted those on earth to despise her and turn to him. She fell to his offer, and life carried on. Years later, his son fell to the poison of a snake, and he begged Isha to bring him back, but she refused, repeating what he had told her. In turn, the world respected the decision and wisdom of Isha. Ipsil fell silent, and the world maintained a new balance, respecting that with life came death. Of the trickery, Dabai and Micha were born, life and death, twins to Isha of opposing but balanced forces. Wolf and coyote on earth were never as close again.

K E Y   T O   U N D E R S T A N D I N G   T H E   G O D S

Isha: The Creator God
Symbolizes Rituals Element
Belief in prophetic dreams
Considered the ultimate god

Dabai: God of Life
Symbolizes Rituals Element
Reading into symbols
Animal spirits

Micha: God of Death
Symbolizes Rituals Element
Sacrifice Air

Ipsil: The Trickster God
Symbolizes Rituals Element
The Misunderstood
Control of animals


Born in the late summer to the Akhi Clan, outside of Horizon.
Exiled from the Akhi Clan at 6 months old.
Joined the Shanax Wolves in early spring.
Escaped from the Shanax late spring at 1 year, 10 months old.
Entered Horizon full autumn of Year 0.

In Horizon

Y E A R   3 ◀

Sparrow returns to the valley to find the Empire disbanded and wolves taking claim of her old headquarters. Not one to give up so easily, she begins the start of a new Empire...
For a more comprehensive list of Sparrow's activities in Horizon during Year 3, please visit the threadlog summaries.

Y E A R   2 ◀

Sparrow started the new year off with her goals finally falling into place. With the successful conception of the Skyrise Empire, she spent most of her time grooming members and seeking out new followers. However, all did not go quite as planned. After the disappearance of Osiris and Repelsteeltje, along with the reappearance of ghosts from her past, Sparrow fled the valley to find answers in her homeland. Upon arriving, she discovers not much had changed. The wolves there felt unfamiliar, distant, and did not recognize or welcome her into their territory. After a scuffle or two with old comrades, she leaves disheartened and dedicated even more to the mountains she'd left behind in Horizon.
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Y E A R   1 ◀

Not disheartened by the year behind her, Sparrow starts anew in her quest to claim the mountains, determined to make them hers. She makes a deal to join up with Repelsteeltje as her equal, and the two find some success in recruits despite the harshness of the winter season.
For a more comprehensive list of Sparrow's activities in Horizon during Year 1, please visit the threadlog summaries.

Y E A R   0 ◀

Having been exiled from her homelands, Sparrow makes her way into Horizon with every intention of forming a pack. Building off of lies and deceit works against her, though, and while she gathers numbers in small, she makes it through the winter with little more than that.
For a more comprehensive list of Sparrow's activities in Horizon during Year 0, please visit the threadlog summaries.

Before Horizon

Sparrow's past prior to her arrival in Horizon consisted of exile, betrayal, plotting, and torture, to name a few, but it did not start that way. Born in a religious pack in a season deemed unlucky, her roots started with neglectful parents and an harsh packlife that drove her to seek solace elsewhere. What she suffered through molded her into the wolf she is today, far be it from the child she came into the world as.

T H E   B E G I N N I N G :  T H E   A K H I   C L A N

Sparrow was born late in the summer, one in three, in a land north of Horizon, along the same coastline. Summer births were seen as unlucky by the more religious in her pack, a tight-knit group of wolves titling themselves the Akhi Clan, who were very much in line with the religion of Amaism. There were others in the valley who believed in the same gods, but the pack into which Sparrow was born consisted of strict followers of the sect, Dabaism, ruler of springtime, so to be born in any other season was ill omened.

From the start, her parents saw little potential in their offspring, offering only the bare minimum in rearing the three. Sparrow’s siblings didn’t make it beyond a few weeks, their small bodies left to the earth, unnamed, forgotten. Sparrow survived by some small chance of fate, and thus her name was bestowed, a slight in the eyes of Dabai, and an outcast to those with titles of far more powerful animals or spirits.

As a child, she was vibrant, quick to question, and eager to please, befriending Vex, the local prophet in her clan, and learning more about the mysticism of the religion she was born into. She was small, though, and the older spring-born pups shunned and bullied her. While they practiced and trained and grew stronger, she would spend hours mimicking in the shadows, finding solace in the prophet and his encouragements. He saw something in her no one else did, and encouraged her to read more into the world around her, into the world inside of her and her dreams.

His teachings led her to explore the world more, and so she began to stray beyond her pack’s lands, seeking the comfort of the surrounding hills, able to look down on the land around her, feeling for the first time the power in standing over others.

S H A N A X   W O L V E S

Her wanderings led her to a rival pack in the mountains nearby, the Shanax Wolves, less strict in religion, more focused on power. Under guise of the name, Iskra, one that wouldn’t expose her as an Akhi wolf, she found friends there, confidants, and when no one noticed—which was more frequent than not—she would sneak off in the night to visit their lands, where she befriended a wolf, Toska. The two grew close quickly, sharing their secrets, bonding over their status as near outcasts, Sparrow due to her size and birth season, Toska lost under the shadow of her brother, Lys, a wolf quickly making his way up the ranks of the pack.

The Shanax Wolves were more in line with Michism, though they were far less strict than Sparrow’s own birth pack. In the small valley, dispute over lands was frequent, though, and her clan was at odds over land the Shanax Wolves sought as their own. When her natal pack discovered her wanderings, they exiled her, still a mere child of 6 months, and with nowhere else to turn, she found her way into the arms of the Shanax.

They welcomed her, fed her, trained her. Unlike their neighboring enemies, they believed power could be found in all, and under Toska’s pushing, she became Lys’s apprentice of sorts. She was small, but he taught her there was more to sparring than size, and though his lessons were brutal, physically and mentally, she grew stronger.

He was a natural, though, and his skills quickly led him to the position of commander. But where he was strong, he was also cruel, and his temper came out in the spars that were supposed to otherwise be friendly. When Sparrow grew wise to it, he turned it around on Toska and other lesser wolves in the pack, but with the backing of the leaders, it was all shoved under the rug.

With the impending war, Lys had never trusted Sparrow, an outsider, and his lessons turned to threats and abuse, despite her attempts to negate it. With his growing power in the ranks and inflating ego, she was no longer his mentor. She was his chew toy, as were other quiet wolves.

War had been inevitable in the life of a Shanax wolf, and the females were expected to throw their weight in with the rest of them, so by the end of her first year, Sparrow had killed and she had been injured. The Shanax were growing, though, conquering lands that had formerly belonged to the Akhi Clan and others, and Sparrow’s resolve hardened. She had become a Shanax wolf, through and through.

P L O T   A G A I N S T   L Y S

All was not conquest, though. After a year in the pack, Lys raped her during one of their sparring sessions, and the signs of pregnancy began to show. She cursed him and threatened, but it was nothing in the face of the larger wolf. He was a commander, and she was no one. However, the pregnancy was not meant to be, and before it became much of anything, she miscarried. She was lucky. His other victims, not so.

He and the Shanax had trained her to be cold, ruthless, and above all else, to strive for power, and in their open arms she had very much taken their teachings to heart, along with the more dark elements of Michism, but his actions had pushed her to her limits. Under her lead, a plot began forming under cover of night. Toska and a handful of the other wolves in the pack wanted Lys gone, and with yearly sacrifice as the mantra of Micha, it seemed the stars were aligning in their favor.

It took several weeks biding their time in the shadows, collecting their numbers, perfecting their plan, and when it came time to make their move, they joined in force during one of the spars between Sparrow and Lys, followers at her back, Lys against the mountainside.

His defeat would carry over to the Akhi wolves, and along with it she would reveal her name. They’d not be forgetting the little bird they’d pushed out of their nest, not if it took her death right along with his. Blinded by rage, bloodlust, and faith in her gods, she managed to send him tumbling down the mountainside, reduced to a bag of bones and blood.

As she stood from the heights looking down on his lifeless form, she realized what she had done, what she had lost, and for what she swore would be the last time in her life, she wept. The wolves at her back dispersed, all save Toska and a few others, most terrified of what the consequences would be, but Sparrow rose to her feet and pronounced her origins then and there for all the gathering pack to hear.


They saw it as a threat, dismissing the move as sacrifice, and tortured her, stripping her of everything she had worked towards, and Toska as well, digging for information that wasn’t there. Amidst a thunderstorm one night, she fled, unable to find Toska in the intensity of the moment. There was no turning back.

For five months she traveled inland, learning quickly that not everyone was certain to believe in her gods, that not everyone would be as welcoming as the Shanax had originally been. By the time she reached Horizon, she had hardened once more. She would not bend to any wolf. Not anymore. Far and away from what had been her home for nearly all her life, she would be born anew.



Height Build
Petite Lean

Further north, along Horizon's same coast.

Father Mother
Atticus Nazaryth

Unnamed ✝, Unnamed






Iskra, Lys, Tanqueray, Sprite
{Toska},  Aspen, Hawk, Ryu, Crow, Arcturus
Allies Outside of Horizon
Finch, Vex, Lark, Vitali, Zasha, Laika (ask about playing any of these)
Dead to Her
{Lysander}, Repelsteeltje, Osiris
{Roman}, {Elexzra}, {Esperanza}, {Kyoshi}, {Nunzju}
Knowledge Of
Wolves: Sprite Aekyr, Matan, Ajax, Places and Packs: the Firewing Brotherhood, Taiyae, River Gabrielle, Old Eden, Falcon Rise
Voice Actor
Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II in the Crown

Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet