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Name Pack
Splash Aekyr-Laroche Silu Tribe V. Seashell
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(0 yrs, 6 mos.)
345 SP

Character Information

Unharmed and healthy, growing girl!
When all grown up she's going to be an unusually tall beach babe, at the farthest end of the spectrum for her sex. She'll also be blessed with a nice, average build. Not much to look at curves or pelt-wise. Tall and black are the most striking things one will notice of Splash, from a distance. Or behind. Close up, you'll notice some nice hints of lighter greys and browns in her coat, particularly a brown collar around her neck. Her eyes are a glorious blue.

| Laid-back | Empathetic | Genuine | Kind | Stubborn | Proud | Sensitive | Emotional | Independent |
Despite the cruel world she lives in, Splash is still very much a kid. A sweet, cheery kid who honestly just wants everyone to be happy. Being as empathetic as she is, she easily picks up on sadness or anger, so she has developed a tendency to confront or try to cheer up/calm down wolves around her as a sort of peacemaker. When other wolves are happy, it's easier for Splash to be happy. She's playful and fun-loving, always up for a game or rambunctious activity, but she can turn her mood on a dime and be serious and almost ominous. While she loves her family very much, she's learned to give them space, though she worries they'll leave her like her father and older siblings. While her sisters and her used to be inseparable in their very youth, they're all often off doing their own thing, which Splash is ok with. It's made her rather independent, though-She doesn't fear much, making her a rather bold wolf. She respects nature, but nonetheless delights in it's beauty, occasionally (read: very often) found dancing about in the sand for the sheer joy of it or swimming in her beloved ocean. Like her Mother, who she absolutely idolizes, she feels a strong connection to the ocean. Splash may be a refreshing breeze, but her naivety is perhaps her biggest flaw-That and her fear of losing those closest to her. She doesn't take well to being reprimanded, stern or aggressive words often just make the sensitive and typically open and friendly wolf shut down, but constructive criticism is always welcome-She loves learning new things.
Theme Song: Come and Behold-James Joshua Otto.
-Dislikes sand, but loves the beach.
-Doesn't realize she's a big wolf, very physical.
-LOVES water.
-Terrible liar.
-The prettiest smile, but she usually glowers. She doesn't mean to, she's just been blessed with a wonderful resting bitch face.

-Was born with almost the entire Tribe there to witness.
-Met a cream lady!
-Met ANOTHER new wolf, learned what a bird was, played in the rain.
-There are other puppies out there! And they like to play.

Credit to Wynter


Height Build
Very Large Average
Sundown Coast; Hidden Cove; Born Oct. 30, 2017
Father Mother
{Vincent}-You were supposed to be like Ma, but you 'went away'. {Pace}-Momma!

{Momo} (Mo, or a drawn out rendition of her name.)
Playful sister. Fun to wrestle with.

{Gull} (Gull)
Quieter, more contemplative sister. Best Cuddler, very comforting presence.

Older Siblings:
{Shark}-You went away, even though sisters are supposed to stick together.
{Carl}-Brothers should stick together too, but you left as well.

What's this?
Other Relationships
{Yuna}: Golden sand flavored wolf. Nice, gives affection to Splash thus she is good.
{Mahalo} (M'yalo): She's cool!
{Dante}: He's awesome, brought her and Mo a birb. Not Da.
{Tiponya}: Nice! Funny looking.
{Peyteh}: Also nice, but a little weird. Thinks she should eat Pashie????
{Seeker}-Told her about bad wolves and watched giant fish with her. Pretty rad.
{Bucky}- Cool guy, knew her brother. Not a bad wolf.
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet