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Name Pack
Splash Aekyr-Laroche Silu Tribe III. Riptide
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(1 yrs, 3 mos.)
345 SP

Character Information

Not eating much again. Coat is messy, and she's lost a couple pounds from her eating very little, but she's not unhealthily skinny and likely won't reach that point.
Big. Black. Finally growing into those long, long legs. Agile despite being a very big girl. Fantastic swimmer, ever-improving fisher. The worst hunter to walk the earth. Dark coat, the only black one in her litter, spiced up with some lovely browns and silvers strewn into her coat. Notable brown collar. Bright, brilliant, oceanic eyes. They truly are the window to her soul. Pretty smile.

| Laid-back | Genuine | Stubborn | Proud | Emotional | Independent |
Splash is pure surfer dude. She's developed, interestingly, similair to her mother's personality despite her mother being absent much of her life. In fact, both Splash's parents and siblings have been absent for much of her life. A such, she's grown up strong-willed and independent. She dislikes feeling trapped or like someone is forcing their will upon her-She values freedom of the individual greatly, and can seem flighty with her tendency for her to seemingly let problems roll right off her and get over bad feelings quickly. That certainly isn't true-Splash isn't the type to up and leave, though she is so used to having her own space she may forget to let someone know of her plans. Many of Splash's problems arise from her good intentions coming across the wrong way. She's boisterous and cheerful, and she has strong opinions despite being very open minded. Splash, in general, is a wolf who feels deeply and strongly, all the time-Happiness, sadness, anger, disgust.

Theme Song: Come and Behold-James Joshua Otto.
-Little bit protective, especially of her sister and packmates.
-Doesn't realize she's a big wolf, very physical.
-LOVES water. Can't fall asleep without the sound of water nearby.
-Terrible liar.
-One of her favorite hobbies is sparring! She is not very good at it yet though.
-Has a notable accent, I just sometimes tend to forget to write it.
-She also has a reoccurring tendency to neglect self-care, and in particular stop eating, when grieving or going through emotional turmoil.

Splash Aekyr-Laroche was born to Pace Aekyr and Vincent Laroche in the Hidden Cove, the middle child to be born. The majority of the Tribe was there to witness her arrival into the world, including her older siblings, father, uncle and aunt, and various other Tribe members.
Splash's eyes had barely opened before her father disappeared, along with her older siblings. She does not remember them, what they looked like, smelled like, sounded like. She only knows they exist and their names thanks to her uncle and mother. She was a bubbly child, arguably the most active puppy in her litter. One of her first fuzzy memories was Yuna, or Una as she first called the cream she-wolf, and her first 'meeting' with the healer taught Splash she did not like the taste of sand. Yuna would prove a wolf who has, so far, never left Splash's side and she feels close to the older female, regarding her as something of an aunt or second mother.
The Tribe's numbers were few but they were strong, and Splash grew bigger and stronger surrounded by love. She's had few male influences in her life, the main one being her uncle, Dante, who she definitely looks up to, and Bucky in the south, who is something of a more distant but nonetheless influential friend or big-brother figure. Splash was, in her early days, very attached to her sisters, but as they grew older they began to develop more independently. She didn't make very strong freindships with the other female pups in the Tribe around her age, but she did enjoy their company. Splash was, and still is, a rather brazen child. She has few fears, and while not a bad thing it doesn't always work in her favor, either. She often came home with scrapes, bumps or bruises under the coat she took great pride in resembling her mother's. Splash has developed into a tactile child, who deeply enjoys learning and physical activity, but doesn't care much for feeling excessively restrained. She enjoys affection and time with those she cares about, and she can be a little bit much at times to handle, bumping up close as she babbles brightly about something or another, but she's been given space to find herself and she need that space. Recently, she's lost her aunt Chai and her Uncle Dante, who she regarded similar to a father-figure. It hit her hard, but she's doing better.
Also, she really loves the ocean.

Credit to Wynter


Height Build
Very Large Average
Sundown Coast; Hidden Cove; Born Oct. 30, 2017
Father Mother
{Vincent}-Smaller than expected. {Pace}-CAME HOME <3

{Momo} (Mo.)
You left too. How could you?

{Gull} (Gull)

Older Siblings:

The Ocean. (Jk she's pan)
Other Relationships
{Yuna}: The best. An aunt? A second mom? Nobody knows but she is important and special.
{Mahalo}: We grew apart, and now you seem bitter. What's wrong, Tribemate?
{Dante}: Died of a broken heart. Splash misses him.
{Seeker}: Cool guy.
{Bucky}: A friend to the Tribe and to Splash. Knows a lot.
{Dawnfrost}: I hope you're ok.
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