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Name Pack
Stark Firewing Brotherhood IV. Brother
Gender Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(1 yrs, 1 mos.)
3030 SP

Character Information

Imagine Dragons - I Bet My Life
SR-71 - Tomorrow
The Black Keys - Lonely Boy
Art by Rainy! <3

Voiced by Joe Santagato
- Stark (aka Spitfire)
- Timber wolf
- Born Early Spring
- 30 in, 104 lbs
- Straight
Stark is a bit of a complicated fellow. At times he can be nice, and he actually does care about others, but he does not really show it. He wants to explore, but feels tied to his home like it's a cage he's stuck in. Maybe he's afraid to disappoint his family.
He's got a big mouth and can be stubborn and a bit of an asshole, especially to strangers who get on his nerves. And he gets annoyed easily, mind you. He acts like this big strong and rude ass to look better, maybe? Who knows. He doesn't even know, himself, why he acts like this at times.
Stark is very insecure, probably. He often hides how he really feels. Sadness and disappointment are masked by anger and frustration. He has a tendency to curse a lot, and doesn't seem to care about what others think of him. But deep down he does. He worries a lot, that he might be a lot like his father. They look alike, so they might act the same too, no? He doesn't want to be like his father, not at all.
Stark knows he acts stupid, and he wants to change, but he finds it hard. He seems unable to, how hard he tries. There are signs of depression in his behavior, but he doesn't know what depression means, nor that it exists.
Life goals
- Be nicer to othe wolves, especially strangers.
- Make friends.
- Keep insults to yourself, do not yell at everyone all the time.
- Accept other's presence.
- Become happy / find joy in life.
- Apologize to those you have wronged (Bucky, Lemming, Theodore, Maeve maybe?? She attacked me first so why??, Marzena, Clint, Natasha, Senna).
- Learn to deal with the old Union members (aka Holly, Sunfall [Laura was okay, don't worry about her])
- Be generous.
- Be helpful.
- Be more appreciative.
- Protect others when needed.
- Respect others and earn respect. Strive for a better rank in the pack.
- Think before you speak / act.
- Grow the fuck up.
- Don't be a little shit.


Height Build
Average Stocky
Guarded Falls
Father Mother
{America} (estranged) {Marzena}

{Clint} and {Natasha}

Adopted Estranged

{Theodore} and {Emmalynn}

Other Relationships
{Bucky} - Maybe some sort of replacing father figure? Stark needs to make things right...
{Maeve} - Attacked him once. She's weird, and Stark's still a bit wary of her. Yet, she's the only wolf who seems able to put up with his antics.
Stark art
Visited areas
Guarded Falls
Shadowed Dell
Falter Glen
Western Plains (claimed Verdant Hills before it changed, still needs to visit Verdant Hills!)
Firefly Woods
Wavehaven Gorge
Sundown Coast
Hidden Cove
Strongwind Range
Skyrise Pass
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet