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Name Pack
Stark Spitfire Firewing Brotherhood IV. Brother
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(1 yrs, 8 mos.)
4555 SP

Character Information

’’Well your mama kept you but your daddy left you
And I should've done you just the same’’
-- Lonely Boy - The Black Keys

Feint - Troubled Times
Feint - Clockwork Hearts
Feint - Sleepless
Voiced by Joe Santagato

Emotional, quiet, reserved, uncertain, hates himself, very low self esteem, jealous, uncertain, depressed, headaches, stressed, anxiety, trash, has nightmares.
Stark – together with {Nastasha} and {Clint} – was born to {Marzena} and {America}, wolves of the Firewing Brotherhood. Not long after they were born another litter was born in the pack, and Marzena adopted the kids, {Theodore} and {Emmalynn} as her own.
–– His father was never really there for him, though. He ran away, afraid to hurt his kids. Stark, at three months old, met his father for the first time, when he came back to the Brotherhood only to get into an argument with his mother and attack her. After that, he left again, chased off, and Stark never saw him again.
Things went downhill quickly for the Brotherhood. Stark was assigned a mentor, {Hunter}, who got into a fight with the Evergreen Wolves, allies of the Brotherhood. Their alliance was quickly stopped even after {Valentina} – the pack leader – threw Hunter out of the pack. Hunter came back, though, and killed himself, drowning in the river at the Falls. Stark was not there to see it, but he heard of it. His trust in adult males spiraled down even more after this. Not only that, but Theodore and Emmalynn where told her their real mother, and Emmalynn shut herself off from the family, and eventually she left. Theodore left a bit after her, and so did {Seeker}, a pack mate who wanted to find Theodore. They never came back to the Brotherhood to rejoin.
Stark grew up into an angsty brat with a big mouth, and no respect for others. He didn’t feel at home and often traveled. He grew more and more uncertain, especially after the Brotherhood got into a quarrel with the Emerald Union, a newly found pack in the northern forest. They had killed {Jeremy}, their yearling healer, due to a misunderstanding, but they quickly put the blame on the Brotherhood.
While the Emerald Union fell apart, though, the Brotherhood stayed alive. Stark began to grow a bit more responsible, after a long while. But he was still as uncertain and angsty as ever, maybe even more than before. And again bad things happened. One of their newest members {Eyja} was raped by her own brother, {Gunnar}, and while Natasha and Eyja’s son {Castor} – as well as Marzena – killed Gunnar, Eyja ran away and disappeared for a while. She came back later, pregnant with Gunnar’s kids ({Nanna} and {Finni}).
Stark did not meet the kids up until they were three months old, as he had been traveling again, running away from his problems. But upon meeting the kids, he especially grew fond of Nanna, and she seemed to like him a lot. It made him realize he wasn’t hated by his family, and he actually tried a bit harder, after that. He taught Nanna some hunting tricks and tried to look after both kids.
But sadness struck the Brotherhood again as Marzena died and Natasha assigned Eyja as the new leader, as well as calling herself the Second. The Brotherhood was not done grieving yet when {Yakov}, one of the members, died as well. And quickly after {Cygnus}, who Stark could have considered his only friend, died too. Stark fell into a state of depression after this.

{Valentina} † - She died by a bear attack. It was the first death Stark really witnessed, himself. He did not see it happen, but he saw her body. He never saw the wound, though. He had been spared that. Her death shook him a little bit. It was the first death that affected him, and sent him down that slippery slope.

{Marzena} † - His own mother. Apparently she died of old age. There were no wounds, and she looked peaceful. Still, losing his mother, the only parent who he loved and trusted, was hard on him. He had so many regrets, and no way to get them off his chest, with her gone. After her death, he became rather quiet. He also got nightmares and a lot of headaches.

{Yakov} † - He was not close to the Brotherhood wolf, but his dead was enough to shake him up. Yakov had apparently been killed by a bear. And this time, Stark saw the founds, and they were terrifying. The sight made it into his nightmares. He now has frequent nightmares about death and blood.

{Cygnus} † - One of the first wolves he considered a friend but she seemed to have died of... something. A blow to the head? It changed Stark. Five close wolves now dead, he doesn't know what to do anymore. The nightmares only got worse, and he started becoming far too quiet.


Height Build
Average Stocky
Guarded Falls, Horizon
Father Mother
{America} (estranged) {Marzena} †

{Clint} ♂
{Natasha} ♀


{Theodore} ♂

{Emmalynn} ♀ †

Other Relationships
{Bucky} - Maybe some sort of replacing father figure? They made up.
{Maeve} - Attacked him once. A bit weird. Hasn’t seen her in a while…
{Marzena} † - His mother, the wolf he cares about the most. He misses her, he wished he couls have made her proud, but he failed…
{Natasha} - His sister, the new Second. A bit bossy, but probably better than Stark in any way possible…?
{Clint} - His brother, and one Stark needs to spend more time with, he knows.
{Lemming} † - Apparently a friend, but hasn’t seen him in a while. Worries for him…
{Akeito} - Gone.
{Bree} - Was supposed to be a friend. Gone.
{Valentina} † - Their former leader, but she passed away after an accident. Misses her.
{Theodore} - His adoptive brother. Stark wishes he had not been such an asshole to him…
{Emmalynn} † - His adoptive sister. She left, then she died. Stark feels bad about it…
{Hunter} † - His former mentor, apparently killed himself during a pack meeting and Stark wasn't there to see him go.
{Seeker} - Left the Brotherhood, seems to follow around Theodore. Take care of Theodore.
{America} - His father. Left the Brotherhood and hurt his mother. Stark hopes to never see him again. Afraid he looks too much like his father, in both appearance and personality, and wishes he didn't. He’s one of the biggest reasons Stark is so anxious.
{Ares} - Gone.
{Nanna} - A pup from the Brotherhood, Eyja's kid. Stark likes her and wants to protect her. He needs to keep her safe.
{Finni} - Another one of Eyja's kids, seems like a very shy but smart kid.
{Castor} - Eyja's son and Natasha's friend, right? He left, and he calls himself a friend
{Eyja} - A member of the Brotherhood. No real opinion on her, bu he knew she got hurt. The new leader now; Stark isn’t so sure about that.
{Cygnus} † - He considered her a friend. But, she too, died like most. Everything he touches turns to dust.
Visited areas
Guarded Falls
Shadowed Dell
Falter Glen
Western Plains (claimed Verdant Hills before it changed, still needs to visit Verdant Hills!)
Firefly Woods
Wavehaven Gorge
Sundown Coast
Hidden Cove
Strongwind Range
Skyrise Pass
Stark art
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet