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Name Pack
Stephan Magnusson Soulfire Covenant II. Archon
Gender Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 11 mos.)
2685 SP

Character Information


/STE-fan/ /MAHNG-nu-son/

125.5 lbs (56.93 kg) · 37 in (93.98 cm) · 6.5 ft (1.98 m) · Voice

Crepuscular. Winter coat is shedding. Location of his man-cave, but he's been sleeping in front of Bea's den.

He has a wolverine bite on his right foreleg, near his pastern.

Rocco's reaction to his confession caused him to be more reserved and hesitant about sharing his past with others and more ashamed of his upbringing.

After having a non-epileptic seizure due to stress, Stephan becomes closer to Bea and Relic and will try harder to keep stress out of his life and being more calm.

After his argument with Bea, Stephan has become even more reserved and hesitant to share about not only his past but his feelings, as well.

Stephan Magnusson

Handsome and hulking with the graceful power of the mountain stock.

He's going through a lot of shit right now. A few of his many problems include underlying violent tendencies, abandonment issues, jealousy, anxiety, and paranoia. Don't even get him started on his past. But he's perfected his pokerface.

His adopted stoic trait masks his judgmental and selfish natures. Protective of himself and others (but mostly himself). When he isn't sulking, he's brooding; and when he isn't brooding... then he's found a distraction.

Naps are essential. Sarcasm and dry humour are really the only forms of true comedy.

Believes that he's a strapping and charming bachelor. Intelligence is the key to everything. Musculature helps, too. He can't tell the difference between his ego and his dignity, but he cares for the both of them.

Almost everything he does is to spite the old man.

Loyal to few, trust fewer.


Albus :: [mentioned] Another skinny white pup.
Balboa :: A "burden"; waste of my time and my kindness.
Bucky :: Cool guy, leader of Adunati Rangers.
Calista :: Sarcastic and starstruck.
Cassian :: Sweet, but confusing.
Daniel :: Skittish. Cute.
Dalus :: Traumatised skinny white kid.
Drama queen :: Nosy bitch.
Eden :: Heat does not look good on you.
Elliot :: [mentioned] "Rapist King".
Goldilocks :: Loud, but a good ally; handsome coat.
Heiwa :: Desperate and disrespectful poisoner.
Hikaru :: Weird and gay.
Petunia :: Fun and spunky. A bit too loud, love.
Rembrandt :: Rapist; most likely dead.
Sienna :: Forgiveness is... possible. But know your place.
Shun :: Gay.
Skinny white pup :: Could've helped put some meat on your bones.
Snowflake :: An "old friend".
Timber yearling :: No need to bitch, darling.
Wayfarer :: Mister dark and stormy.
White she-wolf :: Bystander.


Height Build
Very Large Muscular
Father Mother
Weak Kind

Far too many.

Other Relationships
{Bea} :: Min drottning.
{Relic} :: Best friend.
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Beauty sleep is essential
Steph in the mountains:
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