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Name Pack
Stephan Magnusson Rogue
Gender Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 9 mos.)
675 SP

Character Information

Currently :: Healthy and fit. Crepuscular. Pansexual.


of the warden of the hills...

Born almost an exact replica of his patriarch, he was revered and favoured by his father. Toughened by ragged, merciless mountains; kept on his toes with several competitive children of the same sire. Frequent violent and aggressive outbursts led to being isolated by the lead bitch's command, visited only by his dam. Cherished by his father, he was given permission to stay in the pack as his heir. However, when he attacked and nearly murdered his father, Stephan was exiled from the pack and its mountain.


125.5 lbs (56.93 kg) · 37 in (93.98 cm) · 6.5 ft (1.98 m) · Voice

A hulking mass with bear-like proportions. Dark brown blankets his lightly scared figure with an ebony cape across his spine. The brown mask fades to beige on his muzzle. His lower jaw and ear tips are splattered with black. Ivory colours his legs and circles around eyes tinged by spearmint.

A sophisticated silver tongue graces the air and carries himself with a dominant posture. When alone, he will sulk across the earth, focused in his brooding. Regardless of how one comes across him, he subconsciously—either intentionally or not—makes himself to appear intimidating.


Loyal to an extent · Good-hearted, willing to help · Brooding · Dominant in nature · Generally apathetic · Has standards · Very intelligent, analytical · Mature · Charming, suave · Reserved · Kind of political · Hates wasting his time · Subjective to no one · Has a lot of love to give · Underlying violent tendencies · Fear "avoidant" of spiders · Light sleeper


Adonai :: MENTIONED Sage of the Sanctuary.
Balboa :: A "burden"; waste of my time and my kindness.
Eden :: Heat does not look good on you.
Elliot :: MENTIONED "Rapist King".
Esmeralda :: MENTIONED Healer of the Sanctuary.
Goldilocks :: Loud, but a good ally; handsome coat.
Lady Bea :: MATED WITH A charming and handsome cougar woman.
Nanook :: MENTIONED Guardian of the Sanctuary.
Relic :: Neighbour. We shall travel together in the spring.
Rembrandt :: Raped Eden, most likely dead.
Saski :: MENTIONED Goldilocks' mate.
Senna :: MENTIONED Seeker of the Sanctuary.
Sienna :: Pretty and kind, there's a strength in you.
Snowflake :: An "old friend". You'll have to tell what the fuck you did that leg if we meet again.


Height Build
Very Large Muscular
Father Mother
Weak Kind


Late Spring HY4
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet