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Name Pack
Stephan Magnusson Soulfire Covenant II. Archon
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 3 mos.)
4165 SP

Character Information


He is crepuscular and mostly sleeps during the day rather than the night. In the aftermath of a spar, Stephan's tail became kinked, crooked a couple of inches from the tail tip.

Stephan (STE-fan) cuts quite a formidable appearance. He stands on the larger end of the scale with a muscular build. It's fairly easy to distinguish him in a crowd, given his size and unique pelt. His fur is timber, dominated by chocolate brown fur. Along his back are onyx guard hairs trailing toward his tail. His face is painted by unique markings. Brown fur under his mint green eyes trail down to the ebony colouring on his chin. The fur on his chest, underbelly, and legs are light cream.


A poor reaction received after sharing too much of his upbringing made Stephan become much more guarded and hesitant to share anything of his past and now suffers from abandonment issues. After experiencing his first seizure, Stephan has tried to make his life more stress-free, but he has learned that he can be an over-protective parent.

Stephan is a wolf who is almost always donning his pokerface. His adopted stoic trait masks his judgmental and selfish natures. Very few enter his inner circle, mostly because it is difficult to impress him. Those who are, he becomes protective of - although, at the end of the day, he is mostly protective of himself. He tends to nap frequently, possibly due to stress and anxiety. Stephan tries to suppress his violent tendencies and anger management issues. Naturally, he can be sarcastic with quips of dry humour. He likes to believe that he is a strapping and charming bachelor, but doesn't seem to do very well with females. His intelligence is something he prides himself with and believes that most wolves aren't smart. He can't tell the difference between his ego and his dignity, but he cares for them equally. Almost everything he does is to smite his father and lives by his mottos, "Only get into fights you can win", and "Loyal to few, trust fewer".

"Stephan wants to woo errbody" —Erin
"... but Steph being the 10/10 stressed soon-to-be-dad is my fav" —bird
"SO GAY" —Quinn


In Horizon


In progress...

Please view Stephan's threadlog for more details on HY4.

Before Horizon

Not much is known about Stephan's life before Horizon. He had been born into a familial pack on a mountain, he learned many languages and mythologies. Stephan had been born with siblings and several half-siblings sired by his "weak" polygamist father, Magnus. Due to being the favourite with competitive siblings, he became violent toward them, which led to him frequently forced into isolation by order of the "lead bitch". His mother visited him often. She might have been a healer because she would have lavender with her, possibly in an attempt to calm him; she also had an interest in stars and the two would stargaze. Her name has not yet been revealed. Unlike his other siblings, he had been asked to stay in the pack as his father's heir. When he was two, Stephan attacked and almost killed Magnus - for unknown reasons - before being thwarted and then exiled.


Height Build
Very Large Muscular
Father Mother
Magnus Kind.

Far too many.

{Claes} & {Anna}
Other Relationships
{Bea} :: Min drottning.
{Relic} :: Best friend.
{Sunfall}, {Daniel}, {Valerian}, {Kumar}
{Eden}, {Rembrandt}, {Wintermute}, {Dalus}, {Catrine}, {Seeker}, {Theodore}, {Petunia}, {Cassian}, {Hikaru}, {Shun}, {Ashka}, {Bucky}, {Kiel}, {Tunglid}, {Morwen}, {Calista}, {Benvolio}, {Ezekiel}, {Damien}, {Vár}, {Scotch}, {Branwen}, {Josalyn}
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Heard of
{Innocence}, {Elliot}, The Kingdom, {Saski}, {Adonai}, {Senna}, {Nanook}, {Esmeralda}, The Brotherhood, Evergreens pack, {Albus}, Adunati Rangers, The Empire, Hellmaw, {Nima}, Perdita, {Tyra}, {Eyja}
Visited Areas
Verdant Hills
Riverside Hollow
Western Plains
Firefly Woods
Emerald Labyrinth
Shrouded Pines
Strongwind Range
Skyrise Pass
Starshatter Basin
Oversea Lookout
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet