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Name Pack
Stephan Magnusson Soulfire Covenant II. Archon
Sex Status
Male Injured
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 9 mos.)
5425 SP

Character Information



A hulking brute with seemingly bear-like traits. His thick pelt is grizzly brown with black guard hairs trailing into a cape across his spine to the base of his plush, kinked tail. A brooder by nature, he prowls with a scowl. His mandible has black fur that fade to the brown hood that start on his furry cheeks. Cream fur encircles his mint green eyes. Light fur cascades down his front to his underbelly. The dark pads of his cream-coloured legs are calloused from travelling across dangerous scree. His tail is kinked a couple inches above the tip.


A narcissist who knows better of his own ego and pride than the feelings of others. While the few in his inner circle are allowed a glimpse of his niceness, his apathetic and selfish nature can be blinding. Despite loving to talk of himself, he is reserved over his upbringing and background.

Stephan had to learn to think of others. Even when he does so, he remains detached and uncaring. Dignified and honourable, he rarely wastes his time on those he believes are beneath him. Boredom can cause him to be varying degrees of naughtiness to destructive (both mentally and physically). He is a wildcard, acting more on whims than thought out plans.

He prides himself of his intelligence of sense of humour. Any niceness is either out of respect or given randomly and, he believes, should be utterly cherished. After all, it is a great honour to be thought of so highly by Stephan Magnusson.


He tends to keep this to himself, but he was born and raised on a large mountain with a polygamist father and a plethora of siblings. He was frequently isolated for having violent and aggressive episodes. When he was two, he was exiled for nearly murdering his father.


Height Build
Very Large Muscular
Father Mother
Other Relationships
Best friend.
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet