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Sterling Rogue
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Male Healthy
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Young adult
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As Personality Goes...

Being invisible is only a state of mind. A state of mind that can be changed if you put yourself on the right path.

Perhaps, with some unfortunate turn, there is this negative connotation about being eccentric. But is it really being eccentric when there’s just this blissful intelligence that sometimes makes you sound a whole lot better than the tongue could even concoct?

Except, in a quest for arrogance, Sterling fails miserably. This bumbling fool wants to be the snake charmer — but sometimes the only snake he can charm is the worm desperately trying to burrow into the ground at his feet while he’s talking.

Don’t get anything wrong, he means well. He’s charming, or he tries to be. There is something to be said with anything that breathes, there's a good chance that they will be swung on the head with horrible, horrible charming words that seem overdone.

But then, even if he gets past first base (also known as a name and a smile), there's so much to consider wrong with him being a good tolerable friend to have around. If you can get past the quirks, and the nobleness, you might see that he smiles a little too hard - tries a little too much. But, it's hard to say what he's hiding when he seems to shove everything else in your face.

The only one who can really have him shutting his loud yap, of course, is his beloved {Calypso}. So yeah. He might try to hide on her... a lot.

An Intelligent Lapse of Judgment

Intelligence is usually something that needs to be served up in a pretty package to be noticed, but if that is the requirement - then Sterling falls short.

At an astonishing average height and a slightly leaner weight, he’s not exactly going to go around winning any awards for a beefcake off happy valley trail. But at least he’s taller than his mate. So there. See. There’s a relevance to every little speck of life.

His brownish, grey and golden coat isn’t that hard on the eyes. Although his light-light amber eyes look like they just blend in. Hey. It’s hard to be attractive without piercing, popping out eyeballs — amIright?


Height Build
Average Lean
Outside of Horizon
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Argon Copper
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