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Name Pack
Stormfront Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 7 mos.)
1150 SP

Character Information

Art by Rainy

Stormfront is an attractive enough wolf - tall, lean from seasons of hard travel but never thin. Her creamy white pelt is flecked with hints of gray and tan, a light dusting of darker hairs down her spine and a darkened tan at her ears. But her most noticeable feature by far is her eyes, a bright emerald accented by the "winged eyeliner" markings at the corner of each eye. They are intense, bright eyes that can seem to look right through you, and the intensity of her gaze is rivaled only by the intensity of her spirit.

Art by Bamsy

Height 32 in | Length 6 ft | Weight 95 lb

Storm tends to say exactly what's on her mind, and it often comes out in staccato bursts of factual information. She can come across as cold and even rude as a result, and she struggles with expressing emotion through words. She is, first and foremost, a physical wolf, accustomed to spending her time hunting, wrestling, and traveling. Years of traveling alone with {Sonya} have made the siblings somewhat insular and lacking in certain social graces; they communicate so seamlessly with each other that it's easy to forget that others can't keep up with their odd ways.

Her life thus far has been book-ended by tragedies that serve mostly to strengthen her resolve. As a youth, she witnessed her littermate Kayla killed by a wolverine - an event that led her to channel her energies into becoming stronger, so that she might never feel so helpless again. After spending some time wandering as an adult, she returned home only to discover her family torn apart by a bear; another senseless tragedy at the hands of a predator.

Storm is a highly logical, practical wolf, and to her the mental computation was clear: Predators pose a danger to wolves who are ill-prepared, and she endeavored never to be in that position again. She has spent much of her life hunting predators and observing them to see what she can learn from them. This has been empowering for her, and a way to fight the PTSD and night terrors she has suffered since childhood.

In HY3, she and Sonya were at last reunited with {Seeker}, their sole surviving family member. They came upon him in the grasp of {Klass}, who had intended to murder him. Together, the siblings fought and killed Klass, despite his attempts to escape, and the event haunts her dreams alongside her other nightmares. She is, however, keen to keep Seeker close, and is as happy as she's ever been to be reunited with her family.

Running daily, hunted nightly
I know we must stay sprightly
Our numbers thinning every day
So in tether, we dance together
Our bonds have forged all weather
Ours is the law that we obey

And so we dance
We play; We fight; We run; We breathe
We outlast
The storm



Art by Hal

When she sleeps, she still has nightmares.

It’s something she would never tell anyone. She pretends that Sonya does not know, though her sister has almost certainly heard her cry out in the night - has almost certainly witnessed the desperate scrabbling of paws, heard the whimpers and low growls - when she is caught in the nightmare’s grasp. For in the darkness, when her mind is quiet and her defenses are lowered, the memories flood back…and with them, the speculation. The terror.

In her dreams, Kayla is still alive, but no matter what Stormfront does, she cannot save her. She is always too far away, or the wolverine is too strong. In her dreams, the creature has transformed to something massive and beastly, bits of foamy drool clinging to its yellowing teeth, eyes bright and wild and filled with a murderous lust. In her dreams, Kayla dies again and again, and there is nothing Storm can do to stop it.

Except that part is not a dream.

She has never forgiven herself for abandoning their parents and siblings. It had seemed, at the time, like the right move: To venture free, grow stronger, meet other wolves, find her place in the world. It had seemed right, like what wolves of her age were meant to do.

But when she returned to find the bodies…well. The truth became evident enough. She had failed them, the way she had failed Kayla. Once more a monster had torn through those she loved, and once more she had done nothing to stop it.

Fool me once….fool me twice.

She would not allow anyone to meet that fate again.

Back home, those that knew of her whispered nicknames, calling her the Huntress, the White Death. She could have become a local legend if she had stayed there long enough. But her eyes were on the horizon; they strayed west, where the sun set and where her last living relative may have gone.

He hardly knew her, may not have even remembered her. He was so small when she had last seen him. But it hardly mattered. She would find him, and keep him safe. Maybe that is what would finally make the nightmares stop.


By Spry


Height Build
Very Large Lean
East of Horizon
Father Mother
Eagle † Flame †

{Sonya} & {Seeker}
† Kayla, Hunter, Bounder

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