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Name Pack
Sunfall Hillside Sanctuary VI. Protector
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 9 mos.)
7145 SP

Character Information

Voiced by: Chris Hemsworth

Bold | Brash | Cocky | Flirty | Fun

Theme Song: We Used To Be Friends

By the AMAZING Jill who Chris loves for ever and ever <3

Sunfall and Saski by the mega talented Maddy <3


32 Inches at the shoulder. 111 pounds.
Tall and stocky, Sunfall is a hard wolf to miss thanks to his size, scars, and the namesake brilliance of his copper coat. His coat is a warm golden overlaid over a cream base coat, with pale creamy underparts, inner legs and cheeks.
His eyes are startling and the cause of many of his early difficulties - he has one blue and one brown eye, the brown highly overshadowed by the brilliance of the blue. Scars: Highly noticeable in their full collection. Sunfall currently sports:
-Left ear is badly torn, and flops over constantly.
-Numerous more minor scars over his body.
-Furless claw scarring on his right shoulder and a slightly less obvious one on the left.
-Pink scar down his chest, not so severe but noticeable because of the pale fur there.
-Four parallel lines above his blue eye.
-Scarring over the scruff of his neck.
-If you were standing at the right angle you might see the jagged scar between his ears.


Good guy? Depends on who you ask, though he does try. Mature? Definitely not! Reliable? For the most part.
Though Sunfall has done a bit of growing up lately, he's still got a ways to go. He is definitely still in that invincible teenage mentality, and rarely worries about anything - or at least, that's what he'd want you to believe. He can be charming, but he can also be a colossal idiot - odds are probably about fifty-fifty. He's not a stupid guy despite his sometimes stupid decisions, but he doesn't always think before he speaks or acts, he just plows on in and deals with any consequences later.
Sunfall used to be a typical roving ladies man, but after he unexpectedly encountered his long lost big brother and saw how together he had his life, he realized he was worth something more. The day he met Saski he fell hard and he fell fast, quickly changing his ways and pledging himself to the first girl he'd ever felt any real emotion for. While his self-worth can be a little low still sometimes, it's harder to spot when surrounded by friends and family.


Summer heat brings tension to the Sunski family. Saski and Sunfall argue over his joining the Hillside Sanctuary and over Saski's belief packmate Catrine has feelings for Sunfall, which he scoffs over. Sunfall begins to grow a bit harsher after receiving news his big brother Tidus died on the coast - he refuses to make the first move with Saski after their argument, gets a bit snappy parenting a disobedient Dawnfrost, and when a rude stranger intrudes into the territory and threatens the HS, Sunfall kills him.

With the arrival of Spring here comes a trio of anklebiters born to Sunfall and Saski - look out world, here they come!

Winter is coming and things are heating up between Sunfall and his treasured mate Saski... but what will the cold season have in store for them as a couple? After standing as founding members of the Emerald Union, the pack never recovered from Klass's murder of Laura's brother Jeremy and the resulting interpack tension from the Firewing Brotherhood. Klass's mate Holly delivered an ultimatum to the remaining members they had to become leaders. The ensuring disagreement brought about the downfall of the pack after a mere two months. And so, Sunfall and Saski struck out into the world, rogues once again.

Arts by the awesome Hal!

Did You Know?

Average eyesight and hearing, pretty good nose. Scared of mountain lions. Winks with the blue, left eye. Winks often, especially if pretty girls are around. Sensitive about his odd eyes. Favourite food is bison. Allergies to some pollen and avoids flower-heavy areas in spring and summer. Collects and chews on pine cones.


There was great rejoicing when his Alpha parents, from a small, isolated pack gave birth to a single male puppy. Food was scarce, and his mother had lost pups before Sunfall's birth, often coming into heat at the wrong time of year to successfully bear puppies. He was named for the brightness of his cream and gold fur, but the celebration of his birth ceased abruptly when he grew older and his eyes opened. Having never seen a wolf with bicoloured eyes, the more superstitious of the pack started to spread rumors about the pup being bad luck. When poor weather and prey continued, the blame was placed on Sunfall, and his life became rather miserable when his only friend in the pack died under suspicious circumstances. Just before his first birthday, his parents chose to exile him to prevent complete war within the pack.
Sunfall claims it was the best thing that ever happened to him - if you believe that. He saw the world beyond the tiny territory of his parents, roamed far and wide, grew tough and quick on his paws, swift to react to danger. He lives the good life, and he lives every minute of it too.


Height Build
Large Stocky
Mountains in the south
Father Mother
Jerk Superstitious jerk

{Tidus} † , Finely

{Saski} (Forever and always)

Born Oct 12th Early Spring HY4
{Finn}, {Dawnfrost}, and {Sebastian}
Other Relationships
{Liberty} - cousin.
{Mahalo}, {Arashi}, {Kalea} - nieces
Moves Like Jagger
Uptown Funk
We Used To Be Friends
Sunfall life goals:

Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet